In the dark hallway, Shao Ran rested the tray on the porch, thinking about how her toes had temporarily released the discomfort of the long term wearing of high heels. Only after the sore and numbing pain had passed did she stand up again, walk to the entrance of a private room, and gently open the door.

The moment he pushed open the door, the clamor in the room poured out. It was like a completely different world compared to the tranquility in the corridor just now.

Shao Ran brought the alcohol in and kneeled on the expensive carpet within the private box. She carefully placed the wine on the table.

Some girls were singing along with the accompaniment. The beautiful singing made Shao Ran unable to resist turning her head to look at the person, and she immediately recognized this person ? ? Bai Xin, a female singer who was currently very popular.

Some people in the room were listening, some people were whispering. Shao Ran lowered her head, minimizing the sense of her own existence.

At that moment, the room's door was pushed open again.

Seeing this person, the people in the private room instantly quieted down and respectfully called out to him: "Brother Jing."

"Right." The person replied coldly, he walked in, and Shao Ran, with her head lowered, looked at the pair of shoes that were polished, and felt an inexplicable sense of fear. She swallowed her saliva, and stood up with trembling hands, wanting to walk out.

However, the more people feared something, the more it would happen.


Just as Shao Ran stood up and turned to leave, Ji Jingbai's cold voice sounded.

Shao Ran turned around, her head lowered to her chest.

"Bring me a new cup. Remember to heat it with boiling water a few times. Go."

"Alright!" Shao Ran cutely lowered her head, and agreed as she was about to walk out.


Bai Xin, who had been silent since Ji Jingbai entered the room, suddenly raised his voice and called out to his, she slowly walked in front of Shao Ran and extended his finger to pick up her chin, exposing her appearance to the crowd.

"Oh, isn't this the former famous star Shao Ran? How did he end up in such dire straits? If I wasn't mistaken, she seemed to be kneeling down to serve us some wine! , ah Shao Ran, if I was like you, I would have already found a place to hang myself, it would be better to embarrass myself in front of others. "

Shao Ran tilted her head and coldly retreated a few steps. The person she was afraid of was Ji Jingbai, not the Bai Xin who had stepped on his senior's shoulders and climbed onto the branch.

"Do you have any other instructions, sir?" If not, I'll go out first. "

Shao Ran's neither humble nor arrogant attitude caused Bai Xin to frown, and then she sneered, and stretched out her hand, placing the glass of red wine on the table onto the carpet: "Of course there is, this carpet is dirty, kneel here, dry this carpet for me, remember, until it is dry!"

When Bai Xin was doing all these, everyone in the room acted as if they were looking at a wall, not showing any signs of wanting to help at all.

Ji Jingbai had never even looked at Shao Ran, as if he wasn't in the room at all.

The people here all saw that people were cooking, and seeing Ji Jingbai's attitude, they immediately stood by Bai Xin's side.

"Did you hear that? Drying it off! Kneel and dry! If there's even a trace of it left, don't blame our Miss Bai for being impolite! "

"That's right, wipe it with your hands!"

Shao Ran looked at the people in front of her. Other than Bai Xin and Ji Jingbai, she did not know anyone else.

She turned to leave the room, but was stopped by someone blocking her way, "Where are you going? Didn't you hear what our Big Sister Bai Xin said? Now dry it! "

"I'll get the tools."

"What else is needed to wipe the carpet? Isn't that what you're wearing? Right, Sister Bai Xin. "

"That's right, wipe with your clothes!"

With someone taking the lead, the others naturally followed suit. Shao Ran was stopped by these people and could not escape even if she wanted to.

Seeing Shao Ran's reaction, the ridicule on the corner of Bai Xin's mouth grew even deeper.

"What is it? You don't want to? Oh! "I remember now. For people like you, you want to tip me for everything you do. Is that enough?" A man took out his wallet, took out a few hundred yuan from his wallet and threw it on the carpet as he sneered at Shao Ran.

Shao Ran looked at the scattered bills on the carpet, and without hesitation, he squatted down to pick them up, then took off her uniform in front of the people in the private box and knelt down to wipe the stains left behind by the red wine on the carpet.

These people did not expect Shao Ran to do this, and were dumbfounded instead.

Shao Ran kneeled on the ground, and mechanically wiped the red wine on the carpet. Since these people want to see her make a fool of herself, then she will follow their wishes!

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. Get the pictures. If they are released, it will be the headlines tomorrow!" Suddenly, someone clamored, and slapped the phone towards Shao Ran, causing Shao Ran to lower her head, but her hands did not stop moving.

Everyone followed his example and the room became lively again.

Shao Ran clenched her teeth and endured the impulse to rush out of the door and tidy up the carpet, standing up and looking at Bai Xin, "Look, is it okay?"

"Of course ?"

"A cup."

Ji Jingbai, who had not spoken all this time, interrupted Bai Xin and coldly spat out two words. The clear and cold voice was not loud, but it was enough to shut the mouths of everyone in the room.

Hearing that, Shao Ran's entire body froze, she anxiously grabbed onto the clothes in her hands, the smell of the red wine made her hands tremble.

"Didn't you hear what our Brother Jing said?" Where's the cup? "

"I'm sorry, I'll go right now!" Shao Ran had finally found the ability to speak and asked anxiously.

"Wait a moment."

Just as Shao Ran walked to the door, Ji Jingbai slowly opened his mouth: "If it was someone else who brought this over, I would think it's dirty if it was someone's hand that brushed against the floor."

"Puff ?" Hearing Ji Jingbai's words, some of the people could not help but burst out laughing, but upon seeing Ji Jingbai's expression, they immediately went silent.

Shao Ran ran out quickly, afraid that Ji Jingbai would chase after him.

"Whoever wants to go, do you think I care about it?" Shao Ran heaved a sigh of relief when she walked into the kitchen.

"Shao Ran, what do you mean by that?" A female colleague heard Shao Ran's mutterings and asked in surprise.

"Nothing, just in time. A guest in Room A wants a new wine cup, which can only be served after it has been heated with boiling water. "Go ahead."

"Ah?" "Okay, I'll go right now." Although this colleague was puzzled over such a small matter, he still nodded his head. After all, a guest who could appear here was either rich or noble. He had to agree to any request, not to mention something like a hot cup of wine.

Shao Ran carried his uniform and walked into the washroom absent-mindedly, and casually threw the uniform into a basin.

Originally, she thought that three years had passed and the people from before no longer had anything to do with her. However, she didn't expect that when Ji Jingbai appeared in front of her again, all of her strength would still collapse ?

She could allow Bai Xin and those people to torture and ridicule her, but she could not face Ji Jingbai's cold and detached attitude.

Just as Shao Ran was in a daze, a voice that made her scalp go numb sounded out from behind her.

"After not meeting for three years, do you still only know how to dodge?"

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