You're Boss's Favorite/C8 Chapter 8 Meeting Ex-boyfriend in Secret
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You're Boss's Favorite/C8 Chapter 8 Meeting Ex-boyfriend in Secret
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C8 Chapter 8 Meeting Ex-boyfriend in Secret

"How come, I should be grateful for this reward."

After Lavinia was tossed over again, the whole person was already covered in sweat, and the broken hair near her ear was stuck together by sweat. She reached out and wiped the liquid from her mouth and smiled gently at Chris.

Rarely, there was no rebuttal to Chris"s words.

Lavinia knew that the more she resisted, the crueler means would be used on her.

"Well, take a shower by yourself and wash down for dinner."

He pulled Lavinia up and looked at her smart eyes, for fear of losing control of himself and hurting her again. He only pinched Lavinia"s peach-like hips and told her to go upstairs and tidy herself up.

The shower water washed Lavinia inside out. When she was thinking about Chris, she cried aloud in the bathroom with the cover of the sound of water.

She didn't know what her relationship with Chris was now, and that phone call disturbed her mind.

Mother still needed money for her illness, her brother"s future cannot be destroyed by Chris, and she still needed to please Chris to survive in the cracks.

Lavinia looked at the mobile phone that had been turned off and stood aside, and she was in a mess, just like something mumbling with her mind.

She broke up with Evans. Why did he call?

"Lavinia, it"s been half an hour. Do you need me to come in and wash for you?"

Lavinia was still immersed in her past with Evans. She didn"t expect that time had passed so quickly.

Chris"s voice came from outside, which dragged Lavinia from her illusion.

She tugged at the bath towel and wrapped it around her body, her hair was still dripping water, and the whole person was like floating in water vapor.

Sure enough, when she wrapped herself in a hurry, Chris opened the door and came in.

How could he appear in front of her well-dressed?

Lavinia has always been in a mess, but Chris"s deity was never desecrated.

"Sixth, you can"t lock the door when you take a shower. It seems that your memory is not bad."

In the bathroom, the fog that hasn"t been scattered wrap the two together, just like a thin quilt.

Seeing Chris approaching herself, Lavinia began to feel illusional, again.

"Chris, I"m so hungry."

Lavinia saw desire in Chris"s eyes.

For the first time, Lavinia acted like a little girl in front of men in order to prevent them from wanting themselves again.

After using that tone, she didn"t know it in hindsight. Why did Chris change his mind after listening to her?

"Just keep this, go to eat first."

His Adam"s apple moved and his eyes stopped at Lavinia"s mouth. Lavinia felt scorched wherever his burning sight stayed.

In the big villa, Lavinia went out wrapped in a gray bath towel.

Chris"s bath towels were all wrapped underneath, so the length is a little short.

Lavinia finally knew why Chris asked her to wrap herself in his bath towel.

If you want to cover the top, the bottom will be exposed, and if you want to cover the bottom, the boobs above will be vividly portrayed at any time.

Even if you don"t physically touch it, just watching it is like a visual feast.

The servants were granted leave by Chris, and they could not work in the main villa while Lavinia was around.

Ever since Lavinia came here, cheating has become Chris"s interest.

Even Chris—he was also wondering, there were quite a few women sent to him before, but only when he saw Lavinia"s face could he have the MOST PRIMITIVE IMPULSE belonging to a man.

Lavinia walked to the marble table where Chris prepared the food.

He is really good at cooking steak and western food is also the most time-saving cuisine. He is confident in his cooking skills.

"I didn"t expect you to cook in person."

Just now, her unhappiness suddenly disappeared after seeing Chris"s exquisite setting. Lavinia looked at Chris inquiringly, and felt that this gentleman was a little overbearing, with a little bad temper, and still containing merit in life and cooking.

"I know a lot of things. Do you want to try them one by one?"

Lavinia knew Chris has something subtle in his words, and his words were definitely not so simple.

"Thank you, Chris, for your kindness and everything."

Without saying no directly, Lavinia now knew how to follow Chris"s intention instead of disobeying him all the time.

Chris was just about to do something to Lavinia when the phone rang.

They quickly talked with each other and then Chris hung up, his look was not very good, even the remaining desires in his eyes flashed out.

"I"ll go out first, stay at home, don"t run around, wait for me to come back."

Chris stroked Lavinia"s head. In his eyes, she was just like a pet.

Lavinia nodded cleverly and watched Chris go out of the door before turning it on quickly.

There were several missed calls on her mobile phone, as well as short messages and WeChat by Evans.

Lavinia didn"t have time to read the messages, and the special ringtone that belonged to Evans rang again.

This time, Chris was not present, and Lavinia didn"t hang up Evans immediately.

He called so many times in a row, what if something really happened?

"Evans, you want to see me?"

Evans and Lavinia have been together for six years, and they'd been together in high school until Lavinia broke up recently.

However, Lavinia unilaterally proposed the breakup at that time. Evans did not respond, and he did not know whether he agreed or refused.

"Lavinia, we haven"t seen each other for a long time. Let"s meet first, okay?"

Evans said with irrepressible excitement in his tone.

Without Lavinia, he realized that she was serious about breaking up. They had been together for so many years, so they broke up with him because his family was broke?

Evans couldn't fathom why; he really saw their relationship as significant.

Lavinia changed into those dresses Chris had prepared for her while talking on the phone.

Since Lavinia moved in, Chris asked the servant to throw away all her previous clothes. In his words, all his women should wear what he bought, including Lavinia"s money and his card.

At first, enjoying these luxuries brought by Chris and confusing Evans, she felt that she was a real bad woman.

"Evans, we have broken up, so let"s just…not."

Lavinia thought Chris told her not to go out before going out. In case Chris found out that she had just left, Lavinia went out to see her ex-boyfriend, and the man would DEFINITELY punish her again.

"Lavinia, I visited your mom in the hospital and told her that you would come later."

Evans actually learned to act first, knowing that she couldn"t bear to disappoint her mother.

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