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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C12 Wealthy People with No Problems
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C12 Wealthy People with No Problems

At the same time, within the Si residence.

Si Fanchuan's grandfather, Si Shangfeng, called him back home and asked him what was going on while pointing at the video.

Si Shangfeng used to be a soldier, but after he left his post, he lived a leisurely life at home like a crane. He rarely asked about Si Yanchuan.

Grandpa didn't like to surf the internet. He usually read the newspapers and only looked at national affairs. He never cared about the matters of the entertainment circle.

Today's video call had just come out, and he had so enthusiastically brought Si Anchuan back to his home. Presumably, this was all thanks to Bai Mei.

Si Fanchuan seemed to understand what was going on as he lightly glanced at Bai Mei, who was standing beside his grandfather.

Bai Mei was somewhat guilty, so she hid behind her grandpa.

"Si Xiaochuan, I'm asking you a question!" What are you staring at little May for? "

Si Shangfeng was eighty-nine years old, but his eyes were still bright and full of spirit. He fought in the army as a young man and was a striker. Because he had killed countless enemies, his entire body was filled with a murderous aura. If he got angry, it would be very awe-inspiring.

But luckily, he had cultivated his body and mind for so many years, and was able to properly restrain this baleful aura.

Now he looked so angry that his shoulders trembled with anger and he called Si Yanchuan by his nickname.

Bai Mei stood beside her grandfather with her head lowered, carefully persuading him, "Grandpa, please don't be angry, it's not good to be angry over such a small matter."

Si Ianchuan felt a chill in his heart and glanced at her again.

Bai Mei immediately lowered her head, showing an expression of being wronged.

Si Ianchuan's lips curled up into a cold smile, but he soon disappeared.

He faced his grandfather with a respectful and serious attitude, and told him exactly what had happened to Qiao Chu in the past few days.

In the end, he explained to his grandfather, "Qiao Chu was originally a good and pure girl. There are always people who, in the name of justice, feel free to attack and hurt others. As a man, I can't turn a blind eye to such things, can I? "

Si Fanchuan's words were reasonable, and Si Shangfeng's anger died down a little.

"You're right. What happened to the girl called Qiao Chu? She wasn't hurt, was she? "

"I won't let her get hurt." "I will send someone to protect her," he said.

Si Shangfeng even lost the last of his anger, thinking that his grandson was acting like a real man.

At this point, Bai Mei asked with a hint of innocence: "But, at the end, what do you mean by saying that Qiao Chu will be under your protection?"

When Si Shangfeng heard this, he looked at Si Fanchuan with an inquiring look and asked unhappily: "If Qiao Chu is really a pure and innocent girl, why did you protect her? What did you say? That's what a hooligan would say! "

At the end of his speech, Grandpa Si became angrier and angrier. His white beard was almost blown up by his anger.

"This sentence is very easy to understand. It's just a literal meaning." Si Fanchuan calmly said, "In the future, I will take full responsibility for Qiao Chu's safety. No one is allowed to bully her."

Grandpa Si asked, "Then since Qiao Chu doesn't know you, can you agree?"

Si Anchuan recalled the morning when he saw Qiao Chu in the gentle morning light. He was dressed strangely and looked flustered.

This girl looked rather timid, but her eyes were filled with determination. Moreover, she was an unscheming girl. I took his card, but I never called him or asked for anything.

One had to know that in River City, if one could get a name card from Si Yanchuan, it would be the emblem of the Fenghua Corporation. To say it in an exaggerated manner, no one would dare to say anything with just this name card.

"I don't need her permission," Si Yanchuan said with a hint of gentleness on his lips. "I'm just protecting her."

His words were very gentle, but they caused the spot between Bai Mei's eyebrows to twitch. A surge of wild jealousy and hatred suddenly swept through her heart.

She said fiercely in her heart: Qiao Chu, I will definitely let you know how severe the consequences are for seducing a man I like!

Grandpa Si simply went crazy, "This is nonsense! What is the Bai Family thinking about you doing this? "

Si Chuanhan used an even calmer tone and said, "Grandfather, Bai Lan has been dead for nearly ten years."

The meaning of this sentence was very simple and straightforward. Even if he really wanted to remarry a woman and enter the family, the Bai Clan was not in the position to interrupt.

Si Shangfeng was rendered speechless.

That's right, Bai Lan had already been dead for ten years, and Eversnow had never remarried. But the white rose …

The Si Family had wronged her.

She understood the meaning of his words and knew that he cared nothing for her feelings.

For a moment, his heart ached. He shouted, "Everlasting..."

Si Ianchuan frowned. "Call me brother-in-law!"

When the white rose met his fierce gaze, her feet gave way, and she fell back a few steps, almost falling to the ground.

"Bai Mei, no matter what you've been doing outside before, I've never asked about it for your sister's sake." Si Anchuan looked at her coldly, "But you have crossed my bottom line in this matter with Qiao Chu. Now, I want to make it clear to you in front of Grandfather that I, Si Fanchuan, will never let you take the place of your sister. "

May's face went pale and she fell to the ground.

Si Shenchuan bent down, reached out his hand to help her up, and gently whispered into her ear, "Do your best."

With that, he said to his grandfather, "I'll go back first."

Grandpa Si stared, but before he could say anything, Si Yanchuan had already turned around and walked a few steps away from their line of sight.

Bai Mei covered her face and began to cry.

Over the years, although Bai Lan was not present, Bai Mei would often find time to chat with Grandpa Si, coaxing him into a happy mood. So Grandpa Si really liked Bai Mei.

Grandpa Si had always thought that if Shi Chuan was interested in Bai Mei, he really wanted her to be his granddaughter's wife.

But his grandson didn't have such thoughts, he could do nothing about it.

"Little Mei, don't cry. I will teach this brat a lesson."

When she heard this, White Rose cried even more bitterly.

She thought to herself, If you, an old man about to enter a coffin, how can you teach him a lesson?

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