Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C9 On the State of Acting and Acting
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Young Master, Pamper Me Gently/C9 On the State of Acting and Acting
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C9 On the State of Acting and Acting

"Qiao Chu, you disappoint me!"

Zhong Shaoming paused for a moment, then said with a look of disgust: "You clearly know that Little Yun is pregnant with my child and that she has a bad heart. How can you let a vicious dog bite her? It's a crime, you know? And now, you even encourage your so-called good friends to use such malicious words to hurt Xiao Yun. "

"I didn't." Qiao Chu immediately said, "I only wanted Seventh Treasure to scare her. I didn't really want to bite her."

Song Feifei also said, "That's right, look at Ren Xiaoyi's body, which part of his body got bitten? No matter what, you wouldn't dare to hit someone, right? Why don't you see who you're hitting? "

"I heard it from far outside. Let that animal bite her." Zhong Shaoming said with a cold face, "Qiao Chu, I used to think you were poor, but your heart was kind. I didn't expect you to be such a vicious woman! "You are too scary!"

Ren Xiao Yun leaned on Zhong Shaoming's body, his shoulders shaking as he said, "Shao Ming, don't blame Sister Chuchu anymore. "In the end, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have destroyed you guys …"

As he spoke, his eyes were still glistening with tears, causing Zhong Shaoming to feel even more pity. He coaxed in a low voice, "Good girl, this isn't your fault. I already told you not to apologize. Her and I will settle the matter in court. You are too kind and innocent. "

Ren Xiaoyun raised his watery eyes and muttered, "But … After all, I'm third …"

Zhong Shaoming covered her lips with his hand and said gently, "There's no need to say anything. I understand your intentions. After the divorce, I will give you some points. Don't worry, I only want you. From now on, no one will dare to say anything about you being wrong. "

Qiao Chu listened on the side and his whole body shook. He clenched his fists and pinched his nails into his palms. The pain was extreme, but it was not even a thousandth of what he felt in his heart.

She suddenly felt that this Zhong Shaoming was very unfamiliar, causing her to feel a chill in her heart.

Song Feifei could not help but curse loudly, "Zhong Shaoming, did you lose your mind? When Little Yun was throwing money at Chuchu …"

Zhong Shaoming turned around and glared at Song Fei Fei. A trace of disgust rose in his eyes, causing Fei Fei to immediately shiver.

Song Feifei was a big shot in front of the boss at the newspaper office, and could be considered a strong woman with a small career. But when she saw the chill in Zhong Shaoming's eyes, she couldn't help but feel fear from the bottom of her heart.

The Zhong Shaoming in his memory had always doted on Qiao Chu. Although he was not a very easy-going person, at the very least, he was a refined and refined young master. How did he become so terrifying after just finding a mistress?

For the sake of Xiao San acting as though he was wronged, he was so nervous that he was about to eat someone.

He had lost his IQ to a pig!

"Shao Ming, don't be like this." Ren Xiao Yun tugged on his sleeve and said grievingly: "No matter what, I was the one who let Sister Qiao Chu down. "Since she doesn't welcome me, I might as well go."

Qiao Chu's heart was already numb with pain as he coldly watched Little San'er put on an act.

However, most men enjoy the feminine act of being weak.

Hearing Ren Xiaoyun's words, Zhong Shaoming felt even more pity for her. He said to her, "I'll send you back."

After saying that, he wrapped his arms around her waist and carefully walked out of Qiao Chu's courtyard. His posture made it seem as if little Yun was about to be born.

After walking far away, he could still hear the gentle voice of a man, "Remember, don't be so foolish in the future. Don't come to this place alone. I'm afraid she hurt you. "

"Shao Ming, you treat me so well."

As the sound got farther and farther away, Song Feifei stared dumbfoundedly. After a while, she said in disbelief, "Chuchu, is this still the husband who doted on you? From a glance, it was clear that that Ren Xiaoyun was from the acting school. Was Zhong Shaoming blind? Why can't I see her malicious expression at all? "

"Fei Fei, don't say anything."

Qiao Chu held the Seven Treasures' head, pressing his forehead against it, tears falling down one by one.

No matter how vicious she used her words to insult the third person, it wouldn't let her heart feel the least bit better. Shao Ming had already changed. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't save his heart.

She could not express her despair with any words other than tears.

Seventh Treasure was lying quietly on his stomach. He seemed to be able to feel his master's sadness. He would shake his tail from time to time as if he was comforting her.

Seeing her expression, Song Feifei quickly asked, "Chuchu, you can't possibly be thinking of letting that adulterous couple go just like that, right?"

When Seventh Treasure heard the word "dog," he barked a few times to express his dissatisfaction.

"It's none of your business, don't mess with it!" Song Fei Fei glared at Seventh Treasure in disdain, then gritted her teeth and said to Qiao Chu: "This Ren Xiao Yun is simply a witch's possession. I wish I could tear her face apart! Let me tell you this, you absolutely cannot be soft-hearted, and even more so, do not give in so easily.

Qiao Chu raised his head to look at Song Fei Fei, his face full of tears. She was too sad. The series of "horrifying events" that had occurred in the past few days, as well as Zhong Shaoming's increasingly obvious disgust, had already worn down her stubborn pride bit by bit.

He said weakly, "Fei Fei Fei, why don't I agree to a divorce. If this really goes to court, I won't get any good out of it. "

"No way!" Song Feifei immediately objected, "How can you let those two villains off so easily! I don't agree. "

"You don't understand." Qiao Chu lowered his eyes and looked at the ground, "I also did something that let Zhong Shaoming down. I'm also in the wrong. "

"What?" Song Feifei was shocked, "What did you do that could harm the heavens? You actually still think that you've let Zhong Shaoming down at a time like this? "

Qiao Chu summoned up his courage and told him about what had happened between him and Si Yanchuan. As he finished speaking, his face was red with shame and anger.

When Song Feifei heard this, she opened her mouth wide for a long time before regaining her senses, "So, you really have an unclear relationship with that Young Master Si? When the news came out that day, why didn't you admit it? "

Qiao Chu stomped his feet in anxiety, "I don't even know what happened! I was a victim too. None of the photos posted on the internet are real. How can I admit that? "

She thought for a moment, then told Song Fei everything that Zhong Mingmei had admitted to framing her.

Qiao Chu was an illegitimate daughter. Since he was young, he had been a little aloof and had almost no friends. Song Feifei was the only person who was willing to be close to her. She believed that she shouldn't hide anything from her good friends. Moreover, if she told him about it, perhaps Fei Fei would be able to think of a way for her.

Song Feifei listened attentively, and finally concluded, "So, Zhong Mingmei and Ren Xiaoyun, these two evil women, originally wanted to give you to an ugly and fat man. Yet somehow, by some strange coincidence, you entered Si Yanchuan's room? "

Qiao Chu nodded embarrassedly.

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