You're Boss's Favorite/C7 Chapter 7 Chris, I Can’t。。。。。。
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You're Boss's Favorite/C7 Chapter 7 Chris, I Can’t。。。。。。
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C7 Chapter 7 Chris, I Can’t。。。。。。

"Thank you, Chris…… ..."

Chris didn"t do anything along the way, just holding Lavinia and putting his hand on the place inside her thigh. The place…the secret place…

Lavinia could only try to depress the limp and numb feeling brought by his fingers.

Back to the villa, Chris directly took out a suit from a paper bag and threw it to Lavinia: "Change it and cook for me, now!"

Lavinia took out that suit--a skinny home skirt, and the fabric was lovely flannel, but it couldn"t even cover "the spots"!

"Chris, I don"t want to wear it ..." Lavinia grabbed her skirt and looked at him awkwardly, trying to act like a spoiled woman, hoping that he would let her go.

But Chris was unmoved like steel: "Remember the second item on the list?"

Lavinia took that piece of paper out of her pocket—"she couldn"t refuse any request from Chris"!

"... OK. Fine. Yes, Chris." Lavinia had to turn around and go into the bathroom, and put on her clothes. The cloth covering the chest was made from only two cloth strips which were not much wider than the hanging width, while the hem of the clothes reached the waist, and only the front and back were covered, and the sides were fully exposed.

Lavinia covered herself with her arms and stared at Chris"s fiery eyes and went into the kitchen. "Chris, what do you want to eat?"

As she spoke, she bowed her head and opened the cupboard door.

But the few cloth strips couldn't cover the body.

"Anything…But ..." Chris came up to her while unbuttoning his shirt. "I don"t mind eating you first!"

"What ..." Lavinia suddenly straightened up and covered her boobs with her arm, but it was still too late. Chris came directly and pressed her on the cooking table!

Nothing can stop the cloth from being torn to pieces directly, and Chris"s cold hand pinched her warm nipple.

Her body immediately got heated up ...

Just then, the phone rang.

It"s the exclusive ringtone she set for her former boyfriend--Evans!

Lavinia quickly hung up the phone.

"Who is it?"

"No, no one, just an insurance seller!" Lavinia said, and her titty was dancing up and down, and she tried to act as calm as possible.

She was never a liar. But in the face of Chris, a fierce man, she couldn"t imagine telling the truth. He's the man that wanted to fuck her on the COOKING TABLE!!!!!!!

Chopping her off?? He could definitely do it—DEFINITELY--she thought.

Selling insurance? Oh ...gosh…that.

The man"s mouth corner rose, but he was absolutely NOT laughing.

Lavinia probably wouldn"t have provoked so much anger if she hadn"t hung up the call hurriedly.

"You are lying to me!"

Chris"s big hands pinched Lavinia"s neck, and the other hand covered Lavinia"s round and tight buttocks.

The hand around her neck tightened slowly, choking Lavinia. The hand beneath her pinched her hips, and her thumb was close to the root of her thigh from time to time, rubbing back and forth on Lavinia"s most delicate flesh.

Just like Lavinia lied, Chris played the role of angel and devil in front of her.

"Lavinia, you are not allowed to lie to me—ever—in this life."

Chris grinned.

It was the "warmest" smile, but Lavinia felt as cold as being caught up in an avalanche.

The next second, she felt that her body was almost penetrated.

Chris"s two fingers approached her vulva, and at this time, they were inserted directly along the tight and deep tunnel.


His movements were even more rapidly-changing than his mercurial behavior.

Lavinia"s face turned red. His temper was just—sooooooooo abnormal, and the next second Chris put his hand around her neck and pinned her down.

While Lavinia was panting, his hands didn"t stop. The two wet fingers that had been glittering and translucent suddenly pulled straight out.

Lavinia"s long-lost satisfaction disappeared and she was feeling the emptiness to an extreme. And then she heard Chris saying, "Do you want to taste your own pussy?"

Chris, do you know how "shame" spells? Jesus……

Lavinia subconsciously wanted to run away. The further away from Chris, the better.

But, in front of the cooking table.

Chris imprisoned Lavinia there, shaking in front of her face twice with his fingers with the crystal mucus of her vagina on it, which made Lavinia almost nauseous.

"Chris, can you stop this...? It's sooo……" There was timidity in her voice, and the creepiest thing was that Chris would relentlessly dominate her body AT ANY TIME!

Chris enjoyed watching Lavinia being forced but unable to resist. "Stop? You know what, Lavinia, we are here for equivalent exchanges, alright? You're here ‘cuz your body is your price, but I don"t know how many times the premium will be exchanged, what do you say, huh? "

Maybe Chris was angry because he was disobeyed by a woman. Otherwise, why he non-stopped about humiliating Lavinia?

She IS the woman he BOUGHT for 500,000, and of course she can be humiliated by him. If Chris hadn"t taken over, Jack would have sent her to serve other men, not to mention 500,000. She is not even worth it.

"Then…th—thank you."

Lavinia closed her eyes and forced herself not to look at the mucus shining on his fingers. She slowly approached Chris"s fingers, and her pink and soft tongue gradually swallowed them in.

Just when she thought she was going to taste his finger, Chris pushed Lavinia down, and her head was right under Chris"s crotch, and the huge cock between his legs was attached to Lavinia"s lips.

The burning sensation made her open her eyes.

"What"s the point of tasting yours? Do you want to try a different one?"

Chris sniffed his fingers, and this action alone almost drain all the strength out of Lavinia.

"...……Chris, I can't ..."


Lavinia was just about to talk, and Chris"s monster-like dick just slipped into Lavinia"s mouth.

Lavinia was still a blank sheet of paper in this kind of matter—sex, and all her experiences came from the man in front of her, right now.

Every time she did these things with—or, were done by Chris, it made Lavinia feel fresh and exciting.

Clearly, she should be shy and rejecting about it. Why did she vaguely expect Chris"s next action?

Chris only wanted to punish Lavinia, but when he really touched Lavinia"s soft tongue, his whole body was LIT ON FIRE.

Lavinia"s pink tongue was as tender, smooth and soft as it was seen.

He held Lavinia"s head in both hands, fixed her soft body right under him, and stroke her throat ferociously.

There used to be such a big entrance. Chris"s giant thing filled Lavinia"s WHOLE mouth and went straight down her throat.

Chris made her comfortable, the feeling of rejection gradually disappeared, and Lavinia lost herself in the enjoyable gagging.

She gradually followed up the pace of Chris, along with the rhythm, slowly diving into the vibe. The pink tongue gradually took the initiative, and occasionally skipped over his cock. Every sensation was playing with Chris"s nerves and he couldn"t even help shivering.

She's not gift of flattery from Jack, but clearly a little foxy fairy who sucks all his essence.

With the violent impact and the low hissing sound from his Adam"s apple, Chris was greatly satisfied both physically and mentally.

After the cum, the milky liquid flowed out of Lavinia"s mouth.

A fishy smell was spreading in her mouth, and she couldn"t help but spit it out quickly.

"Disgusting, huh?"

Chris just finished venting. Looking at the traces of love and Lavinia, who was in a mess, Chris felt that he had not enjoyed himself at the cooking table just now.

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