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C3 A Nightmare

Zhong Mingmei was Zhong Shaoming's younger sister, and she was pretty pretty.

However, the moment he opened his mouth, his voice was as sharp as if he wanted to kill Qiao Chu.

"Qiao Chu, why are you so vicious? Little Yun jie is pregnant, yet you dare to provoke her and injure her? I'm telling you, if something happens to her, you won't have anything to eat. "

Qiao Chu was speechless. After a while, he managed to squeeze out a sentence, "I am your sister-in-law, and don't you see, that woman was faking it."

Zhong Mingmei smiled when she heard this, but there was a deep disdain in her smile, "You won't be doing it soon, no matter how much you pretend, or how much you don't. After all, he's pregnant with my brother's child, unlike some people who have been married for so long, but still haven't been able to lay an egg."

Qiao Chu knew Zhong Mingmei had always disliked her.

She just didn't think that this sister-in-law would actually hate her to this extent. He even said such words.

Slowly standing up, Qiao Chu faced Zhong Mingmei and said, "Why do you still want to protect Xiao Yun when she sabotages my family?"

Zhong Mingmei harrumphed and said, "I've said it before, you're not fit to enter our Zhong Family. Little Sister Yun and my brother are a match made in heaven." You'd better sign for divorce, or we'll make it worse for you. "

She said, "We."

"Who else but you?"

Zhong Mingmei said viciously, "Anyway, you're about to be kicked out of the house by my brother, so I'm not afraid to tell you. Little Yun'jie and I both know what you did last night! If you want to leave my brother in a decent way, sign the divorce. "

Qiao Chu took a step back, unable to believe it: "Last night's matter was arranged by you?"

"Don't make it sound so bad, it was clearly you guys who were willing to do it, and my brother didn't object to it. What about that man, although he's a bit fatter and a bit uglier, he's still willing to touch you." Zhong Mingmei maliciously said: "If you think it's not bad, after you divorce my brother, I can give you a tug of war."

Qiao Chu trembled, his entire body shaking in anger!

Had she clearly woken up to a very young man?

Originally, they even wanted to use an ugly and fat old man to shame him?

Did Shaoming really know about this as well?

In an instant, countless hypotheses flashed through Qiao Chu's mind as waves of shock rolled through his heart!

When Zhong Mingmei saw her face go pale, she became even more proud and presumptuous, "Little Yun'jie and my brother's relationship was tacitly approved by my parents. Now that Little Yun'jie is pregnant with my brother's child, my parents will no longer make Little Yun'jie suffer any grievances. If you still want to make things difficult for little sister Yun, we will make your death difficult. "

This sister-in-law had always said "little sister Yun". How affectionate was she?

At this moment, Qiao Chu felt that it was ridiculous.

The entire Zhong Family didn't like her, so she was clear about this.

However, she had already been married to Shaoming for half a year and thought that she had done her part as a good daughter-in-law. She had never thought that they would treat her this way.

Even until this moment, Qiao Chu didn't want to believe that Zhong Shaoming would treat her like this. He also didn't want to say a single word to Zhong Mingmei. He pointed at the door and said, "You can leave. My home doesn't welcome you."

Zhong Mingmei mocked, "When Little Yun-jie comes back from the hospital, this place won't be your home anymore."

After throwing the door open and leaving, Qiao Chu immediately rushed over and locked the door. His body went limp and he leaned against the door.

As he tiredly recalled everything that had happened today, it was as terrifying as a nightmare.

Caught off guard!

The husband brought a woman with him. He simply said that she was pregnant and was going to divorce him?

Why did this happen?

Could it be that the love these days was all fake?

Qiao Chu was in a trance. He couldn't understand why her husband would suddenly do this to her.

Could it really be as Shaoming said this morning, that he married her just to pity her? The most terrifying thing was that Shaoming actually allowed another man to touch her!

No! All this must have been a nightmare.

More importantly, what did he do wrong? Why did his husband treat him like this? How did the entire Zhong family treat him like this?

He buried his face in his legs, his shoulders shaking as tears once again fell soundlessly.

After crying for an unknown amount of time, Qiao Chu suddenly received a notification from the hospital that her mother was critically ill and wanted her to rush over immediately.

Jocelyn's mother had cancer, mid-life, and had been in the hospital for a long time. It is said that chemotherapy can delay the spread of cancer cells.

After half a year of treatment, his mother's condition had basically stabilized. Yesterday the disease had worsened, so Qiao Chu stayed in the hospital for a day and a night. She didn't leave the hospital until the attending doctor told her that her condition had stabilized.

Why did he suddenly become ill?

Qiao Chu rushed to the hospital, only to find that the doctors and nurses were already busy. As soon as he saw her coming, he immediately told her that the cancer had seriously deteriorated and that she needed to be operated on immediately so that she could sign it.

Qiao Chu did not dare to delay and trusted the doctor, so he quickly signed.

After a long wait, dawn arrived.

The doctor came out, pleased to announce the success of the operation, and his mother's life was saved.

Qiao Chu's legs went soft, almost falling to the ground.

No one knew what she had experienced that day and night. Her husband was going to abandon her. If something happened to her mother again, she would have nothing.

When the doctor said he could go in to visit, Qiao Chu straightened his clothes and walked in with a smile.

She wanted her mother to see her happy.

Mama Qiao woke up and saw that Qiao Chu was sitting on the edge of the bed. She stretched out her bony hand with great difficulty and held her hand.

"Qiao Qiao, it's been hard on you." Mama Qiao's eyes were red, "Mama is useless, I implicated you to follow me and suffer. You have never had a father since you were young, and you have suffered so much after following me. Even now, you still have to come to the hospital every day.

"No." Qiao Chu immediately grabbed his mother's hand and pressed it to his cheek, "As long as mother is fine, what's wrong with your daughter? I know you are the one who is suffering the most. I beg you, you must hold on. I can't lose you. "

Mama Joe wept silently.

This kind of question was too hard to bear. Qiao Qiao's mother quickly changed the topic, "Fortunately you have Shaoming. Your mother looks at this child, not bad."

Qiao Chu's heart tightened, but he did not dare to say anything.

"If you can marry him, then Mom will be at ease for the rest of her life," she said.

Qiao Chu could not speak in pain and could only smile.

Qiao Qiao's mother suddenly looked fixedly at Qiao Chu and said, "Qiao Qiao, after experiencing this crisis, I feel that there is something that I must tell you. "Otherwise I might have brought the secret into the coffin forever with my feet extended."

Qiao Chu was a little angry and hurriedly said: "Mom, what nonsense are you spouting! The doctor said that as long as you actively cooperate with the treatment, you will definitely be able to live for another ten years or even longer. "

Qiao Qiao's mother laughed. "Qiao Qiao, first, listen to what I have to say."

Qiao Chu looked at his mother and quieted down.

"Actually, your father isn't dead. I've been lying to you before." His mother's eyes were distant, as if she were recalling something distant and sweet.

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