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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C4 Qiao Chu's Background
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C4 Qiao Chu's Background

Qiao Chu was very shocked in her heart, but she did not say anything. She did not want to interrupt her mother who had a happy expression on her face.

It turned out that Qiao's mother fell in love with a rich young master when she was young and even had his child.

In the end, the young master's elders chased after her and he gave Qiao's mother money to let her leave him.

The result of the matter was very simple. Qiao's mother left the young master and she secretly gave birth to Qiao Chu.

A storm raged in Qiao Chu's heart but her face was very calm.

After she experienced the marriage change, she felt that in this world, nothing could never happen.

"Will you hate me?" Qiao's mother looked at Qiao Chu and said guiltily, "I have never dared to tell you the truth. I am afraid that you will be sad."

"This is just a small matter." Qiao Chu grabbed her mother's hand and calmly said, "Your illness is cured and it is more important than anything else."

Qiao's mother stubbornly said, "You have already grown up and must know some things. I don't want to hide these things from you anymore. Your father is called Jing Yifeng. He was a very powerful person. He often appeared in magazines and on television. You can easily find him. He was very good to me back then. If he knew about your existence, he would definitely love you as much as I did."

"Mom!" Qiao Chu interrupted her and said, "No matter what reason you left him back then, I was still the child you raised. I won't look for him. Don't mention this matter again in the future. "

Qiao's mother looked at Qiao Chu's determined eyes and tears streamed down her face.

Mother, don't cry." Qiao Chu gently hugged Qiao's mother's shoulder and softly said, "Since he made you bear these things alone, then he is not worthy to be my father. Don't be sad for him anymore. Take good care of your illness. Qibao really misses you. You must quickly take good care of your body and leave the hospital."

The Qibao was a black dog. Back then, it was very mighty and had protected Qiao Chu and her mother from being bullied. Although it was already old now, it was still very mighty.

Qiao's mother sobbed silently but insisted, "Yifeng is not a bad person, you can't blame him."

"You two really have a deep relationship."

Suddenly, a soft voice sounded. Qiao Chu looked up and saw Ren Xiaoyun standing at the door. She looked like she wanted to come in.

She snatched Qiao Chu's man away.

Moreover, she pretended that Qiao Chu had hurt her fetus.

No matter what, Qiao's mother had just recovered from her serious illness. If she knew about Zhong Shaoming and Qiao Chu's matter, Qiao Chu did not dare to imagine what would happen next. She immediately panicked when she saw Ren Xiaoyun.

Qiao's mother looked at Ren Xiaoyun doubtfully and asked Qiao Chu, "Who is she?"

"A friend of mine." Qiao Chu quickly said and then pulled Ren Xiaoyun to the corridor outside the corner.

"What do you want to do?" Qiao Chu firmly grabbed one of Ren Xiaoyun's wrists and stared at her with a sharp gaze, "Didn't I hurt your fetus? Why did you appear in my mother's ward?"

"You hurt me." Ren Xiaoyun said sweetly, "Let go."

Qiao Chu let go of her but she still stared at her.

Ren Xiaoyun touched her stomach and sighed. "You have been an illegitimate daughter since you were young. You definitely know how it feels like to have a child without a father. I came here to beg you to let my child have a normal identity."

Qiao Chu sneered, "You took away my husband. You destroyed my family. You made me lose everything. Do you think it is possible for you to say such words now?"

"If you don't agree to it, I can only go to your mother and cry. She looked like a kind woman. As long as I cry a few more times, she'll definitely sympathize with me." Ren Xiaoyun's face revealed a look of disdain. She continued, "Besides, if what you did that night was known by your mother, she will definitely stand on my side."

Qiao Chu never thought that Ren Xiaoyun would dare to use this matter to threaten her after harming her.

Moreover, she dared to use Qiao's mother's illness to threaten Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu forcefully grabbed her shoulder and angrily said, "You dare!"

Ren Xiaoyun immediately changed her weak expression and softly said, "Don't be angry. I just want to see Auntie. I apologize to you. Let go of me. It hurts. If you do this again and hurt my fetus, Shaoming will really kill you."

After saying that, Ren Xiaoyun even shed tears.

She really knew how to act.

Qiao Chu was just feeling baffled when a wave of killing intent came from behind her. A large hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

Qiao Chu fell onto the ground and even Ren Xiaoyun was almost pulled down by her.

Zhong Shaoming immediately hugged Ren Xiaoyun and coldly said to Qiao Chu, "Don't go too far. Xiaoyun's body is just right. What do you want to do to her again? Do you really not want me to have a child?"

She was acting again.

Qiao Chu finally understood.

She understood that Ren Xiaoyun's earlier scene was not an act. She was pretending for Zhong Shaoming to see.

Why was she so stupid?

What was even more stupid was Zhong Shaoming. He was actually being played around by a little girl just like that. Qiao Chu explained, "My mother lives in this hospital. She was critically ill last night and I stayed here until dawn. It was Ren Xiaoyun who came to find me."

Zhong Shaoming's expression relaxed slightly and he looked at Ren Xiaoyun with an inquiring gaze.

Ren Xiaoyun immediately explained and her expression was innocent and aggrieved, "I heard that Ms Qiao's mother was sick and I happened to live here too. So I came to see her. I didn't expect Ms Qiao to not welcome me."

" Did you hear that? What else do you have to say?" Zhong Shaoming looked at Qiao Chu coldly again.

Qiao Chu sneered.

This time, she actually calmed down. She didn't even want to explain.

Zhong Shaoming did not wait for Qiao Chu to respond and supported Ren Xiaoyun and quickly brought her back to the ward.

Qiao Chu was stunned on the spot.

Ren Xiaoyun was very good at acting. She still had a child and Qiao Chu could not beat her at all.

After a long time, she slowly stood up from the ground and returned to Qiao's mother's ward.

Qiao's mother was very curious about Ren Xiaoyun. She asked again and again and Qiao Chu was almost unable to pretend anymore.

Luckily at this time, the nurse came in to apply medication and Qiao's mother stopped questioning.

During the time Qiao's mother was hospitalized, Qiao Chu spent most of her time in the hospital accompanying her but she also needed to go home occasionally. So she hired a 24-hour nurse.

Under Qiao's mother's urging, Qiao Chu stayed in the hospital until the evening and finally went home to rest.

Qiao Chu sat on the long bench at the station. She vaguely remembered that she had known Zhong Shaoming for more than a year, and he had spent a lot of money on her mother.

He had once doted on her so much. How could he still bring other women in as if nothing had happened after she had experienced that kind of humiliation?

She remembered Zhong Mingmei's words again. Her originally firm and unsuspecting heart began to waver. Could it be that Shaoming really knew what Ren Xiaoyun did to her?

When Qiao Chu returned home, Soong Feifei suddenly ran out from behind the tree and grabbed Qiao Chu's shoulder.

"What exactly did you do?"

Qiao Chu was baffled.

Soong Feifei took out her phone and opened the link. There was an eye-catching title on it. Si Yichuan's secret lover was exposed. She was actually a married woman.

Qiao Chu was not in the mood and immediately said, "I don't know this person. Why are you showing me this?"

Soong Feifei said with disappointment, "Look below."

Qiao Chu pulled down and saw that her photo unexpectedly appeared on the screen.

In the picture, she snuggled up to a man she was not familiar with.

That handsome and extraordinary man was actually the Si Yichuan who had an intimate relationship with her last night.

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