You're Boss's Favorite/C9 # Chapter 9 The Last Resort
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You're Boss's Favorite/C9 # Chapter 9 The Last Resort
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C9 # Chapter 9 The Last Resort

So…Chris wouldn"t be angry if she didn"t see Evans but went to the hospital to see her mother instead? She thought……

Lavinia looked in the mirror and covered the mark Chris left on her as much as possible. It was also a delicate makeup, and her pale face made people feel pity.

When Evans saw Lavinia at the door of the ward, his eyes never moved away from her.

Six years. It's been SIX years.

In order to respect Lavinia and keep her purest yearning for love, he only held hands with Lavinia, and besides, he never even kissed her before.

He treated Lavinia as treasure, and Lavinia told him to break up. How could this be?

Lavinia was not very comfortable and took the lead in saying, "Evans, can I go and see my mother first?"

There were many people in the hospital, so she didn't want to be seen and misunderstood.

"Aunt just fell asleep. She hasn"t slept well recently. You don"t want to wake her, do you?"

Evans was the man who had been in love with Lavinia for six years, and he knew Lavinia best.

Lavinia was dragged by Evans to the lawn downstairs in the hospital, and a bunch of delicate and charming roses were placed in the center of the lawn.

This young boy used to send Lavinia roses. During the long-distance love, Lavinia never had less gifts for other girls on important festivals.

"Lavinia, we have been together for six years. Although my family is broke and is facing many difficulties, I believe that as long as I am willing to work hard, our days will definitely come. Marry me, I will give you the happiest life ever."

Evans"s idea of marriage proposal was not like this. He fantasized about giving Lavinia the biggest marriage proposal ceremony in front of countless people.

But he couldn't wait, for fear that Lavinia wouldn't turn him down for good.

He proposed to Lavinia first, and then he could make up a grand proposal or engagement ceremony.

If he didn't take the initiative now, Lavinia really wouldn't belong to him anymore.

Evans experienced the pain of the most important person gradually fading away from him.

"Evans, we are over, not because your family is bankrupt, but because I can"t find that feeling between us anymore, alright. We have been in a long-distance relationship for several years, and I don"t want to delay your future, sorry."

I"m sorry, I know I"m not good enough for you now.

Sorry, Evans, you deserve a better and perfect woman to love you.

Lavinia"s tears slowly fell down. It was her who broke up with him face to face, and it seemed that she was the one who shed the most tears.

"Just because of our long-distance love? If so, I will be where you are, and we will never separate again, is that okay? "

Evans became emotional, holding Lavinia"s hand hard, and her wrist began to turn red.

After struggling from Evans"s hand, Lavinia was no longer willing to touch Evans.

"Evans, thank you for coming to see my mother. We have already broken up. In the future, let"s pay attention to the distance and influence."

Lavinia looked at the time. Chris should be back soon. She must return to the villa before Chris came back.

"Lavinia, there really isn't any chance between us, is it?"

Lavinia listened and left without even looking back.

Since we have never given each other a chance to get back together from the very beginning, why should we spare a second thought?

Lavinia took a taxi and went back directly. When her brother called, she didn"t mention anything about Evans. She just said that it was over between them. She really hoped that her family wouldn't step in about this.

After returning home, Lavinia changed into a home service, and her makeup was completely removed, making her clean face look particularly delicate and pretty.

Just finished all this, Chris came back.

He looked exactly the same as before.

"Chris, you"re back!"

Lavinia tried to pretend that she has been waiting for Chris for a long time.

Anyways, she still had her own experience in courting men.

"I didn"t expect you to come back earlier than me."

Chris walked to Lavinia with a straight face, approached Lavinia and smelled her.

"You smell like other men. Just now, you went to see other men behind my back?"

"You have someone outside!"

It"s not a denial. After that, he looked for Lavinia"s cheating evidence.

Fortunately, Chris left all the marks on her body.

"No, I went to the hospital. I want to see my mother."

Lavinia didn"t dare to move, as if Chris would shatter her into dust as soon as she moved.

"You"re not lying, but you smell like a man."

He pinched Lavinia"s chin and clicked on her lips.

"I don"t like the smell of other men on you. Take a bath!"

With this, he shook his hand off her.

He didn"t tell Lavinia that he had known since she went out.

There was monitoring around the villa, so Lavinia didn"t think twice and couldn"t see where the monitoring was.

As for the man"s taste, oh well, she would always find a way to get rid of it.

At the hospital, Evans stayed where he was with the red roses that were not accepted.

On the lawn, one person with a bunch of flowers stood out. When Erik—Lavinia's brother found Evans, the man was sitting on the lawn smoking.

"Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. Let"s talk at another place."

Erik knew Lavinia had difficulties, but Lavinia didn"t tell her brother, and Erik didn"t want Lavinia to ruin her happiness because of her mother"s illness.

He'd been caring for Lavinia and Evans from the very beginning. It would be a pity from them to break up now.

"Brother Erik, does Lavinia have difficulties? She doesn"t really want to break up with me, does she?"

Evans believed that Lavinia was not a vain woman. Before Evans's family went bankrupt, he often gave Lavinia gifts, and never saw Lavinia accept them, except those little ones.

If it wasn"t for bankruptcy, what was the reason?

Erik sighed, and they went to a small teahouse. Erik tried to explain it to Evans.

"She is also doing this for our mother."

Erik knew that she had suddenly taken so much money back to treat her mother, and that was just so suspicious. She simply said that she had found a job to earn money now, but she did not elaborate on what kind of work.

Worried that Lavinia was cheating outside, Erik had been trying to get the truth out of Lavinia but failed all the time.

"Evans, you have been with Lavinia for so many years, and I don"t want you to get separated. Lavinia won"t tell me why, but you can rest assured that I will help you find out the truth."

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