Good Night,My Little Wife/C10 Can You Two Go Somewhere Else?
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Good Night,My Little Wife/C10 Can You Two Go Somewhere Else?
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C10 Can You Two Go Somewhere Else?

Ji Wanbai picked up her cell phone and found a dozen missed calls. They were all from the sanatorium!

She quickly returned. The staff there told her that Grandma had a sudden heart attack that morning and had been sent to the hospital for rescue, but she …

But he only saw it now!

Seeing the window getting darker, only now did she know what had happened in the morning!

She quickly took out her wallet from the drawer, wrapped it in a random coat and rushed out.

Before she went downstairs, Ji Wanhui pestered her again. She must use Ji Wanbai to get close to Mu Liye, just like she did with Ye Haoyu!

"Did the sanatorium call today?" "Why are you …" Ji Wanbai was running and jumping all the way, completely ignoring the injury to her leg.

"This matter... "I …" Ji Wanhui was slightly vexed.

She had been sad today that Mu Liye had mistook her for a maid, so she couldn't find Ji Wanbai in the sanatorium. She didn't put the matter of her calling Ji Family to heart. Of course, even in normal times, she wouldn't care about such things.

Looking at Ji Wanbai's retreating back, she chased after her. This was a chance she could not afford to miss.

Unfortunately, when she shamelessly followed Ji Wanbai to the hospital, she was ignored by Ji Wanbai. She just stayed by the old man's window, unwilling to just leave like that …

The hospital at night was unusually eerie. Ji Wanhui felt uncomfortable staying there, but she was afraid that Mu Liye would come, so she refused to leave.

"Elder sister, are you going to guard this place alone? Do you have enough money? Should I hire a nurse? " Ji Wanhui asked tentatively.

Ji Wanbai sat by the sickbed and looked at her grandma, who was covered in instruments, with an uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Ji Wanbai sat by the sickbed, looking at her grandma, who was covered with instruments, with an uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

Damn Mu Liye!

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Ji Wanhui unwillingly asked again, "Sis, what happened to grandma? Didn't you tell Mr. Mu? Maybe he could find grandma a better doctor, so grandma can recover faster!"

"Are you annoyed?" Ji Wanbai glared angrily at her as she scolded her in a low voice.

Her mind was indeed in a mess right now, but her IQ was still online. No wonder she was so attentive, she actually had intentions for Mu Liye!

"Big sister, I was worried about you too, you …" Ji Wanhui was furious in her heart, but she endured it for Mr. Mu!

Ji Wanbai saw through her thoughts and knew why she was here. She intentionally ridiculed, "Don't you have to accompany Ye Haoyu? He's here, guarding me. He's not worried? "

"Haoyu?" Only then did Ji Wanhui remember her boyfriend.

Just as she said Cao Cao Cao arrived, Ji Wanhui's phone rang. It was Ye Haoyu.

She was afraid that Ji Wanbai would be wary of her because of this, so when she answered the phone, she said in a sobbing tone, "I'm in the hospital with my sister, Grandma …" Grandmother is in the hospital! "

This cry of hers had completely infuriated Ji Wanbai!

She stood up and pulled Ji Wanhui's arm out. "Why are you crying? "My grandmother is still alive and well!"

"You …" Ji Wanhui gritted her teeth in anger.

She had always been accompanied by Mr. Mu in low voice since the start. She, Ji Wanbai, didn't even thank Mr. Mu when she didn't see him, and now she yelled at him.

"What 'I'? If you have nothing to do, then go back. Don't give me any face to cry over!" Ji Wanbai said bluntly.

Ji Wanhui kept her head low and didn't say anything. She didn't want to leave. That was how she went to look for trouble with Ji Wanbai at school. In the end, she met Ye Haoyu and used her relationship with Ji Wanbai to lure Ye Haoyu into her bed one step at a time …

After Ji Wanbai returned to the ward, she sat outside the ward. The lights outside were very bright, but the nurses outside weren't so scared anymore.

She sat outside for about 20 minutes, but Mu Liye still didn't come. It was almost 11 o'clock!

At that moment, Ji Wanbai came out of the ward.

"You're still not leaving!" Ji Wanbai taunted.

Ji Wanhui immediately stood up. "I'm just worried about Grandmother. I want to stay with sister …"

These words made Ji Wanbai want to puke. Did the mother and daughter really treat her like a fool? She had played the game of giving a piece of candy with a slap for so many years, she was still young in the first few rounds, so she foolishly believed him.

But then, she really became numb, just like a bystander, hugging her shoulders and coldly watching them act.

"Ji Wanhui, don't you feel that you're disgusting!" Ji Wanbai narrowed her eyes and taunted me coldly.

Ji Wanhui's expression changed. The anger that turned the sky upside down quickly flashed across her face. She thought that if Ji Wanbai didn't seek revenge, she would be a scumbag and would always eat her.

Therefore, she continued to act pitiful, "Sister, don't be like this. I know you've never forgiven Haoyu and me. As long as you calm down, I promise to break up with Haoyu …"

"No way!" Ye Haoyu's voice was filled with rage as he angrily walked towards them.

As soon as he got close, he pulled Ji Wanhui behind him and said, "Wanbai, I won't break up with Hui Hui. Don't bully her anymore, don't try to separate us!"

Ye Haoyu hurried over when he heard Ji Wanbai kick Ji Wanhui out of the ward and call her disgusting.

In the past, he didn't believe Ji Wanhui when she cried and told him how she bullied him, but now, he believed her without a doubt.

Ji Wanbai looked at Ye Haoyu, who was shouting at him. Her heart trembled. She once again felt the chill in his heart.

However, she could only quickly endure her grievances and said with the most indifferent of expressions, "Don't worry, no one wants to break up your relationship. You two love each other, that's what getting rid of harm is all!"

Ji Wanhui looked at the indifferent Ji Wanbai. Of course she wouldn't break up the relationship between her and Ye Haoyu! Eh, that's not right!

If Ji Wanbai could get along with Ye Haoyu …

"Haoyu, don't talk to your sister like that. Your grandmother is so sick, and your sister is in a bad mood. Why are you being so fierce?" Ji Wanhui immediately reprimanded Ye Haoyu.

"I …" Only then did Ye Haoyu's face show his guilt.

He was still absolutely loyal to Ji Wanhui. "I know, I just can't bear for you to be wronged!"

"Can you two change places for Qiongyao? I got goosebumps all over! " Ji Wanbai's face creased in disgust, afraid that she would vomit uncontrollably.

Other than the dinner last night, Ye Haoyu had left the table at Ji Wanhui's urging. This was the first time they had officially met since they had parted.

Ji Wanbai had thought of a hundred different scenarios when they met again, but none of them were as they were now …

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