Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C13 He Really Sent His Bodyguards
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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C13 He Really Sent His Bodyguards
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C13 He Really Sent His Bodyguards

This night, because of Si Yichuan's action, many people couldn't sleep all night.

The next day, when the sun had just risen, Qiao Chu got up and carefully boiled a pot of nutritious soup for her mother.

Qiao Chu had just poured the soup into a thermos when Soong Feifei also got up.

Qiao Chu smelled the fragrance and she rushed over to hug Qiao Chu, "It smells so good! Chu, you are making soup for Qiao's mother again?"

Qiao Chu nodded.

" Chu, not only are you beautiful, how can your cooking be so good? " Soong Feifei pinched Qiao Chu's smooth face, "Zhong Shaoming doesn't want you, that's because he's blind. Just you wait, there will always be someone who will cherish you."

Qiao Chu knew that Soong Feifei had a big mouth and she did not blame her for mentioning Zhong Shaoming's name so early in the morning. She handed over a bowl of steaming hot fragrant soup and stopped her from nagging.

After the two drank the soup and cleaned up, they went out and prepared to go to the hospital.

But they actually found two tall black clothed bodyguards outside the door. They did not have any expression on their faces.

Next to them stood a young man in a suit. He looked gentle and refined.

When this man saw Qiao Chu come out, he politely said to her, "Miss Qiao, come out. My name is Hsiao Yuan. I am Mr. Si's assistant." He pointed at the two bodyguards and said, "These two bodyguards are very skilled. They were sent by Mr. Si to protect you."

Qiao Chu was a little confused. "What?"

Soong Feifei was also very surprised. But she quickly remembered the last sentence that Si Yichuan said in the video, "Qiao Chu is under my protection."

Si Yichuan was really too manly! He actually did what he said, and sent two bodyguards to guard Qiao Chu's door early in the morning. This was too shocking.

What Qiao Chu was thinking was that these few days, whenever she went out, she always had to disguise herself, because she was afraid that others would recognize her.

She did not think that Mr. Si would be so considerate and would send someone to protect her. She did not decline and said gratefully, "Thank you."

Hsiao Yuan respectfully replied, "Miss Qiao, you are too polite."

Because Soong Feifei drove by herself, Qiao Chu did not sit in the car that Hsiao Yuan drove. Hsiao Yuan could only bring the bodyguards and follow closely behind their car.

It was early in the morning and the road was unimpeded. Very soon, they arrived at the hospital.

Two cars arrived at the hospital, one in front and one behind.

After Hsiao Yuan and the bodyguards in black parked their cars, they maintained a distance behind Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu suggested somewhat unnaturally, "Why don't you wait for me downstairs at the hospital? Or you guys go and eat something first? I have already arrived at the hospital. You guys don't have to follow me like this."

Hsiao Yuan said, "We only listen to Mr. Si's orders."

"If my mother sees you guys later, I don't know how to explain it to her." Qiao Chu said, "Nothing will happen in the hospital. Wait for me downstairs."

Hsiao Yuan insisted, "Miss Qiao, if you feel that it is not appropriate, you can ask Mr. Si personally."

Qiao Chu did not say anything else.

Soong Feifei, however, said excitedly to Qiao Chu, "If Mr. Si permits, I can write this matter into the news and it will definitely attract attention."

Qiao Chu used her elbow to touch her waist and said nervously, "Don't do anything reckless."

Soong Feifei giggled and said, "Alright, I was just joking."

They took the elevator to the eighth floor.

As it was early in the morning, the corridor on the eighth floor was very quiet. However, there were already a few patients who were slowly walking back and forth in the corridor with the help of their family members.

Qiao Chu and the rest walked closer to Qiao's mother's ward and suddenly heard some conversations coming from inside.

Who came to visit Qiao Chu's mother so early in the morning?

Qiao Chu and Soong Feifei looked at each other and quickened their pace into the ward.

Hsiao Yuan saw Qiao Chu enter the ward and went back to report to Mr. Si first. He let two bodyguards in black stay outside the ward.

Qiao Chu saw Ren Xiaoyun sitting beside Qiao's mother's bed and was smiling as she said, "Qiao's mother, you don't need to be too anxious. Ms Chu is so beautiful and capable. She will definitely surpass me very soon."

Ren Xiaoyun's hand was pressed on her stomach and Qiao Chu immediately knew what Ren Xiaoyun meant when she heard it.

Ren Xiaoyun actually dared to come in front of Qiao's mother to show off that she was pregnant?

Qiao Chu eyes became fierce and she had the impulse to rush over and slap her but she forced herself to calm down.

Qiao Chu looked around the ward and saw a large bouquet of flowers on the bed of her mother. The fragrance filled the entire ward. Beside the fresh flowers, there was also a basket of well-packaged fruits.

The 24-hour nurse that Qiao Chu hired was not in the ward. She had probably gone out to fetch water or do other things.

Qiao Chu also did not know what Ren Xiaoyun had said to her mother.

Qiao Chu looked at Ren Xiaoyun and tried her best to calm her tone, "What are you doing here?"

Ren Xiaoyun turned around and saw Qiao Chu. She smiled and said, "I came to check on my body today so I came to see Qiao's mother."

It was not even seven o'clock in the morning and the doctor did not go to work. Ren Xiaoyun said she came to check on her body? And she also wanted to visit her mother at the same time?

Soong Feifei secretly glared at Ren Xiaoyun but because she was afraid of agitating Qiao's mother, she did not dare to say anything.

Qiao's mother saw Qiao Chu and Soong Feifei and happily said, "Qiao, Feifei, you also came so early? Xiaoyun is Chu's new friend, right? Why didn't I hear you mention it before? She is really considerate. She came to visit me early in the morning and even bought so many things."

Ren Xiaoyun half lowered her head and seemed to be a little embarrassed, "Qiao's mother, don't be polite."

Qiao Chu did not dare to deny Ren Xiaoyun's words and quietly pulled the things Ren Xiaoyun brought over to the side and put the thermos on top.

"Mom, have you eaten breakfast?" Qiao Chu asked as she unscrewed the lid, "I boiled the soup for you and drink some while it's hot."

"Madam Zhang has already gone out to buy breakfast for me." Qiao's mother said, "I don't have an appetite to begin with and don't even want to eat breakfast. Qiao, don't work so hard to make this soup for me in the future."

"This is quite simple to make." Qiao Chu said as she had already filled a bowl of soup and carefully handed it to her mother's mouth.

Because it was her daughter's filial piety, although Qiao's mother did not have an appetite, she still finished the soup.

Throughout the entire process, Ren Xiaoyun watched from the side with a smile that was not a smile. As for Soong Feifei, she vigilantly stared at Ren Xiaoyun, afraid that she would do something bad.

Qiao's mother drank the warm soup and her complexion became a little rosy. Qiao Chu looked at her mother and was very happy.

Ren Xiaoyun suddenly said, "Ms Chu, you are really good to your mother. Your actions are really touching. Ms Chu, you must have a good relationship with your mother-in-law at home, right?"

Her words sounded good on the surface. But Qiao Chu and Soong Feifei could hear the different meaning and their expressions changed.

"Qiao has a filial heart since she was young and the neighbors all say that she is sensible." Qiao's mother said, "Although I have never seen her mother-in-law a few times, I feel that Chu should be able to get along well with her."

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