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C1 Homecoming

As the plane glided over the clouds, Zhou Xuanqing looked out the window at the massive clouds. The clouds were so thick that he couldn't see the outline of the ice city.

Bingcheng was not as cold as its name suggested. It was a pleasant city in northern China, where Zhou Xuanqing lived.

Tilting his head to look at the myriad of strange clouds, the sunlight shone through the porthole onto Zhou Xueqing's palm. It seemed like Bingcheng was a very sunny day today.

She still had six months left before she could get an MBA in the United States. However, her father had called her back home at this time, and he had not mentioned the reason on the phone, which caused her to feel somewhat apprehensive.

The voice of the flight attendant came over the radio. "Dear passenger, the plane will land at Bingcheng Airport in 15 minutes. Please fasten your seat belt …"

"It won't, it won't. Nothing will happen to you, Zhou Xuan Qing. Don't let your thoughts run wild!" He closed his eyes and waited for the plane to land.

At the same time, in a building in Bingcheng, a man was scribbling in his own large office when he looked up and saw a plane pass by a large French window. The scene from three years ago was reflected in his mind again.

"Lucy, where are you? Are you doing well? " He Qingyu felt lost for a second.

Three years ago, when the woman had left, he had made his way to the airport, only to see that she had taken off and had no idea where she was going.

Over the past three years, He Qingyu had sought her out more than once. He was sitting in the He Chen Corporation, which had tens of billions of assets. He had the ability to turn the entire world upside down, but every time, he would return empty-handed.

If a woman wants to hide from you, you can't find her even if you scour the entire earth, just as you can never wake up a man who pretends to be asleep.

He Qingyu pressed his temples, no longer thinking about that woman who left without a word. There are so many people in this world that could not be wished for.

The plane landed at Bingcheng Airport. From afar, Zhou Xuanqing saw his parents, who had just picked him up at the airport.

"Qing Qing, over here!" Qin Ying waved at her daughter, her face brimming with a motherly smile. Although Qin Ying was already over fifty years old, her body and skin were well maintained. She stood together with Zhou Xuanqing like a sister.

Zhou Xuan Qing tossed the luggage to his father and mother, and then hugged them together and chatted about the affairs of the family like sisters. Along the way, Zhou Xuan Qing did not forget to ask his parents if anything had happened to her when they had called her back home.

"Dad, mom, since everything is fine, why did you call me back? I have to work hard at studying. In a few months time, I will take the graduation exam." Zhou Xuanqing pouted as he spoke coquettishly to his father.

"You heartless girl, can't you come back and visit your parents if you have nothing to do?" His daughter had always been intelligent. She did not know if her previous performance had revealed any flaws or not.

"Forget it, I still don't know Mom. Why didn't you say you missed me in the video everyday? Something must have happened, right?" Zhou Xuanqing used his clear eyes to gaze upon the faces of his parents, who had a courteous expression on them.

Finally, unable to bear the pressure from his daughter, he said, "Qingqing, there really is something important that called you back this time. It concerns you for the rest of your life."

"Dad, don't scare me like that, you're not going to tell me that I have a new brother who wants to fight with me for my family property, right?" Zhou Xuanqing was used to joking with his parents, and he could not help but think of a child who had yet to grow up.

"Child, you don't have any sense of propriety!" Qin Ying lightly patted her daughter's hand. The mother and daughter did not notice the slightly surprised and embarrassed expression on Zhou's face.

"Qingqing, the reason I called you back is to find a good husband for you."

"What?!" Zhou Xuanqing's mouth was gaping so wide that an egg could fit inside. Did his mother mean that she was going to make a blind date with him?

Although her father had established the Zhou Jewelry Group from scratch in the past, and the Zhou family could be considered quite a good group in Bingcheng now, but regarding the business marriage, she had already made an agreement when her parents sent her out of the country to study. She wouldn't arrange a business marriage for herself, she would let her choose on her own.

It had only been five years since he had left the country, yet his father had already changed his mind. Zhou Xueqing was angry at his father for not keeping his promise and struggled to get off the car.

"Dad, mom, I don't want to go on a blind date!" I want to fall in love freely! " Zhou Xueqing shouted out loud. His actions were not slow at all, and he struggled to open the door.

"Stop messing around. You're already so old, and yet you're still acting so willful. The car is still on the highway. Take it easy!" Father Zhou restrained his daughter's willfulness with a serious look and continued, "Qing Qing, you are already twenty-four years old, yet you still like to mess around like a child that hasn't grown up. There's no discussion on this matter, you must go and see Young Master He tomorrow! "

Ever since she was young, as the only daughter of the Zhou family, Zhou Xuanqing had been held in the palm of his hand by his parents, and had been raised as a pearl in his palm. At this moment, Zhou Xuanqing was sitting there sullenly, feeling wronged.

Mr Zhou looked at his tearful daughter and shook his head helplessly. Mrs Zhou, on the other hand, knew what her daughter was thinking. The mother-daughter pair shared a common hobby – they both liked to look at handsome men.

"Qingqing, Mommy told you that I heard that this He Qingyu is really handsome. We're just going to take a look tomorrow, can we talk about it later?"

"Heard? "Mom, you just heard that he was handsome and wanted me to go on a blind date, not thinking about my happiness at all. I want to go back to America!" The tears in Zhou Xuanqing's eyes grew brighter. She couldn't understand why her parents were in such a hurry to marry her, and why their father, who always had a loving and good-natured attitude, was so resolute.

When his mother heard his daughter's words, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart. She also didn't want her daughter to marry someone she hadn't met before. Furthermore, that person had a natural-born leg disease, and couldn't walk. Pitiful as it was, if it weren't for the fact that the Zhou family was in danger and that the future and fate of Zhou Xueqing's daughter were in the hands of others, she definitely wouldn't have allowed her daughter to go on a blind date!

"Good girl, we're just going to meet tomorrow. If you don't like it, we won't marry, okay?" Zhou's mother felt sorry for her daughter, and couldn't bear to see her suffer a little. Unless it was absolutely necessary, the two of them wouldn't tell the truth to her cute, innocent daughter.

Hearing his wife's words, Zhou Cheng felt a little guilty and desperate. If his daughter didn't like He Qingxi and didn't marry into the He family, then Mrs Zhou wouldn't have a tomorrow.

Zhou Xueqing couldn't stand his mother's gentle attacks the most. She knew her mother doted on her the most, so she promised her mother that she would meet her matchmaker tomorrow — He Qingyu.

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