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C7 Father

After Qiao Chu came out of the Si family castle, Si Yichuan sent someone to escort her to the hospital. After she finished visiting the patient, he escorted her home.

That night, Qiao Chu tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

The next day, before she woke up, she was woken up by a knock on the door.

She went to open the door with a relaxed look in her eyes, and a group of people suddenly rushed into the courtyard.

Qiao Chu quickly thought, could it be that this person was sent by Mr. Si again?

However, the middle-aged man in the lead said, "Miss Qiao, Mr. Jing asked me to invite you home."

Qiao Chu was very surprised. Could the Mr. Jing that the middle-aged man mentioned be her biological father, Jing Yifeng?

She thought for a while, changed into a set of appropriate clothes, and followed him into the car.

On the way, Butler Ding briefly explained to her that Old Master Jing had discovered her existence and wanted to confirm it.

If he confirmed that it was his bloodline, he would make her acknowledge her ancestors.

Qiao Chu was instantly very angry!

He knew of her existence but did not personally come to confirm it. Instead, he asked someone beside him to come and pick her up?

If possible, she would rather jump out of the car right now and never meet her heartless father!

However, Butler Ding said, "Miss Qiao is a smart person. If you can resolve this matter privately, you better not let the elders in your family know."

Qiao Chu was shocked. Butler Ding knew her family too well. He even knew to use her mother to threaten her.

It seemed that Old Master Jing had put in a lot of effort to investigate her before sending someone to pick her up.

The corner of Qiao Chu's mouth became tighter and tighter. She was a little angry.

The car drove forward and drove a section of the mountain road. After turning a corner, it drove towards the street full of parasol trees.

It was very quiet here, far away from all the noise in the city center.

Slowly, a vermillion ancient iron gate appeared in front of them.

Jingfo City, Jingshi Manor.

This was a unique and grand building.

Qiao Chu got out of the car and followed Butler Ding through the sea of flowers, passed through the exquisite and elegant garden, walked past the antique snow corridor, and walked towards the main hall.

Along the way, she was shocked by the vastness of the manor, but her face was calm and calm.

If someone looked closely, they would notice the anger in her eyes.

When they reached the main hall, Butler Ding asked her to wait outside the hall door. He went in first and respectfully reported to the person inside before leaving.

In the main seat of the hall sat the head master, Jing Yifeng. He was around forty years old and had a dignified expression on his face. And beside him sat a young man.

Jing Yifeng's face was polite and faintly respectful, which meant that the young man should be an important guest.

That honored guest looked very refined, and seemed to be in his early twenties. However, there was a hidden fierceness in his aura, and no one dared to look at him directly.

His figure was lean and slender, and he wore a customized tailored suit. Even if he just sat there, it could be seen that he was over 1.8 meters tall.

His black hair was a little long, and it had not been meticulously combed, but it was not messy at all. As he lowered his head to pick up the teacup, the tiny bangs slid down to cover his eyes.

His nose bridge was high. His lips looked cold and thin, and his chin was sharp and sexy, making him look unreasonable.

Qiao Chu heard the man's gentle and deep voice at the door saying, "Sorry. I didn't know you had another guest today."

Jing Yifeng quickly said politely, "Duan, I am really flattered that you suddenly came. I am afraid I have neglected you."

Qiao Chu felt a little ironic when she heard these hypocritical words. She looked at this man from afar. She could not deny that he was really good looking.

Qiao Chu lifted her foot and was just about to step into the threshold.

Jing Yifeng, who was sitting in the main hall and serving tea, said sternly, "Come in after you change your shoes."

As soon as his voice faded, a servant respectfully brought the shoes up.

He meant that she felt that her feet were dirty?

Qiao Chu sneered and her eyes were filled with impatience. But when she thought of his identity, she still obediently took off her shoes.

She refused to wear the spare shoes that the maid handed over and stepped in barefooted.

Jing Yifeng originally only faced seventh young master Duan and casually used the cup cover to brush the tea leaves. When the corners of his eyes swept over Qiao Chu's figure, he felt his eyelids twitch.

Qiao Chu only wore a very ordinary white one-piece dress, and her feet were bare. She slowly walked towards him. But suddenly, he saw Qiao Qingran's figure on her body.

She looked 70% like her mother, Qiao Qingran.

They also had the same immortal aura.

Qiao Chu stood in front of Jing Yifeng. There was no expression on her delicate face, but her hands were tightly holding onto a small bag. She used so much force that even her knuckles turned white.

Jing Yifeng noticed her small movements and thought that she was nervous.

After all, she was a daughter who had never seen the world.

"You are Qiao Chu?" Jing Yifeng said in a high and mighty tone, "If you want to enter the Jing family to enter the family tree, you have to change your surname first. And this cheap set of clothes will never appear on you again. "

Cheap clothes?

Qiao Chu couldn't help but get angry. She raised her eyelids and looked at Jing Yifeng.

She heard from her mother that Jing Yifeng was her biological father. She had instinctively paid attention to him.

But she had never thought of recognizing him as a relative. But why did he suddenly recognize her today?

Qiao Chu had experienced too much these days. Her cold and indifferent voice sounded, "Mr. Jing, let me make it clear. I have not planned to recognize you as my father. Should I change my surname? I am the one who has the final say. "

seventh young master Duan's hand that was brushing the tea leaves paused for a moment. He let out a strange and mocking laugh, but it soon faded away.

Jing Yifeng's expression changed drastically, and he became extremely furious.

In the past few decades, no one had ever dared to contradict him in front of his face.

Besides, there was still a distinguished guest here today.

Jing Yifeng was just about to scold her when Qiao Chu's phone suddenly rang.

Qiao Chu could not be bothered with the formalities and took out her phone to answer.

Soong Feifei said on the other end of the phone, "I heard that Ren Xiaoyun, who seduced your husband, was a second generation like your husband. She had long subdued your husband's family and your little aunt even became best friends with her. They go shopping and buy things every day. Ren Xiaoyun didn't even blink when she swiped her card. "

Qiao Chu's eyes were cold, "How do you know that she did not even blink?"

" This is an exaggerated statement. " Soong Feifei softly said, "She is currently heading towards the place where you live and is showing off her power."

"I will go back now."

Qiao Chu hung up the phone, raised her head, and looked at Jing Yifeng with fearless eyes.

She was brought here by force.

The things she had encountered during this period of time had already made her nervous and almost collapsed. Today, she was even surrounded by a group of people in black suits and brought here without saying a word.

Thinking about this, Qiao Chu looked at Jing Yifeng and said very lightly, "Sorry, if you want to acknowledge me as your relative, please choose a good day and have a better attitude. Today, I will not accompany you. "

After saying that, Qiao Chu turned her head and was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something. She coldly turned her head and said, "Your place is too remote. Find someone to send me back."

Jing Yifeng's face was ashen as he smashed the teacup onto the ground.

Hot tea splashed in all directions.

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