Good Night,My Little Wife/C16 Go with a Man
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Good Night,My Little Wife/C16 Go with a Man
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C16 Go with a Man

Ji Wanbai couldn't help but burst out laughing. "What do I want the stars in the sky for? I hope our news doesn't get out, but can't you? "

"You …" Mu Liye was shocked, he realized that he was made a fool of by this woman.

However, Ji Wanbai didn't cower as she looked directly into his eyes. She didn't insist on having this man, so she could only console herself with the thought that her grandma was currently unconscious. As for the engagement …

She looked very carefully from head to toe, and from foot to head, she glanced at the man.

This Mu Liye, he should be able to make it …

"What kind of expression is that?" Mu Liye frowned in annoyance. When had he ever been looked at like this by a woman? It was as if he was selected for sale.

He frowned and was about to ask for the details, but before he could finish, Su Liyuan came again.

"Sister-in-law just danced the first dance with you. It should be my turn now, right?" Su Liyuan stretched out his hand towards Ji Wanbai.

However, before Mu Liye could say anything, Ji Wanbai put her hand into Su Liyuan's palm and said, "Jump!"

Jump? She still jumped?

Mu Liye's face turned pale. Before he even made a sound, she already dared to dance with another man. When she agreed, she didn't even have the intention of asking for his opinion. She didn't even look at him once.

The next second, she followed Su Liyuan and left.

On the dance floor, Ji Wanbai put her hand on Su Liyuan's shoulder, while the two kept whispering to each other …

"Sister-in-law, did you see Ye's expression just now? You agreeing so readily to dance with me really pissed him off?" Su Liyuan smiled mischievously, teasing Sister-in-law.

Who knew that Ji Wanbai would not take this trick? Instead, she coldly replied, "Didn't you invite me to dance just to get me to agree? Was it to anger him? "

These young masters, who only knew how to eat and play, were truly bored!

"Aren't you afraid of Night Fury at all?" Su Liyuan was surprised.

He had seen Tang Xi'er's submissive and fawning appearance in front of Mu Liye before. Hopefully, this woman wasn't putting on an act in front of him, but in the blink of an eye, she had changed her attitude in front of Mu Liye.

Ji Wanbai pretended to be puzzled as the light in her eyes flickered. "You invited me to dance? Did I anger him?"

"That's not true. I want to see if he's jealous. You want to know too, right?" Su Liyuan deliberately lowered his voice and said mysteriously.

"Then you don't need to try, I'll tell you, he definitely won't!" As Ji Wanbai spoke, she had already put down her hands. She politely took a step back and made the pose of "thank you" to Wu Bi Yi.

She didn't like to be used, and she didn't like to be the plaything of those popinjays.

On the morning of the vigil for his grandma, he took advantage of the fact that the doctor hadn't arrived yet to go for a gynecological examination. Only after confirming that nothing had happened between her and Mu Liye that night did he feel slightly at ease.

However, she knew that Mu Liye …

Everything around Mu Liye was a mess to her. It was also a flood that could turn Mu Liye into a ferocious beast at any time, so she could be as clean as she could!

However, just as she walked off the dance floor, a man she didn't know came up to her. "Miss Ji, can I have a dance with you?"

"Sorry, I'm a bit tired." Ji Wanbai politely refused.

"Miss Ji, your father and I are good friends and your mother's junior brother when she was in university. There hasn't been any news of you for many years. I just want to chat with you." The man said sincerely.

Junior? Ji Wanbai looked dubiously at the man in front of her. This man didn't even look fifty years old. If his mother was alive, she would be a few years younger than him.

When her mother was alive, she always seemed to mention that she had a good relationship with her younger brother. Could it be him?

"May I know your surname?" Ji Wanbai looked at the man with a guarded expression. She was indeed having doubts in her heart.

"My surname is Zhou. I remember you always called me Uncle Zhou when you were young!" The man replied indifferently, a trace of assurance flashing through his eyes.

Real surname Zhou? Ji Wanbai's hesitance turned into surprise, but how could there be such a coincidence in this world? She was still able to meet her mother's old acquaintance.

Seeing that Ji Wanbai was still hesitating, the man continued, "Your father's name is Ji Xinhai, and your current name is Xie Lanyu. They're university classmates, right?"

Ji Wanbai nodded her head repeatedly. "Yes, that's right!"

The man then nodded proudly and looked at Ji Wanbai with a simple and honest expression.

Ji Wanbai was also very happy after she confirmed that he was her mother's old friend.

"Uncle Zhou, let's go to the roof and have a chat!" Ji Wanbai said.

She really wanted to know about her mother when she was young. She really wanted to know how her mother had insisted on being with her father, despite the objections of her grandfather and grandmother. She also wanted to know how her father had changed his mind when he had promised to spend the rest of his life with her.

In the last few years after Mom had Xu Yufen and Ji Wanhui, Dad didn't come home often.

His mother was clearly unhappy, but why was she unwilling to leave?

On the other side, Mu Liye just happened to exchange a few words with someone who came to greet him. Ji Wanbai then disappeared from the dance floor.

This woman wouldn't be so daring as to follow Su Liyuan …

"Eh, looking for Sister-in-law?" Su Liyuan came out from the side and patted Mu Liye's shoulder.

"What am I looking for her for? Didn't she dance with you? " Mu Liye raised his glass and placed it beside his lips.

Su Liyuan shook his head innocently, "I finished jumping a long time ago, but I just saw Sister-in-law leaving with a man."

"He left with a man?" Mu Liye frowned in disbelief. The cold aura around him froze the surrounding air, causing it to freeze.

He had just announced that she was his, Mu Liye's, fiancee, yet this woman dared to run away with a man in public. He should have known earlier that this woman wouldn't be that easy to deal with …

… ….

"Uncle Zhou, can you tell me what happened to my mother before she died?" Ji Wanbai asked.

However, the man in front of her acted very absent-minded, as if he had been looking for something.

Finally, his eyes lit up as he suggested, "Wanbai, there are too many people here. Why don't we go in and chat?"

"This... "Isn't that good?" Ji Wanbai was in a bit of a dilemma.

Even though she absolutely believed in her Uncle Zhou at this moment, it wasn't good for a man and woman to be alone in the middle of the night.

"Don't misunderstand, but your parents, which are also my senior brothers and sisters, are no longer here. Actually, it's not good for us to continue discussing about them. Moreover, if these matters are heard by outsiders, then they'll just cause a ruckus …"

Before he could finish his words, Ji Wanbai immediately understood what he meant.

Uncle Zhou's words made sense, so after some hesitation, she agreed.

She had been prepared to go to the back, but when she reached the door, Uncle Zhou suddenly asked for a call.

However, she didn't expect that while she was standing by the door waiting, someone would suddenly cover her mouth from behind. She could only smell a pungent smell before losing all consciousness.

When she woke up, she found that her hands were over her head, tied to the old bedstead, and the light in the room was very dim.

Ji Wanbai immediately struggled, wanting to break free from the restraints on her head. The worn-out double bed creaked from her tormenting …

"Hehe, little beauty, you're in a hurry …" A wretched man's voice came from a dark corner.

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