Good Night,My Little Wife/C14 My Little White
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Good Night,My Little Wife/C14 My Little White
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C14 My Little White

"Did Mr. Mu promise you something, so you two made up again?" I heard that Mr. Mu has already brought you to meet Old Madam Mu, is that true? "

Another wave of blinding white light hit Ji Wanbai's face, causing her to panic even more. Her sudden appearance had turned her actions from yesterday into a complete joke.

But, what he said, she could only cooperate with him!

Ji Wanbai restrained her emotions. With a bright smile, she said, "Because he's already sincerely apologizing to me. He said it was all a misunderstanding!"

"Apologize? Is this true? " The reporters were once again shocked.

Mr. Mu would actually apologize to someone?

The reporters shifted their gaze onto Mu Liye's face. However, the man didn't show any signs of disgust. He still had that icy expression on his face, with a lazy look, and …

There was even a trace of happiness!

This situation was completely different from how it was in the past when he had asked the security guards to stop Tang Xi'er whenever he mentioned her in front of him!

"So, how did Mr. Mu apologize to you?" the reporter asked curiously.

"This..." Ji Wanbai pursed her lips awkwardly and glanced at the man out of the corner of her eyes. 'Since you agreed to cooperate …'

She gritted her teeth. "He sang my favorite nursery rhyme …"

Sing nursery rhymes! Mu Liye's handsome face was suddenly petrified. Was this woman going to die for a whole day without any tricks?!

"Mr. Mu is actually singing, and singing nursery rhymes? Can you tell me what song it is? It couldn't be that kind of three little bears dancing while singing, right? "

"Is Mr. Mu singing just to apologize? Have you proposed to me? "

"If Mr. Mu was really like you, would you agree?"

Hearing the word 'proposal', Ji Wanbai was terrified. She quickly waved her hands and explained, "No, no, we haven't reached that stage yet!"

Mu Liye had always been a talker in front of the media, but he didn't have any way to refute a woman's actions. He was even singing?

Very good, a woman without any memory is someone who grew up eating leopards!

Just when Mu Liye and Ji Wanbai were being coaxed by the reporters to take photos with them, a discordant voice sounded.

"Miss Tang Xi'er is also here today. Will it be awkward for Miss Ji when she meets Tang Xi'er?"

She came too? Ji Wanbai's heart skipped a beat, and she didn't have time to clear the astonishment on her face.

"Judging from Miss Ji's expression, it seems like she didn't expect Miss Tang to come today. Are you going to apologize to her?" Ji Wanbai's reaction made the infuriating reporter very satisfied.

In the end, he had never seen such a scene in years. This awkward and flustered expression made him very satisfied!

When everyone's attention was focused on Ji Wanbai, who would mention Tang Xi'er intentionally? Unfortunately, Mu Liye recognized this person; he was Fire Weekly's editor. Back then, the news about him and Tang Xi'er was also made up by this magazine.

"Everyone, please let my Little White go. I had great difficulty coaxing my fiancee. Miss Tang and I are not close at all. This kind of false rumor scared her!"


These three words once again became the focus of everyone's attention!

"So Mr. Mu has really proposed to Miss Ji? When is your wedding date fixed? "

"Have you chosen your wedding location? Has Old Madam Mu also agreed to this marriage? "

Mu Liye singing children's songs and apologizing for others was already unexpected news for the reporters. They never thought that they would develop so fast. They were already engaged...

The cameras flashed more frequently, and more questions popped up like an unstoppable flood. Wanbai was stunned …

Didn't he promise that he wouldn't let his grandmother be provoked? But now!

Unexpectedly, she became Mu Liye's fiancee. She seemed to be able to foresee that in a few days, those reporters would have new news, and that she, Ji Wanbai, would fail in her career and become an abandoned wife!

This piece of news seemed to burst the reporters' minds. In the end, only with the help of the security guards, Mu Liye and Ji Wanbai were able to leave the crowd and walk towards the banquet hall …

"When was I engaged to you? "Why are you so full of lies?" Ji Wanbai said angrily.

However, her anger was met with a disdainful smile from the man, "When did I start singing children's songs? We are the same! "

"That's also because you spoke nonsense first. I don't care if you go and tell the reporters right away, we don't have a problem, no … …" It's fine if you're not engaged! " Ji Wanbai was incoherent with anger.

It was enough for her to have met two men in her life, but the engagement … It was of a different nature!

She did not want to compromise!

"Saying you, Lil 'White, is really an idiot, do you think that someone believes you?" Mu Liye mocked without any respect.

"You said that you don't know Miss Tang, do you think that someone would believe you? Didn't you say! " Ji Wanbai retorted, glaring angrily at the man.

"Miss Ji is really sharp-tongued. Say, if that old man saw those photos, you can explain it clearly, right?" Mu Liye held up a glass of champagne and said slowly.

A sneer appeared on his grave and stern face after he had succeeded in his conspiracy. His eyes seemed to be jumping with an expression that few would see …

Ji Wanbai gritted her teeth. She couldn't remember who said that when she was angry, she would silently count for three seconds before speaking.

"I take back what I said!" Ji Wanbai closed her eyes helplessly. She could only compromise.

She couldn't afford the consequences.

From the moment Mu Liye and Ji Wanbai entered the banquet hall, their every action had attracted the attention of everyone in the banquet hall. And the scene just now …

The ever-changing expression on Ji Wanbai's face and the smile on Mu Liye's face were seen as witnesses of love!

But such occasions were meant to be pleasantries, not romance.

"Ye, you really are a happy man. Finally, I can see the happiness on your ice-cold face!" Su Liyuan, who was wearing a dark blue suit and holding a glass of red wine, walked towards Mu Liye.

Mu Liye heard his good brother ridiculing him like this and replied with a cold snort, "Su Jianzi who claims to be full of tribulations can only use this kind of primary school student's words to describe a couple in love?"

As the man spoke, he inadvertently placed his hand on Ji Wanbai's smooth shoulder. This action made Ji Wanbai feel very uncomfortable, but she could only maintain a stiff smile on the corner of her mouth.

However, from Su Liyuan's point of view, this was obviously a declaration of sovereignty.

What kind of charm did this woman, whom Mu Liye could acknowledge, have?

He purposely provoked her, "It's my first time meeting my sister-in-law today. I'm not planning on any ceremony, how about I ask her to dance for me?"

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