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C2 Their Argument.

Qiao Chu subconsciously tightened her lapels, only to discover that beside him, there was a delicate and beautiful woman leaning against him.

The two of them were very intimate.

Without time to react, Zhong Shaoming handed her a divorce agreement and coldly said, "Let's divorce."

Qiao Chu was stunned and thought that her husband was joking. She said in a daze, "Shaoming, what are you doing? Do you know what you are talking about?"

Zhong Shaoming looked at Qiao Chu's casual dress and her messy hair making her look even more haggard.

Under her collar, there were some bruises on her neck.

Zhong Shaoming looked at her and then twisted his eyebrows in disgust and said, "Xiaoyun is pregnant with my child. I have to take responsibility for her."

Qiao Chu's face turned pale and immediately looked at the woman beside Zhong Shaoming.

Ren Xiaoyun was in a corner that Zhong Shaoming could not see. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Qiao Chu provocatively.

"She is pregnant with your child? This is absolutely impossible! I don't agree to divorce! "

Qiao Chu bit her lips and stood up abruptly and fiercely threw away the divorce agreement.

The divorce agreement that was flung everywhere, in her eyes, became a sharp and hurtful thorn.

They were still in the wedding period, why would her husband suddenly propose a divorce? What was going on? Why did her husband suddenly seem like a different person?

Qiao Chu quickly remembered that Zhong Shaoming had never had sex with her ever since they got married.

Could it be because of this woman?

Before today, Qiao Chu had never thought of anything else. After all, Zhong Shaoming was a rich and powerful young master. And she was just a girl from a poor single-parent family.

If Zhong Shaoming did not really like her, there was no reason for him to marry her.

She always thought that Zhong Shaoming really liked her.

"Qiao Chu, when Xiaoyun was with me, she was a girl who had never had sex with anyone." Zhong Shaoming stared at Qiao Chu's neck. His handsome face was full of disdain and arrogantly begged her, "I cannot let Xiaoyun down. You must fulfill our wish. "

"If I satisfy your request, then who will fulfill my wish? I am your nominal wife. "

Ren Xiaoyun saw Qiao Chu like this, so she trembled and hid behind Zhong Shaoming like a frightened sheep.

This made the angry Qiao Chu more like a mistress who destroyed their family.

Ren Xiaoyun looked at Zhong Shaoming and then looked at Qiao Chu before saying in a low voice, "Ms Chu, I have let you down. I beg you, on account of me carrying Shaoming's child, let us be together. You are so young and beautiful, you will definitely find a better husband in the future. "

Even though she pretended to be so pitiful, Qiao Chu still saw the despicable look in her eyes.

Zhong Shaoming quietly held Ren Xiaoyun's hand and told her not to be afraid.

This scene, in Qiao Chu's eyes, stimulated her originally collapsed mind even more.

But no matter how sad she was, she could not let her husband hold another girl's hand.

Qiao Chu glared at Ren Xiaoyun, "You knew Shaoming was married long ago, right? If you knew about this, why did you come to ruin our relationship? You were carrying Shaoming's child on purpose, right? How do you want me to satisfy your wishes?"

Ren Xiaoyun hid behind him and did not dare to make a sound.

Zhong Shaoming became more and more impatient and directly stood between the two of them and said, "Qiao Chu, the matter has come to this point. You can just sign the divorce agreement without hesitation. Let's separate properly."

If we divorce, what should I do? I already love you so much, but you want me to leave you?

Qiao Chu was a very proud girl. She felt that she should risk her life to defend her last dignity at this time and said, "Give up on me and you will regret it for the rest of your life." Then, she directly left this home.

But she couldn't say anything. She just wanted to lower her head and beg her husband to not divorce.

Qiao Chu was just forced to have sex with a strange man. She really didn't want to lose her husband at this time.

Zhong Shaoming's resolute expression made her very sad as tears streamed down her face.

Qiao Chu grabbed Zhong Shaoming's hand and asked humbly, "Shaoming, what happened? Why did you become like this? Did I do something wrong? I will correct my mistakes in the future. We have always been in love. Don't treat me like this."

Zhong Shaoming threw her hand away. Disgust rose in his eyes as he looked at her as if he was looking at a pile of trash.

"Qiao Chu, I married you because I saw that you were pitiful. Since I knew you, I spent a lot of money on your mother who was in the hospital, and I never complained about anything." Zhong Shaoming said mockingly, "What you got from me has exceeded your own value. Now I want a divorce, but you don't agree. Your actions will make my last impression of you disappear. "

Ren Xiaoyun also said," Ms Chu, don't be like this. It was I who let you down. I don't blame Shaoming for this matter. "

"You shut up!" Qiao Chu stared at Ren Xiaoyun and pushed her over. "You lowly woman do not have the right to speak here!"

Ren Xiaoyun was caught off guard and was pushed down.

Zhong Shaoming shouted, "Qiao Chu, do you know what you are doing?"

Qiao Chu did not think that this woman would be so weak.

Just when she did not know what she was doing, she heard Ren Xiaoyun say, "Ms Chu, it is my fault. If you are angry or sad, then you can throw a tantrum at me. Shaoming was innocent. The child in my womb is also innocent."

After Ren Xiaoyun finished speaking, she suddenly grabbed the collar of her chest and breathed heavily. Her face was pale.

"Shaoming, my heart and stomach hurt."

"Xiaoyun!" Zhong Shaoming suddenly became nervous. He immediately picked Ren Xiaoyun up and gently comforted her, "Don't be afraid. I will send you to the hospital right away."

Qiao Chu's heart ached so much that she could not breathe. She looked at her husband, who loved her deeply in the past, treat other women so gently.

But Ren Xiaoyun was right. She might not be innocent. But the child in her womb was innocent.

Qiao Chu chased after the pale Ren Xiaoyun and asked worriedly, "Are you alright?"

"Get lost." Zhong Shaoming immediately shouted.

Ren Xiaoyun immediately hid in Zhong Shaoming's arms and winked at Qiao Chu.

After Zhong Shaoming finished scolding, he mercilessly pushed Qiao Chu away.

The angry Zhong Shaoming used too much strength, so Qiao Chu was pushed to the ground.

Her head hit a corner of the table and the pain made her eyes hurt.

Qiao Chu looked at Ren Xiaoyun's blinking eyes and saw Zhong Shaoming's attitude towards her. She cried again. She remembered that he would not treat her like this in the past.

Things should not be like this. Shaoming couldn't hug another woman in front of her and show such an expression of disgust towards her.

He couldn't be like this.

But Zhong Shaoming hugged Ren Xiaoyun and looked down at Qiao Chu. He said coldly, "You are not allowed to approach Xiaoyun!"

"Shaoming." Qiao Chu shouted.

Zhong Shaoming seemed to be extremely disappointed. He did not expect Qiao Chu to treat a pregnant woman so ruthlessly.

Before Zhong Shaoming left, he coldly said to her, "Xiaoyun's heart is not good and she is pregnant now. Even so, she still insisted on coming with me to face this matter. If I had known that you were so unreasonable and vicious, I wouldn't have let her come along. You better pray that Xiaoyun is fine, or else I won't let you off lightly. "

The door fiercely closed. Qiao Chu's originally full heart of resentment suddenly became disappointed with her husband's departure. It was as if all her strength had been drained in an instant, and she fell heavily to the ground.

After they got married, her husband was the center of all her life. Now her husband wanted to leave her. This made her feel like the world had suddenly become dark.

She lay on the floor and cried for a while. Suddenly, the door was knocked open by a huge force.

Qiao Chu raised her head full of hope but saw Zhong Mingmei standing at the door and looking at her hatefully.

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