You're Boss's Favorite/C12 Chapter 12 The Ward Is More Exciting
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You're Boss's Favorite/C12 Chapter 12 The Ward Is More Exciting
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C12 Chapter 12 The Ward Is More Exciting

Lavinia, like doing something bad, subconsciously kept a distance from Chris, which made the man who regarded Lavinia as his own property unhappy.

Chris beckoned and called the man at the door in. His tone indicated that he wasn't happy—at all!! "Call Erik"s boss, find something for him to do, and come back in two hours."

Lavinia COULDN'T believe that this came from Chris"s mouth.

"Yes, Sir."

The man took his order. Sure enough, Erik called Lavinia quickly and said that he had something to do and would come later.

Lavinia suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, letting Erik do his business first.

After hanging up the phone, she found that the perpetrator was right in front of them, and this man was so hard on him for some small things.

"Chris, I was greedy and took your money, but my brother is innocent. Can you not embarrass my brother?"

In the advanced ward, Chris and her were the only two people, Lavinia spoke, and she didn't know if Chris would get angry again.

"Of course, as long as you obey me, I will ONLY embarrass you."

Chris closed the door and locked it from the inside out. The nurses and doctors here are very sensible and know the meaning of the locked door. That is to say, Chris has already made arrangements for these two hours.

"Take off your clothes."

Chris, as she expected, became an BEAST without any disguise!!!!!!

"I just had a car accident, and I still have injuries, Chris, can you wait till I go out of the hospital?"

Chris waited for Lavinia, and Lavinia kept thinking about how to avoid his behavior. While dodging, Chris saw the blue and kiss marks on Lavinia.

"I heard from the doctor that you are covered in bruises and your injury is very serious?"

The doctor didn"t know how those bruises came from, but Lavinia knew it well. Before that, Chris had people call up Lavinia"s checklist, and everything else was fine except a little bruise that had been dealt with.

He also implicitly asked the private doctor whether Lavinia"s condition was suitable for doing some exercise.

With the personal doctor"s affirmation, Chris would not miss such a GOOD opportunity.

"Chris, my period is coming and those bruises have nothing to do with the car accident, and I don"t know if the doctor will misunderstand."

Lavinia said all the good things to say, and Chris pushed down the woman in front of him with a pale face.

That"s coming, what? What's coming?

Just because Chris didn't say anything about her physiological period didn't mean that he didn't know it.

Lavinia was wearing hospital gown, and loose clothes were just like the clothes kids stole from their parents. Chris"s big hands passed through Lavinia"s wide hospital gown, and his hands continue to probe inside.

Oh Chris!!! He is a natural luminous man. When his big hand goes in, Lavinia only feels hot all over.

Lavinia trembled slightly wherever her skin was touched.

"You say no, but your body is quite honest."

Chris LOVES Lavinia"s body very much, and he can get a satisfactory response with a little touch.

His big palm completely covered Lavinia"s breasts, and he was amazed that this woman was really a treasure. It was only a few days ago, and Lavinia"s cup was bigger than a little under his massage.

"Chris, even if I come there, won"t you cut me some slack?"

Women"s reserve told Lavinia that it was immoral to treat Chris honestly and please each other in the ward, but it could make her feel more exciting in such a place. What"s going on?

She has begun to fantasize about how Chris will make her scream later.

The voice of those intimacy echoed in her heart.

At that moment, the big, scrawny, dry hands appeared on Lavinia"s vulva.

His fingers searched around her pussy, just like a strange tourist who couldn"t find his way. After hitting a wall everywhere, he simply had fun.

Chris"s breath was sprayed behind Lavinia"s ear. His tongue licked in her ear from time to time, and the lower hand, forefinger and middle finger gently knead on her stamens.

Lavinia couldn't help bowing her back.

She was almost blurred by Chris, and she literally wanted more, so after Chris stopped suddenly, her confused eyes were filled with discontent.


Lavinia was begging Chris to give her more. It"s not like the style of a woman who just had a car accident!

"Chris~ Chris!"

Chris just peeped into Lavinia"s bottom line a little bit until the woman was flushed with excitement.

"That is coming? Hmm? "

Lavinia has only one piece of clothes on her body, and Chris has already taken off her lower body.

Chris was playing with Lavinia white lace, which had a unique taste of Lavinia.

Watching Chris put her panties in front of his eyes to appreciate, while exposing the lies of her lunar affair, Lavinia"s little face was about to drop blood.

"Little fox, so you don"t want to do these things with me, then why do you hold me so tightly with your legs and suck my fingers at the little hole?"

Lavinia"s lower body couldn't help shivering. Every time she shook, her legs couldn't help clamping, and the tight acupuncture points naturally present a sucking posture.

Lavinia wouldn't notice her physical changes if Chris didn't mention it. She didn't know that when a woman was emotional, her body would become so honest.

"Chris has experience and really knows more than me."

Lavinia forced herself to look Chris in the face directly, and didn"t want to fall behind Chris. She didn"t care how many women Chris slept with before. Now think about it, she has some taste.

"Some skills are born, it doesn"t matter, it takes a long time, and I can adjust slowly in the future."

What the man said in his mouth was actually a second later.

Chris couldn't wait to educate the woman in front of him about love. Isn"t this the best opportunity?

Lavinia learned dancing from elementary school, and her body was more flexible than ordinary people. Chris carried her injured legs to his shoulders. After her legs were opened, the beauty of her body was in sight.

The air gradually became hot and dry, and Chris saw Lavinia was being tossed to death. Only then did he rub his big pillar side, which was as hot as flame, into her crowded honey cave, and it ran directly through her whole body.

Although it"s not the first time, Chris could feel Lavinia as tight as the first time.

In his repeated friction of speeding up, Lavinia couldn't help but start to groan.

"The sound insulation effect of this ward is very good. If you want to call it out, let me see what you are gonna be like."

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