You're Boss's Favorite/C6 Chapter 6 The Black Card
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You're Boss's Favorite/C6 Chapter 6 The Black Card
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C6 Chapter 6 The Black Card

Lavinia completely froze. MOVE IN? Wouldn"t it be……every night???

Just when she wanted to subconsciously refuse, she thought about what Chris said last night, so she didn"t have the courage to refute against him. She had to nod numbly.

Chris smiled with satisfaction, then he took out a tape recorder, pressed the switch and threw it on the bed.

Two seconds later, there came a shameful voice, moaning and screaming, which caused Lavinia to blush.

This was the recording of Jack, and Chris got it!

"Your moaning is quite alluring, you know that?"

Saying that, Chris turned around and walked out of the door.

Lavinia tidied herself up and rapidly went to the hospital.

"Lavinia, here you are." Her mother smiled gently at Lavinia. "I slept well last night."

"That's good." Lavinia nodded and then sat down on the bed. "Mom, I have already had an appointment with the doctor. After the operation, you will get better!"

Lavinia paid 400,000 for the operation, so that doctors could use the best medicine and the best treatment, and the odds of success just increased by large.

Her mother smiled, but then her expression faded. "Lavinia, you have worked hard. You have spent all your money at home. When I get better, I will go out to make money and you have to go to college."

Lavinia held back her tears and forced a bitter smile: "Mom, you should take good care of yourself first, don"t think about it. I'm not that brilliant as my brother, and we"ll discuss on college later."

Overnight, Lavinia had already changed from a former college student, who had to drop out of school to work and earn money, to a plaything of Chris.

How is it possible to return to the past?

After feeding her mother, Lavinia returned to the company.

Unexpectedly, there were no customers in the afternoon, and all the colleagues stood behind the booth and chatted with each other.

"Hey, Lavinia, are you getting rich?"

"RICH? She flies on branches and becomes the phoenix! She must have messed with some, you know, sugar daddies! "

"Hey, you look so pure normally. And you always refuse to go drinking with our customers huh? It seems that you are fishing for the big!!!!"

"Yes, no average customer is willing to buy such an expensive skirt!"

Lavinia sneered at everyone all at once and went over to Jack"s office.

Pushing open the office door, she smashed the vase directly behind the desk.

But when she saw the appearance of Manager Jack, Lavinia was surprised. One of his eyes swelled into a crack, and there were several bruises on his face. His office chair was replaced by a wheelchair, and one leg was also splinted, which should be broken.

"Jack, SCREW YOU! YOU SON OF A DICKHEAD! YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE SHIT! "Lavinia walked to his desk, picked up the folder on his desk and threw it at HIS FACE!

Before Jack could speak, the security guard rushed over and tried to stop Lavinia.

However, before the security guard got hold of Lavinia, Jack shouted, "Stop it! Don"t touch her! This crazy bitch is very precious now! We can't touch her! "

The security guard backed off.

"Do you still have any bottom line of courtesy? YOU NASTY BASTARD! "

Manager Jack didn"t get angry. He just sneered bitterly and said, "Lavinia, your method is really good. You can sue me to Chris! Just think that we are even and will not owe each other in the future. "

Lavinia was so angry that she stepped forward and slapped the Manager Jack in the face!

"EVEN? How do you let me face my boyfriend? "

Although a month ago, she broke up with her boyfriend.

But after finishing this sentence, the Manager Jack suddenly laughed and said, "Let me give you a piece of advice. If Chris knows that you have a boyfriend, then ..."

Before Jack finished speaking, someone knocked on the office door, and a man in a black suit opened the door and came in respectfully: "Mr. Konev sent me to help you pack things."

The man in black suit smiled politely at Lavinia, and then opened the door for her. "Please."

Lavinia followed the man and went out.

The man helped her pull out the back-seat door, she pretended not to see him and wanted to sit in the co-pilot, but the door was locked from the inside.

Lavinia had to go back to the back door. Chris was sitting inside and staring at Lavinia with a sharp look.

Lavinia had to sit in, shut the door carefully.

The driver started driving.

"Look at this." Chris stretched out his hand and handed a piece of paper to Lavinia.

Lavinia picked it up and went it through. The content was almost all about Chris--when to eat, when to sleep, the coffee brand, how to make the towel ...

"Chris." Lavinia wanted to laugh, "Since you have sooooooo many requirements, why not find a maid directly? Why me? "

Chris looked at Lavinia coldly: "You are not qualified to ask; do you know that?"

"But if I live in your home in the future, I'd like to ..." Lavinia wanted to explain, but Chris suddenly got close to her.

The cold breath of him scared Lavinia to suppress the latter half of the sentence back to her stomach.

Chris looked at Lavinia for two seconds, as if he was thinking about something, and then looked gloomy and said, "You have the smell of other men."

Lavinia was stunned, thinking, "Are you a dog? The smell????"

But--of course, she didn"t dare to say this. She just recalled her last close contact with a man ... Her brother touched her forehead, and her hand just had a fierce collision with the fat face of the manager ...

Lavinia found the first rule on the paper:

No close contact with any man except Chris!

"I ..."

Chris didn"t delve into it, but his face was even gloomier. "Take a shower immediately after going back, don"t let it happen again, remember?"

"Yes." Lavinia nodded.

"So ..." Chris suddenly stretched out his hand and pinched Lavinia"s chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Who else are you seeing, besides me?"

Lavinia shivered with fear, nails tightly pinching palm behind her back to control her emotions.

She"s been breaking up with her boyfriend for a month. There wasn't any other man.

"How is it possible?" Lavinia put on a clever smile and lowered her eyes. "Don"t you know that you are my first man?"

This sentence made her goose bumps springing up, but Chris gently squeezed her chin, and his mouth even rose with a little suspicion.

Is he ... happy?

Confused for less than three seconds, the waist was captured by Chris.

Lavinia was pulled to his lap.

He clasped Lavinia"s waist with one hand and a cool little card in the other hand, and slowly rubbed it in from the bottom of her skirt along the inner side of her thigh.

"Hey, this is a reward for you."

Lavinia couldn't clamp her legs forcibly, so she had to stretch out her hand to take the card in the past, by the way, stopping his hand to continue to explore deeper.

That"s a black card with no limit.

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