You're Boss's Favorite/C5 Chapter 5 Good Moaning
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You're Boss's Favorite/C5 Chapter 5 Good Moaning
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C5 Chapter 5 Good Moaning

Her plump breasts jumped out, Lavinia's face was blushed as hell, she didn"t dare to look up at herself in the mirror. So she lowered her head, taking her pants off.

When she bent down and took off her pants, the seams between her hips were looming, and Chris"s breathing suddenly became heavy.

This woman didn"t wear underwear!

Her pants accidentally got hooked on the toes, and Lavinia fell down on the carpet.

"Open your legs." Chris ordered.

Lavinia immediately opened her eyes big.

"Have you learned dancing?" Chris suddenly raised his eyebrows.

"Just a little, I learned a little when I was a child." Lavinia didn't know why Chris suddenly mentioned this.

"Keep your legs up." Chris said.

"Ah ..." Lavinia hesitated to react, "I ..."

"Forget it, I don't wanna sit here to see you waste my time, it is better to find someone to deal with Erik quickly." Chris raised his hand, glanced at Patek Philippe on his wrist and suddenly got up.

"Don"t! Chris, I"ll do it! I will do whatever you say! "Lavinia begged him for mercy.

Chris stopped.

Lavinia stood up straight in front of the mirror with one leg up high. After that, both hands held the legs up.

She was doing the basic skill that every dancer knew, except that she was naked.

Under the sparse hair, there were two tender and pinky lips, trembling slightly because of tension.

Chris looked at them: "Just hold your legs with one hand."

Lavinia suddenly had a sense of bad feeling coming.

"Knead with the other hand and get the water out." Chris said again.

Lavinia lips trembled, but she didn"t dare to dawdle. She immediately loosened her left hand which was holding the leg and reached to her private parts.

In addition to taking a bath, she never touched herself, and now she had to do such a thing in front of a man...A man she had zero knowledge about!

"You have three minutes." Chris said again.

The rim of Lavinia's eyes became red, tears were spinning again, the more urgent she was, the less she could respond to her lower body, and her whole body trembled because she was in a hurry. She could hardly stand.

"There is only ONE minute left."

In despair, Lavinia began to recall the last time she was fucked by Chris.

She inserted her finger into herself and touched the sensitive point ... Finally, before the end of one minute"s countdown, Lavinia finally felt that the liquid seeping slowly from her lower body.

Her body shook, and her mouth unconsciously let out a moaning.

Chris stepped forward and grabbed her by the waist.

Before putting down her legs, Chris looked at that part of Lavinia in the mirror as if he was to evaluate her work. "Not bad."

He seemed to make a kid pee, holding Lavinia"s legs, taking two steps back and sitting on the sofa.

Lavinia kept her thighs open, facing the huge mirror.

"Don"t turn your head away." He crustily squeezed her chin and turned Lavinia"s face to the mirror. "Watch. Yourself. Carefully."

Finishing that, he untied his belt.

The purple giant cock popped up from his underwear, Chris grabbed Lavinia's white hands, making her hold it. And then, he targeted it at her pussy.

"Wait ..." Before she could say anything, Chris stabbed his cock into her MERCILESSLY!

Lavinia suddenly let out a loud scream. She closed her eyes, bit her lips, but the most delicate part of the inner thigh was severely pinched!

"I said, you gotta watch." Chris growled.

Lavinia had to open her eyes and look in the mirror.

Her pink pussy lips turned up with the extraction of Chris"s dangly fuckery, and quickly became red and congested. The sound of the squirting was very embarrassing. Chris stroked a few times and pressed Lavinia"s waist again: "Move by yourself."

Lavinia legs were wide open so she couldn't support herself. Thus she had to use her arm to get some support, so she got up and sat down slowly.

This was her second time. Although she was wet just now, Chris was too big. It was extremely difficult for her to swallow even half of it. At this time, she was too tired to tremble.

Chris"s hand wandered behind her back and suddenly pulled her arm away.

Without support, Lavinia directly sat down on Chris, and the remaining half inserted into her without any precaution, entering a depth that she had never experienced before.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Lavinia let out a scream, and she subconsciously wanted to get up, but Chris grabbed her waist with one hand with the other one caressing her boobs, playing her titties at random.

Her tip-tops sensitively got hardened. Lavinia bit her lips and her tears flew out again.

"Don"t bite your lips, open your mouth." Chris said again.

He spoke maliciously to Lavinia, and the breath was rushing over her sensitive point.

"Well, ah ..." The groan unconsciously came from the throat, and Lavinia was almost crying, " Chris, it"s…it's ehh too deep ..."

"Aren"t you very coquettish?" Chris pinched her chin and asked her to look down at the junction of his dick, and her pussy. "There is just this--so much water, will you squirt in a while?"

"It"s really too deep, slow down…please…" Lavinia cried.

However, the man suddenly stood up.

He held Lavinia, and every step he took, he pushed harder to the deepest part of her.

Lavinia"s cry changed her tone and she literally cried for mercy: "It"s too deep, Chris, AHHHHHHHHHHHH, please let me go ..."

He held her up and walked up to the mirror, pressed her against it, and then put her down.

Because of the difference in height between the two, Lavinia could only touch the ground on her tiptoe, and the other leg was held by Chris, which was convenient for thrusting.

"Remember what you look like now. In the future, only I can see it." Chris said holding her earlobe.

After that, his kiss fell down and covered the previous kiss with a new one.

Her sensitive zone was touched over and over, and half of Lavinia's body was numb. Chris moved faster and faster, and the pleasure of his lower body was followed by one wave after another. The water suddenly spewed out from her lower body and splashed it on the mirror.

As Chris said, she was squirting again.

Before losing consciousness, Lavinia cried and spoke in a kitten-like tone: "Please, don"t hurt my brother ..."

It was already noon when she woke up again.

Lavinia tears flew out, and then it turned into sobs.

The bedroom door rang, and then the familiar male voice came: "Why are you crying?"

Lavinia was frightened with a quiver--he didn"t go?

"No ... nothing ..." Lavinia quickly wiped her face and wrapped herself in a quilt. "Chris, didn"t you go to work?"

He gave her an expressionless look, and then wave his hand to the girls outside the door.

Two young girls came in with a bunch of new skirts in their hands. They put them on the bed respectfully, and then left in silence.

"Clothes for you." He glanced at the skirt, then leaned back casually. "Put them on."

Lavinia had to pick a gray dress which looked the most low-key. The tag hasn"t been removed yet, but the six-figure price on it scared her.

Chris still stood there looking at her, so Lavinia had to wrap himself in a quilt and turn her back to change clothes.

Chris smiled lightly: "I have already seen you naked, why are you still so shy?"

She quickly put the skirt on: "I"ll wear this one, but I won"t need the others."

"Hmm." Chris didn"t refute her, which was—well, kinda rare. Just when Lavinia was still lingering in surprise, he told the people outside the door, "Put these clothes in the closet."

Then he turned to Lavinia and said, "Save it for later."


Chris showed a playful smile. "You can move in from tonight."

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