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C16 Heaven Never Stops

Unknowingly, he had been divorced from Zhong Shaoming for more than half a month, and Qiao Chu had never seen him again. Other than never seeing Zhong Shaoming day and night again, Qiao Chu felt that his life was no different from before. Gradually, she would even feel that she no longer missed that man that much.

Sometimes, though, passing the spot where they had once dated, he would think of his gentle, handsome profile.

However, he felt that the other party's face was somewhat blurry.

It turned out that time could really teach people to forget.

Qiao Chu was lucky to be able to walk out of Zhong Shaoming's shadow so quickly.

Perhaps, giving up on him in exchange for his mother's safety was the right decision.

However, Qiao Chu still thought that the world was too naive. What happened next simply exceeded the limits of what she could bear.

One day when they were going to the hospital, Qiao Chu was called into the office by his mother's attending physician. He told her in a heavy tone, "Little Qiao, your mother's medical expenses and treatment fees have exceeded 80,000. The amount of medical expenses you have to pay is far from enough. You have to pay as soon as possible."

Qiao Chu was stunned. "What?"

Didn't Zhong Shaoming promise to pay a large deposit to the hospital? How could it not be enough?

The doctor explained: "Ten days ago, your husband stopped paying his bills. Knowing your character, I did not urge you. But you also know that your mother's treatment fees are quite high. If you were to pay today's fees back, it would be over a hundred thousand. I think you should remind your husband. "

The doctor didn't know that Qiao Chu had divorced Zhong Shaoming, so he suggested this to Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu understood what had happened. He forced himself to remain calm and said to the doctor, "Don't worry, I will quickly place the money on top of it."

The doctor said, "You have to hurry."

Qiao Chu did not know how he had left the doctor's office.

When he returned to the ward, he saw that his mother was already asleep.

His mother's face was paler and more haggard than it had been a few days ago. Qiao Chu grabbed his mother's thin hand and pressed it to his face.

Mother, no matter the cost, I will treat you. You have to be strong. I can't lose you.

Mother Joe's sleeping face was serene.

This was a very hardworking woman. The process of chemotherapy was very painful, but she never let her daughter see her discomfort. Even when he was asleep, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

When he returned home, Qiao Chu discovered that he had nothing. She had no money except for the compound her mother had left her.

As for his relatives, they didn't have any. Because his mother was determined to have a baby, she had long since left her family. Qiao Chu didn't even know who his mother's family was, let alone borrow money from them.

Qiao Chu kept running back and forth between his home and the hospital, never going out to look for a job. After graduating for several months, she didn't even have an official job.

No matter how much he thought about it, there was nothing he could do. Qiao Chu could only shamelessly give Zhong Shaoming a call. She told him about the hospital and asked him to help her for a while longer. When she found a job, she would definitely pay him back.

Zhong Shaoming coldly said, "Qiao Chu, we have already divorced. I have no obligation to do these things."

Qiao Chu humbly said: "But when we got divorced, you promised me that you would help me to go to the hospital …"

"I'll go back on my word now." Zhong Shaoming interrupted her, "You're Si Yanchuan's woman, what right do you have to ask me for money?"

Qiao Chu suddenly felt that the world was inconceivable. Why did everyone have to decide that she was Si Yanchuan's woman?

Without waiting for Qiao Chu to respond, Zhong Shaoming said in disgust, "Don't call me again in the future. When I hear your voice, I can't help but think of some dirty things."

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Chu suddenly understood one thing: all these years, she had been living with Zhong Shaoming, and he had paid for all of her mother's expenses.

So it turned out that she was actually so useless after leaving Shaoming.

He knew he had to get a job right away.

But in the past few days, she had been running into a wall everywhere, and none of the big companies were willing to use her.

Although Qiao Chu had graduated from a prestigious university, she was a graduate with little work experience. Since the small company refused to go, the big company refused to use her. Naturally, she could not find a job.

After Song Feifei introduced her to a few companies that had no results, she could not help but say, "Chuchu, in fact, you can start working in a small company. "With your intellect, it's not too late to jump into a big company when you have experience in the future."

Qiao Chu said: "But the small company's salary is too small, I really need money right now."

Song Feifei asked in puzzlement, "What happened?"

Qiao Chu hesitated for a moment, then finally told him about the medical expenses.

After listening to this, Song Feifei said angrily, "Why have I never heard of such a thing? How much do you owe the hospital now? "

Qiao Chu said, "It's already one hundred and ten thousand."

Mom's hospitalization fee and medicine fee, the most ordinary day for 2000. Every other week, there would be a few larger tests, and in addition to chemotherapy, there would be a maximum cost of twenty or thirty thousand dollars a day.

Song Feifei drew in a breath of cold air, "That many?"

Qiao Chu said: "So I don't want to trouble you. After all, mother's illness needs long-term treatment."

"I can barely take out a deposit of over a hundred thousand." "If not, I'll sell the car," said Song.

"Fei Fei, thank you so much." Qiao Chu shook his head, "Lend me 100,000 first and don't sell your car. After all, this is what you need for your job. I know you have to send money every month, and it's not easy. "As for the rest, I'll think of a way myself."

Qiao Chu didn't want to say too much about refusing a good friend, but Fei Fei's family wasn't too well off, so Qiao Chu didn't dare trouble her too much.

Song Feifei understood Qiao Chu's personality and did not say anything more. She hugged her, "Chuchu, you have to work hard."

Qiao Chu took the 100,000 yuan that Song Fei Fei borrowed, and poured some money into the hospital, for the time being, it could alleviate the pain.

Although there was not much money, the nurse could not fire him.

Firstly, she was afraid that her mother would ask. Secondly, she needed to find a job. It was impossible for her to always be by her mother's side.

He was still trying to find a job.

Two days later, she sent a reply to a resume she had sent to a large company, asking her to interview him.

The interview went smoothly, so she could come to work the next day.

This was a multinational group called the Court Viewing Group. It was said that the business spanned several countries, and was a good platform to showcase one's skills.

The thing that made Qiao Chu most happy was that the probation period was at least 6000. After three months of recuperation, he would be able to raise the salary by twelve thousand. If he did well, the year-end reward would be even more so.

In this way, part of my mother's hospital expenses can be covered.

However, compared to the medical fees of a hundred thousand gold coins, such a monthly salary was far from enough.

Qiao Chu thought of doing a part-time job, and Song Feifei promised to keep an eye on it.

Joe Chu was hired as secretary to the president, but the president was often absent from the company. On her first day at work, she first familiarized herself with the CEO's work habits, as well as familiarizing herself with the company's information and procedures.

Before she got off work, she received a call from Song Feifei, telling her that there was a good part-time job, so she could come over together.

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