Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C12 There Is No Peace in the Wealthy Class
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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C12 There Is No Peace in the Wealthy Class
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C12 There Is No Peace in the Wealthy Class

At the same time, in the courtyard of the Si family.

Si Yichuan's grandfather, Si Shangfeng, called him back home overnight. Si Shangfeng pointed at the video and asked him what was going on.

Si Shangfeng used to be a soldier. After he retired, he enjoyed life at home. He rarely cared about Si Yichuan.

He did not like to go online. He usually read the newspapers only about national affairs. He never cared about anything in the entertainment industry.

Today's video incident had just been released, and he hurriedly called Si Yichuan back home. It must have been Bai Mei who did this.

After Si Yichuan understood, he glanced at Bai Mei, who was standing next to his grandfather.

Bai Mei felt a little guilty. She hid behind Grandpa Si.

"Si Yichuan, I am asking you a question! Why are you staring at Mei?"

Si Shangfeng was eighty-nine years old this year. His eyes were still bright and full of vigor. When he joined the army when he was young, he was the vanguard. When he was angry, he was very dignified.

But fortunately, after he retired for so many years, his aura was no longer as strong as before.

Now, he looked very angry. Even his shoulders were trembling from anger.

Bai Mei lowered her head and stood beside Grandpa Si. She carefully advised him, "Grandfather, don't be angry."

Si Yichuan felt a little cold in his heart. He looked at her again.

Bai Mei immediately lowered her head and showed a look of grievance.

Si Yichuan's face revealed a trace of a cold smile, but immediately disappeared.

He faced his grandfather and his attitude was very respectful and serious. He recounted what had happened to Qiao Chu during these past few days.

Finally, he explained to his grandfather like this, "Qiao Chu was originally a pure and good girl. She cannot be ruined because of these things. Now, there are always some people who use the name of justice to attack and hurt others as they please. I can't turn a blind eye to this kind of thing. "

Si Yichuan's words were reasonable and reasonable, and Si Shangfeng's anger finally subsided a little.

"What you said makes sense. How is she now? She didn't get hurt, did she?"

" I won't let her get hurt. " Si Yichuan said very honestly, "I will send someone to protect her."

The last bit of anger on Si Shangfeng's face disappeared. He thought Si Yichuan did this like a real man.

At this time, Bai Mei pretended to be innocent and asked: "But what do you mean by you want to protect Qiao Chu?"

Si Shangfeng looked at Si Yichuan with questioning eyes. He asked unhappily, "If Qiao Chu is really a pure girl, why do you want to protect her?"

The more Grandpa Si said, the angrier he got.

Si Yichuan calmly said, "In the future, I will be fully responsible for Qiao Chu's safety. No one can bully her."

Grandpa Si asked, "Then Qiao Chu does not know you. Will she agree?"

Si Yichuan remembered that morning when he saw Qiao Chu in the gentle morning light, Qiao Chu's dressing was strange and she looked flustered.

She seemed to be a pretty timid girl, but there was an incomparable tenacity in her eyes. Furthermore, she was a pure girl. She took his business card, but she had never called him or even made any requests.

One should know that in the Jiangcheng, as long as they could get a business card from Si Yichuan, it would be a pass to the Fenghua Corporation. To put it bluntly, with this name card, if he wanted to do anything in the Jiangcheng, no one would dare to stop him.

"I don't need her consent." There was a touch of gentleness on Si Yichuan's face, "I'm just protecting her."

He spoke very gently, but this made Bai Mei's eyebrows jump. Madness and jealousy suddenly engulfed her heart.

She fiercely said in her heart, Qiao Chu, I will definitely let you know how serious the consequences of seducing the man I like will be!

Grandpa Si was simply about to go crazy from anger. "This is simply nonsense! If you do this, what will the Bai family think? "

Si Yichuan said in a calmer tone, "Grandfather, Bai Lan has been dead for nearly ten years."

The meaning of his words was very simple and straightforward. Even if he really wanted to marry another woman now, the Bai family would not be able to stop him.

Si Shangfeng could not say a word.

That's right. Bai Lan had been dead for ten years. Yichuan had never gotten married. This was his utmost benevolence to the Bai family.

The Si family had wronged her.

Bai Mei understood the meaning behind Si Yichuan's words. She knew that he did not care about her feelings at all.

She felt a little heartache for a moment. She just called out in a daze, "Yichuan."

Si Yichuan frowned. "You should call me brother-in-law!"

When Bai Mei came into contact with his ruthless gaze, her legs went soft. She took a few steps back and almost fell to the ground.

"Bai Mei, no matter what you did outside in the past, for the sake of your sister, I never asked you." Si Yichuan looked at her coldly. "But regarding Qiao Chu, You have crossed my bottom line. Now, I want to tell you clearly in front of my grandfather. I will never let you take your sister's place."

Bai Mei's face turned pale and she finally fell to the ground.

Si Yichuan bent down and reached out to help her up. He gently whispered into her ear, "You take care of yourself."

Then, he said to his grandfather, "I'll go back first."

Grandpa Si's eyes widened. Before he could say anything, Si Yichuan had already turned around and left their line of sight.

Bai Mei covered her face and cried.

All these years, although Bai Lan was not by his side, Bai Mei would often find time to chat with him, which made him very happy. Therefore, Grandpa Si really liked Bai Mei.

Grandpa Si had always thought that if Yichuan had feelings for Bai Mei, he really wanted Bai Mei to be his granddaughter-in-law.

But Yichuan did not have such thoughts, so he could not do anything about it.

Grandpa Si patted her shoulder with heartache, "Mei, don't cry. I will teach him a good lesson."

Bai Mei cried even more sadly.

She thought in her heart, you are an old man who is about to die. How can you teach him a lesson?

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