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C15 The Right Choice

Qiao Chu explained to her mother about the existence of these two bodyguards: Shaoming had been too busy at work recently. So someone came to pick her up.

Qiao's mother was happy when she heard that. She did not doubt it at all.

Now, Qiao Chu wanted to be alone for a while. She hoped that the bodyguards would not follow her.

But the bodyguards in black refused to listen to her. Qiao Chu could only call Si Yichuan in front of them and ask him to remove the two bodyguards.

Si Yichuan could feel Qiao Chu's mood through the phone. He thought for a while and said seriously, "Okay. But it can only be today."

Mr. Si personally gave the order and the two bodyguards in black were finally willing to leave.

After leaving the hospital, Qiao Chu walked for a long distance. She finally mustered her courage and called Zhong Shaoming.

Qiao Chu told him, "I will sign a divorce agreement with you tomorrow."

She really liked Zhong Shaoming. How much courage did she need to take the initiative to propose a divorce to him?

Zhong Shaoming asked in surprise on the other end of the phone, "Have you thought it through?"

Qiao Chu felt a pain in her throat and almost could not make a sound. She could only say in a low voice, "Yes."

Zhong Shaoming felt that Qiao Chu's sudden compromise was a little strange. He quickly thought that Qiao Chu had found a richer boyfriend now, so she could not wait to cut ties with him.

Thinking of this, he said fiercely, "Even if you are willing to divorce now, I will not give you a cent."

"I don't want money." Qiao Chu held her phone tightly and tried her best to suppress all her bad emotions. She said calmly, "I really thought it through. Since you don't love me anymore, we do not need to drag it on like this. I won't take a single cent from the Zhong family. I only have one request. I hope you can pay for my mother's medical expenses. When I find a job, I will return the money to you."

"Didn't you already hook up with Si Yichuan? Why do you need me to pay the hospital fees for you?" Zhong Shaoming smiled and said, "Go sleep with him for a night, and he will give you the money. What do you have on you that attracts him so much? I'm a little regretful that I didn't have sex with you first."

Zhong Shaoming did not understand what was going on with him. He should feel happy that Qiao Chu agreed to divorce. Why did he say such disgusting things?

"Zhong Shaoming!" Qiao Chu angrily interrupted him, "After the divorce, we will not have any relationship. You do not need to humiliate me like this."

Zhong Shaoming's voice stopped at the other end of the phone. After a while, he said, "Then I will say something nice. I wish you marry into Si family as soon as possible."

Qiao Chu hung up the phone. She was so angry that she trembled. She looked up and found that the sun was very glaring. Her legs went weak and she fainted on the ground.

When she woke up, a young doctor wearing a mask was taking notes in front of her bed.

The doctor saw her sit up and gently asked, "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? What's your name? How old are you? "

Qiao Chu pressed on her forehead. She only felt a slight headache. Maybe it was because she did not sleep well last night that she suddenly fainted?

After she answered the doctor's questions one by one, she said, "I'm fine. Thank you."

The doctor said, "You're welcome."

Qiao Chu asked, "Can I go now?"

The doctor looked at her and found that her face was still somewhat pale. He said, "You are so young, how could you easily faint on the street? I suggest you stay in the hospital for a few days"

Qiao Chu panicked when she heard that she was going to be hospitalized.

She quickly said, "Doctor, I'm really fine. It's just that I slept too late last night. Plus, the afternoon sun was too hot, so I fainted."

The doctor had seen countless stubborn patients. He said helplessly, "Leave your contact details."

After the doctor said that, he handed the notebook to Qiao Chu. Qiao Chu took the pen and earnestly filled out the contact number and address.

Qiao Chu's handwriting was very beautiful and delicate, and it was unforgettable to anyone who saw it.

When the doctor saw these words, he was a little surprised and could not help but carefully look at Qiao Chu a few times.

Finally, Qiao Chu paid the medical fees and quickly left the hospital.

Qiao Chu knew that this was the same hospital that her mother was hospitalized in. She was really afraid that people would see her coming out of the ward and tell her mother about this matter. This would make her mother worry about her again.

Qiao Chu did not take this matter to heart. But she did not know that this gentle and young doctor had caused her to fall into misfortune.

The next day, Qiao Chu received the divorce agreement.

Zhong Shaoming himself did not come, but let a proxy lawyer handle it.

The lawyer solemnly explained to Qiao Chu that as long as she signed the divorce agreement, she would no longer have a husband and wife relationship with Zhong Shaoming, and she would not be able to get the Zhong family's property.

Qiao Chu picked up the pen, and without much hesitation, she quickly signed her name.

These two words seemed to have used up all the strength of her life.

Of course, she understood that once this name was signed, she had nothing to do with Zhong Shaoming anymore.

She smiled slightly. This unforgettable relationship had reached its end in a terrifying way.

The lawyer put away the divorce letter in satisfaction and left Qiao Chu's worn-out courtyard.

Qiao Chu sat weakly on the rattan chair. After a while, she whispered to herself, goodbye, Shaoming.

She admitted that she had become very weak now.

But she had nothing left, only her mother. She didn't dare to take any risks. If a divorce could bring her mother peace, she was willing to give up everything.

It was probably because of the video that Si Yichuan had posted. So even if Qiao Chu was recognized, she would not be attacked or humiliated again. Some of the strange fans of Si Yichuan even requested to take a photo with her.

Although Qiao Chu did not need to disguise herself on the streets anymore, but the two bodyguards still followed her. As long as she went out, they would follow behind her.

Qiao Chu felt a little funny in her heart, but she was really full of gratitude. Although she still felt ashamed and resentful about what happened that night, Si Yichuan did not do it on purpose.

A man like Si Yichuan, who was perfect like a myth, was a very distant person to her. If it wasn't for what happened that night, she wouldn't even know who he was. They would never know each other.

But now, he sent two strong bodyguards to protect her at all times. It made her understand that Si Yichuan was a real person, and she could not ignore him.

Sometimes, this world was really magical.

She called Si Yichuan. Tell him clearly not to send anyone to protect her from now on. She said it very sincerely, and Si Yichuan finally agreed to remove all the bodyguards.

Qiao Chu felt that she had finally returned to her normal life.

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