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C4 Secrets of Life

Qiao Chu was shocked but didn't say anything. She didn't want to interrupt her mother who had such a happy expression.

It turned out that when Mama Qiao was young, she fell in love with a young master from a wealthy family and even got pregnant with his child.

In the end, she was forced by that young master's elder to come to her doorstep and pay her to scram.

The result was simple. Mama Qiao had left the young master and secretly given birth to Qiao Chu.

A storm was brewing in Qiao Chu's heart, but his face was calm.

After the marriage, she felt that nothing in this world could ever happen.

"Qiao Qiao, would you hate your mother?" Mama Qiao looked at Qiao Chu and said guiltily, "I have never dared to tell you the truth because I am afraid that you will be hurt."

"Mom, these are all small matters." Qiao Chu grabbed his mother's hand and calmly said, "Your recovery is more important than anything else."

Mama Qiao stubbornly said, "You have grown up. There are some things you have to know that I don't want to hide from you anymore. Your father's name is Jing Yifeng and he's a very powerful person. He often appears in magazines and TV, so it's very easy for you to find him. He was very good to me back then.

"Mom!" Qiao Chu interrupted her, "No matter what reason you left him all those years ago, I was still a child that you brought up alone. I won't go and find him, and you don't need to bring up this matter again. "

Mama Qiao looked at her daughter's determined eyes and burst into tears.

"Mom, don't cry anymore." Qiao Chu gently hugged his mother's shoulder and whispered: "If that person lets you bear all these alone, then he is not fit to be my father. "Don't feel sad for him anymore, take good care of your illness. Qibao will miss you at home, you have to hurry up and take good care of your body and leave the hospital."

Qibao was a black-backed big dog. Back then, he was majestic and had protected the mother and daughter pair from being bullied by others. It was old now, and it still held its power.

Mama Qiao sobbed but insisted, "Yifeng is not a bad person. Qiao Qiao, you cannot blame him."

"Yo, what a deep love between mother and daughter."

Suddenly, a thin voice sounded. Qiao Chu raised his head and saw Ren Xiao Yun standing at the door, looking like he wanted to enter.

That bitch!

Took her man.

And it was even a good show to show off her fetal vitality.

But no matter what, his mother had just recovered from her severe illness. If Qiao Chu knew about Zhong Shaoming and him, he really wouldn't dare to think any further about it. When he saw Ren Xiaoyun, she immediately panicked.

Mama Qiao looked doubtfully at Ren Xiaoyun and asked Qiao Chu, "Who is this?"

"A friend of mine." After Qiao Chu quickly said that, he pulled Ren Xiaoru to the corner of the corridor.

"What do you want?" Qiao Chu grabbed Ren Xiao Yun's wrist tightly, his eyes glaring at her: "Didn't you use your womb's Qi? Why was it in my mother's room? "

"You're hurting me." Ren Xiaoyun charmingly said, "Let go."

He let her go, still staring at her.

Ren Xiaoyun rubbed her stomach, sighing softly, "Since you were a child, you definitely know that a child doesn't have the same feeling as a father. I came here to beg you, to let my child be born with a normal identity. "

Qiao Chu sneered: "Ren Xiao Yun, you stole my husband, destroyed my family, and left me with nothing. Did you think it was possible that you proposed this now?"

"If you won't agree, I'll have to weep in front of your dear mother. She seems like a kind woman, and if I cry a few more times, she'll feel sorry for me. " A look of disdain appeared on Ren Xiaoyun's face as he replied slowly, "Besides, if that sick mother of yours finds out about the good things you did that night, she'll definitely stand on my side."

Qiao Chu would never have thought that after Ren Xiaoru harmed her, she would still dare to use this matter to threaten her.

And to dare threaten her with her mother's illness, that was unforgivable!

In a fit of rage, regardless of whether she was still sick or not, Qiao Chu fiercely grabbed her shoulders and angrily said: "You dare!"

Ren Xiao Yun immediately changed his expression into a weak one and said in a low voice: "Sister Qiao Chu, don't be angry, I just want to see aunt. I apologize, it hurts to let go of me! If you continue to be like this, and cause me to get pregnant, Shao Ming will truly kill you. "

As he finished speaking, Ren Xiaoru's tears were about to burst out.

This slut really knew how to act.

Just as Qiao Chu was wondering, a wave of murderous intent came from behind him. A big hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her backwards.

Qiao Chu fell to the ground, and the other officials were almost pulled down by her.

Zhong Shaoming immediately embraced Ren Xiao Yun, and coldly said to Qiao Chu: "Qiao Chu! Don't go too far. Xiao Yun's body is just right, what do you want to do with her? You don't think I can have my own child? "


It was an act again!

Qiao Chu finally understood.

He understood that Ren Xiaoyun's earlier scene wasn't an act, but an act for Zhong Shaoming.

Why am I so stupid?

What was even more foolish was that her husband was played around by a little girl just like that. The unwilling Qiao Chu explained: "My mother is staying in this hospital, she was critically ill last night, I have been waiting here until dawn, allowing Xiao Yan to find me himself."

Zhong Shaoming's expression relaxed a little as he looked at Ren Xiaoyun inquiringly.

Ren Xiao Yun immediately explained, his expression innocent and aggrieved: "I just heard that Sister Qiao Chu's mother was sick and coincidentally lived here, so I came to visit her. I didn't expect Sister Qiao Chu to not welcome me. "

"Qiao Chu, did you hear that?" What else do you have to say? " Zhong Shaoming's gaze towards Qiao Chu turned colder.

Qiao Chu sneered.

Strangely, this time, she calmed down. Calmly, he didn't even want to explain.

Without waiting for Qiao Chu's response, Zhong Shaoming supported Ren Xiaoyun and quickly brought her back to the ward.

Qiao Chu sat blankly on the spot.

This Ren Xiaoyun was simply an expert at acting. He also had a child by his side. There was no way she could beat her.

After a long time, she slowly got up from the ground and returned to her mother's room.

His mother was very curious about that Ren Xiaoyun. After asking him again and again, Qiao Chu was almost unable to continue pretending.

Fortunately, a nurse came in and sent the medicine, so Mom stopped asking.

Qiao Chu spent most of his time with his mother in the hospital during her stay, but he occasionally needed to go home. So he hired a twenty-four-hour nurse.

Qiao Chu was once again staying in the hospital in the evening, when his mother urged him to go home to rest.

Sitting on a bench in the train station, Qiao Chu vaguely remembered the large amount of money Zhong Shaoming had spent on his mother over the past year.

He had once doted on her so much. How could she bring other women in as if nothing had happened after she had experienced such humiliation?

He thought of what Zhong Mingmei had said. Her unwavering heart began to waver. Could it be that Shaoming really knew the things that Ren Xiaoyun had done to her?

After returning home, Song Feifei's figure suddenly jumped out from behind a tree near the front door and grabbed Qiao Chu by the shoulder.

"Qiao Chu, what kind of good deed did you do?"

Joe wondered.

Song Feifei took out her phone and clicked on the link. There was a very eye-catching title on it: "Si Fanchuan's Underground Affection/Human Exposure". It was actually a married woman.

Qiao Chu was in no mood and immediately said: "I don't know this person, why are you showing me this?"

Song Feifei said resentfully, "Look below."

Qiao Chu pulled it down and saw that his picture was impressively floating on the screen.

In the photo, he was snuggled up to an unfamiliar man.

That handsome and extraordinary man was actually Si Yanchuan, who had a close relationship with him last night!

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