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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C11 Young Master Si's Influence
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C11 Young Master Si's Influence

Qiao Chu hit her hard on the shoulder and said gloomily, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

Soong Feifei pressed her shoulder and pretended to be dead on the sofa, "Chu, you are too cruel! Even if I have a little bit of intention towards your man, you do not need to be so ruthless, right?"

Qiao Chu was too lazy to bother with her. She could not help but secretly look at the man on the video a few times.

She suddenly remembered the time they met in the forest castle.

He was such a perfect man. She didn't know how many things he had to go through to be able to emit that kind of enchanting aura.

She bit her lips and thought: Actually, the aura of a man really has nothing to do with clothes. The aura is the most important. The charm emitted from inside out cannot be supported by clothes.

"Chu, why are you so focused?" Soong Feifei touched her shoulder and asked with an evil smile, "Do you suddenly feel that Mr. Si is very handsome?"

Qiao Chu tried her best to use a calm tone to say, "Feifei, you clearly know that I do not have that kind of relationship with him. In the future, don't speak nonsense anymore."

Soong Feifei discovered that Qiao Chu's small face had turned red. She was probably really sad and angry.

Soong Feifei hurriedly hugged her shoulder and advised her, "Chu, actually you really don't need to be too sad. You are only 23 years old now and you are very good-looking. You just graduated from university and your future is bright. You can see through Zhong Shaoming's character as soon as possible. This might not be a bad thing. "

Qiao Chu felt her heart ache just by hearing Zhong Shaoming's name. She muttered, "But I really love Shaoming. Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to his proposal before graduation."

Soong Feifei sighed helplessly, "Chu, you are too stubborn. You will easily lose out like this."

Qiao Chu was afraid that she would cry and did not dare to continue talking about this topic, so she got up and went back to her room," It is too late. I need to rest. Tomorrow I still need to go to the hospital to visit my mother. Feifei, you should also rest early."

"You go to sleep first." Soong Feifei did not even raise her head and said, "Tomorrow I will accompany you to see Qiao's mother."

Qiao Chu stood at the door of the room and said, "Feifei, thank you."

Soong Feifei did not reply to Qiao Chu. She might have seen some stunning pictures and her eyes widened. Her fingers kept moving.

Qiao Chu was somewhat envious of her. A girl with such simple thoughts would probably be the easiest to obtain satisfaction and happiness, right?

This night, Qiao Chu did not sleep well.

She was deeply worried and felt that something bad was about to happen.

When she finally felt sleepy, her phone suddenly rang sharply.

Qiao Chu got up from the bed and answered the phone in a daze.

"Who is it?"

"Qiao Chu, you are amazing!" Zhong Shaoming's voice came from the other end of the phone. Even through the phone, Qiao Chu could feel that he was very angry.

Qiao Chu woke up immediately. She grabbed the phone tightly and asked in a low voice, "Shaoming, why are you looking for me this late at night?"

"Regarding the matter between you and Si Yichuan, I never believed that it was true. But you actually let Mr. Si defend you personally. " Zhong Shaoming's voice was very cold, "Now you still dare to say that you have no affair with him?"

Qiao Chu held her phone tightly. She suddenly felt disheartened and did not want to explain.

She calmly replied, "I don't care what you think."

She hung up.

She actually hung up on him?

Zhong Shaoming did not expect Qiao Chu to really dare to hang up on him. He was so angry that he smashed his phone onto the wall opposite him.

The phone instantly broke into pieces.

Ren Xiaoyun came out of the room and approached Zhong Shaoming. She carefully asked, "Shaoming, what happened to you?"

Zhong Shaoming gritted his teeth and scolded, "Qiao Chu has disgraced me!"

Even if he had decided to divorce Qiao Chu, Qiao Chu was still his wife in name. Why did Mr. Si openly declare to protect her?

"Now you believe what I said, right? I also don't want to speak ill of her behind her back." Ren Xiaoyun said in a soft voice, "But Qiao Chu and Young Master Si had an affair. These things are all true. I have always been worried that she lied to you. Luckily now you have finally seen the truth."

Looking at Ren Xiaoyun's gentle and moving face, Zhong Shaoming's expression relaxed. He slowly pulled her into his embrace and asked softly," Xiaoyun, why aren't you asleep yet? Did I scare you?"

"No." Ren Xiaoyun shook her head." I just feel sorry for you. Shaoming, Qiao Chu is such a bad woman. You used to be so tolerant of her and love her. I really feel that it is not worth it for you."

"Don't talk about her." Zhong Shaoming frowned impatiently. When he saw Ren Xiaoyun's stomach, his gaze became gentle again.

"If you don't sleep at this late hour, it's not good for the fetus!" Zhong Shaoming supported her into the room. "I will sleep with you in the future."

"Okay." Ren Xiaoyun said cutely, "You are my husband. I will listen to you."

Zhong Shaoming hugged her shoulders and said emotionally, "Xiaoyun, you are a good girl."

Ren Xiaoyun did not say anything else. In an angle that Zhong Shaoming could not see, the corner of her mouth raised into a vicious arc.

Qiao Chu, I will let you taste what it means to be in so much pain!

Qiao Chu did not know Zhong Shaoming's reaction.

She blankly looked at her phone for a while. She really did not understand what kind of background this Si Yichuan had. Why did even Zhong Shaoming care about him so much?

In fact, Zhong Shaoming was not the only one who paid attention to this matter.

In Jingshi Manor, Jing Yifeng was leaning on a mahogany recliner, closing his eyes to listen to Butler Ding's report.

After Butler Ding finished his report, he handed Si Yichuan a newspaper. This was an old newspaper from a while ago, and there were pictures of Si Yichuan and Qiao Chu on it.

"I didn't think that my daughter would be related to Young Master Si." Jing Yifeng's eyes lit up. He instructed Butler Ding, "Send someone to keep an eye on Qiao Chu's every move. Especially her mother in the hospital. If anything happens, report to me immediately."

Butler Ding said respectfully, "Yes."

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