Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C8 Repeated Provocation
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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C8 Repeated Provocation
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C8 Repeated Provocation

Jing Yifeng said from behind, "Qiao Chu, you have to understand, after you leave this gate, you will never be able to enter again in your entire life."

Qiao Chu's footsteps did not stop as he walked out.

Her steps grew firmer.

His back was straight and straight, his back slim and elegant.

Step by step, it was as if beautiful flowers were blossoming beneath her feet.

Jing Yifeng's mouth twitched as she remembered that there were still guests in the hall. She immediately said, "Seventh Young Master is sorry, I was really rude today."

"Yes." He didn't know if he was angry, but as he looked at Qiao Chu's disappearing back, he thought to himself with a sense of novelty, 'He seems to be an interesting girl.'

Jing Yifeng finally got someone to drive Qiao Chu home.

The expensive car stopped outside the shabby rental area. Qiao Chu politely thanked the driver and got off.

A young woman dressed seductively was waiting outside her room.

Ren Xiaoyun!

Wasn't she in the hospital with a heart attack and fetal vital energy? How dare he come here alone? Shameless bitch.

This was a place where the poor gathered. This woman was dressed in gorgeous clothes and had attracted the attention of many people.

Qiao Chu walked over.

Ren Xiao Yun called out to her, "Sister Qiao Chu."

Qiao Chu did not even look at her and took out the key to open the door.

It was a single-storey house with a courtyard style. Although it was a bit dilapidated, it was still spacious.

This was the place where she and her mother had grown up together.

Qiao Chu ignored the woman and walked straight into the yard. A large black-backed dog immediately ran towards her, wagging its tail affectionately.

The woman followed him in and called out to her, "Qiao Chu, I'm very sorry about Shaoming …"

Although she said that she was sorry, her eyes were filled with pride and malice. "I hope that I can make it up to you and hope that you can grow up to be beautiful."

A wad of 20,000 yuan was drawn.

The beauty of adulthood?

She, Qiao Chu, would become their beauty today. Who the fuck would become her beauty in the future?

Qiao Chu swept an indifferent glance. "I'm afraid Zhong Shaoming's worth is more than this, right?"

Ren Xiaoyun's expression stiffened and quickly said, "Since you know of Shaoming's noble status, you should also know that not every cat and dog can follow by his side."

"Ren Xiaoru, are you shameless?"

Fei Fei suddenly rushed in, put her hands on her hips and cursed: "You stole my husband, yet you still want to come here and show off? Twenty thousand dollars? Where are you sending the beggars? "Who doesn't know that the Zhong Family has supported half of the entertainment industry in this capital city? Chuchu is the official wife. You're just a junior, how could you have the face to come here and cause trouble?"

"Who is the real Xiao San?" Ren Xiaoyun's eyelids twitched and he said impolitely, "As expected, similar objects gather together. "Look at all the good Qiao Chu has done. His character is low and her friends are all the same."

"Who are you talking about? "Watch me rip your stinky mouth apart!" Fei Fei reached out to pull on Xiao Yun's hair, but she easily avoided it.

"What kind of man is Shaoming? You live in a place where people live in high places? " Ren Xiaoyun said contemptuously, "But what kind of person are you, Qiao Chu? As long as you lose someone like Youngflame Zhan, you'll only be able to live in this sort of crappy house. There's no difference between being a beggar and being a beggar, so what right do you have to marry him? This twenty thousand dollars is enough for you to spend sparingly for a while. With your despicable appearance, how much do you want to split up the money? I'm only giving you money because I pity you. You suddenly fell from heaven into hell, and I'm afraid you won't even be able to eat in the future. "

As he spoke, he threw the money towards Qiao Chu's face. His face was filled with disdain. "A dragon and phoenix among people like Shaoming. Being with a poor woman like you, it's simply lowering their status."

The yuan hit Qiao Chu's face and caused a slight pain.

However, Qiao Chu could no longer feel it. This Xiao San, this slut, this was her true self. She coldly looked at the money as it scattered on the ground.

"You bitch!" Fei Fei had a fiery personality, she naturally couldn't allow other people to destroy her good friend. She rushed over to teach Ren Xiaoyun a lesson.

However, Ren Xiaoyun seemed to have some skill, Fei Fei couldn't even touch the corner of her clothes.

Qiao Chu who had been silent for a long time suddenly spoke up. "Fei Fei, close the door."

"What?" Fei Fei was stunned, but she still obediently went to lock the door.

Ren Xiaoyun's expression changed slightly, "What are you trying to do? Do you want to hit me? Let me tell you, I'm pregnant with a child of the Shaoming. His entire family will treat me like a treasure. You dare to touch me? "

Qiao Chu couldn't be bothered with her. He gently hugged the big black dog's head and suddenly shouted, "Seventh Treasure, bite her!"

But thinking that she was carrying Shaoming's child, in the end, she still added in a low voice, "It's enough to scare her, don't really bite it."

Upon receiving the Seven Treasures Order, he immediately rushed towards Ren Xiaoyun.

The big black dog was 1.2 meters tall, and it was awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring. It scared Ren Xiaoyu so much that his beautiful face paled and he turned to run.

But the door was locked and she couldn't get out. She kept banging on the door, screaming for help.

Seventh Treasure chased after her while biting the corner of her skirt. He scared her so much that she scurried around the courtyard without any trace of reservation or image.

Fifi, who was watching from the side, gave him a thumbs-up.

Suddenly, the tightly shut door was kicked open. Zhong Shaoming appeared on the scene with a look of anger on his face.

Qiao Chu looked at him, a look of surprise on his face, followed by grief that filled the sky.

She had loved this man for four whole years.

But the woman had suddenly broken into their world and was pregnant with his child.

The beautiful world had changed.

Was it only his fault?

"Young Master." Ren Xiaoru was scared out of her wits by the black dog, her hair was in disarray and her skirt was torn in several places.

She was crying so hard.

"It scared me to death." Ren Xiaoyun said in tears, "Will our child be able to hold on?"

She was so pitiful that any man who saw her would feel heartache and pity her.

But Song Feifei was unhappy and said loudly: "What are you pretending to be? With such a flat stomach, who knows what the hell is inside. "


A clear voice rang out, and Qiao Chu felt a burning pain on his face. She looked at Zhong Shaoming in disbelief, "You hit me?"

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