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C5 Third Party

It was explained below that since the death of his wife, Bai Lan, Bai Mei, his younger sister had been trying to take the place of his wife.

Each time in public, the white rose hinted, whether consciously or not, that he would soon marry her.

And Si Yanchuan himself never denied these hints. Everyone had already accepted Bai Mei as the future mistress of the Si Family. Now that news had spread out that Si Yanchuan had a woman, especially since she was a married woman, it was really eye-piercing.

One by one, the entertainment reporters began to criticize this married woman for her perverted character. Even after having a husband, she still chose to be the third party … If such a thing was to be done in ancient times, one would definitely have to immerse themselves in the basking of pig cages.

"Si's wife has been dead for nearly ten years," said Song. You don't know. Almost all the newspapers, programs, and networks were full of his news. That degree of sensation is even more exaggerated than the presidential election. Now that you are infected with this man, you can forget about living a peaceful life in the future. "

Qiao Chu felt as if his phone had burned his hand and immediately threw the phone back to Song Fei Fei.

She forced herself to remain calm and said, "This photo looks like it belongs to P. I don't know this man at all. Where did this' third party 'come from?"

What she said was the truth. After that incident, she never had any contact with that man. The intimate behavior in the photos was definitely synthetic.

Song Feifei slapped her forehead and said with a headache, "I also believe that this photo is P, but does the audience believe it? Does your husband believe it? Do your in-laws believe you? "

Speaking of her husband, Qiao Chu's expression darkened. He desperately said, "Shao Ming, yesterday he asked me for a divorce."

"What?!" The hot-tempered Song Fei immediately exploded: "What's going on? Your affair with Si Yanchuan was only revealed this morning. Why did you ask for a divorce yesterday? "Could it be …"

She looked at Qiao Chu doubtfully, "Did you really give your Zhong Shaoming a green hat?"

"It's already so late, are you kidding me!?" Qiao Chu thought of that nightmarish scene and felt a little guilty. He stomped his feet in hatred. "I'm about to go crazy from anxiousness, how can you still be like this!"

Ning Feifei immediately said, "Okay, let's not talk about this, let's talk about your Zhong Shaoming, what happened to him? With such a good wife, why would you ask for a divorce? "

Qiao Chu became even more desperate. "Shao Ming has a mistress outside."

He then briefly recounted what had happened the day before yesterday.

After hearing what Qiao Chu had to say, Song Fei Fei's face turned green with anger. She lifted her shoes and was about to rush to the hospital to find Zhong Shaoming to argue, but was stopped by Qiao Chu.

"I've never heard of this Ren Xiaoyun before," said Qiao Chu. "I don't know when she started pestering Shaoming. "You know a lot of people, help me find out what background this woman has."

Song Feifei agreed immediately: "Alright, it's all on me now."

At that moment, a group of well-dressed women suddenly rushed towards them.

The woman in the lead had wavy golden hair and looked dignified and elegant. However, his face was full of anger as he pointed at Qiao Chu from afar and cursed: "It's this bitch. She has a husband and she still dares to seduce my brother-in-law." "Sisters, tear her apart!"

Song Fei saw that the situation was getting worse and pulled Qiao Chu away, but they still surrounded her.

Qiao Chu and Song Feifei were outnumbered, their hair was quickly pulled, and their clothes were all messed up.

When women fight, all they do is pull hair, pull clothes, scratch with their nails …

The afterglow of the setting sun caused the figures of these women to lengthen, making them seem like demons dancing wildly.

The surrounding crowd was enjoying the scene. They even took out their phones to take pictures.

In the end, an old man couldn't stand it and called the police.

After the group of women left, Qiao Chu looked at Song Fei Fei who was in a sorry state and said guiltily: "I'm sorry, I have implicated you."

"What are you saying?" Song Feifei held her hand tightly and said indignantly: "Chuchu, don't be afraid. I know that woman. She was Si Yanchuan's sister-in-law, Bai Mei. Si Yanchuan had never promised that she would be his future mistress. Yet, she thought that she was the real wife? See if I write her to death tomorrow! Just you wait, I will avenge you! "

Song Feifei was a newspaper reporter, which was why she was so sensitive to some entertainment events.

Qiao Chu's heart was aching.

Who would have thought that there would be so many bad things happening one after another? Why did it feel like there was an endless flow of trouble?

Song Feifei did as he said and sarcastically mocked Bai Mei with a vicious pen. However, she received an even more serious counterattack. She said that the reason why she joined Qiao Chu was to help Qiao Chu marry into the Wealthy Class so that she could get a share of the profits.

This kind of counterattack was too terrifying. Due to Qiao Chu's awkward position, the netizens naturally fell to the ground, denouncing the Qiao brothers.

She almost lost her job.

These things were spread all over the internet, and Zhong Shaoming knew about it too. He felt that the Zhong Family had lost all face.

Zhong Shaoming warned Qiao Chu on the phone, "Since you haven't formally divorced me, you're still a member of my Zhong Family. Please check!"

Jocelyn was hurt and not comforted by a word from her husband. Instead, he reprimanded her harshly. When she put down the phone, she thought it was the end of the world.

However, the real darkness had just begun …

Qiao Chu was originally the victim, but his reputation was tarnished by the alliance of White Rose and the other rich ladies.

Moreover, he would pour red ink in front of her house every day. Big red letters were written all over the place.

"Scoundrel" "Bitch" "Die"...

It was shocking!

After washing himself today, there was still tomorrow. It made people feel that there was no light in this world and that it was filthy.

One by one, the calamities came crashing down on Qiao Chu. He was on the verge of collapsing.

Now, even on the street, Qiao Chu had to disguise himself. Otherwise, if she was recognized by others, she would be humiliated or even physically attacked in the name of the God of Justice.

Qiao Chu's originally peaceful and comfortable life had been shattered into pieces. She had lost all confidence in the world.

Zhong Shaoming had finally reached the limit of his patience with Qiao Chu. In the end, he ordered someone to pack up Qiao Chu's journey and throw him on the road outside, forbidding her from entering his house. And he made her wait for a court summons. Not only did she have to divorce him, but she couldn't get a share of the property.

Disheartened, Qiao Chu silently moved back to the courtyard where she used to live.

It was the only place her mother had left her.

These days, Qiao Chu didn't dare go to the hospital. He was afraid that those rich princes would cause trouble. The doctor said her mother's condition was stable but must not be stimulated, or the consequences would be serious.

But it had been too long since he had looked at his mother, and he was afraid that she might be suspicious. If she asked for the truth, wouldn't the result be even worse?

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