His Pampered Darling/C1 We Met the Same Guy
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His Pampered Darling/C1 We Met the Same Guy
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C1 We Met the Same Guy

In August it was cold, hot, and rainy, and there was a tinge of sadness in the wind.

A white Lamborghini was parked in front of a villa filled with flowers in the outskirts of the city. The surrounding people who were looking at the sea of flowers were filled with envy.

"Miss Muh, please get off the car."

Muh Qing was wearing a white dress. She frowned and got out of the car. The misty sky in front of her revealed her feelings. Instead of saying that she came here in a luxury car, it would be more accurate to say that she was kidnapped by her foster father, Muh Zetian.

"Sister Muh Qing, come over and take a seat." Shi Xue said in the house. But Muh Qing only sat by the window and looked at the people in the house expressionlessly.

"Qing, how did you think about the matter that father discussed with you?" Muh Zetian quietly approached Muh Qing and whispered.

"I didn't think about it." Muh Qing said it without thinking.

Hui Jimei's stepmother's face immediately turned black when she heard that, "You brat, don't be ungrateful. If you don't hand over the shares, you just wait for the family to go bankrupt!"

"You all failed to invest yourself. Why do you want me to hand over the shares to fill the hole?" Muh Qing's swollen eyes were powerless to open and she gradually closed her eyes to think.

"Qing, only your shares can save the Muh's Group. You don't want your mother's hard-working company to be destroyed."

Muh Qing gradually opened her eyes. Her adoptive father, who was usually very strict, now had a begging look on his face. He was extremely disgusted by her. She took out a contract from her bag and threw it in front of Muh Zetian. The contract had already been signed.

"There is no need for you to be hypocritical. I will give you the shares and manage the company well." She knew very well that even if she didn't sign Muh Zetian and Hui Jimei would threaten her with her mother's company property rights.

"Sister!" Shi Xue grabbed Muh Qing's hand.

Muh Qing looked back at Shi Xue and sneered. The person in front of her was really disgusting. She shook off her arm and left decisively.

The night of August was thick. Qi Lian's bar was brightly lit and the bar was full of money and money. The bar was filled with music and dancing. People were immersed in the moving music and could not extricate themselves from it.

In the corner of the bar on the first floor, Muh Qing, who was drunk, shook the glass in her hand. She glanced at the two so-called handsome men beside her. She had to say, These two people's looks were far from Gu Ming's previous boyfriend. She complained to Loo Xiaodi who was at the side unhappily, "Xiao... Burp! Xiaodi, It's not that I'm talking about you. I said it was to 'celebrate' that I got off my bed. But such a big bar, look at these... this... your taste."

"Hey, what do you mean?! Aren't we handsome! " Being insulted like this and accompanying them at the side, the two handsome men who were drinking were really unable to bear it.

Loo Xiaodi curled her lips helplessly. Lovers were the biggest, so she could not say anything.

Muh Qing's pair of blurry eyes wandered around. He could not accept all the facts and raised his cup to sing loudly. " What do you want me to do... I can't forget. Happy break up. I wish you happiness! "She stubbornly raised her head and kept sniffling her nose to stop her tears from flowing out.

This world is too unfair to me, too unfair... "

Loo Xiaodi patted her back and let her cry wet her dress. Not only did Muh Qing hand over the money left by her mother who passed away not long ago, her boyfriend was also entangled with her younger sister. The current her was almost on the verge of collapse.

She shook her head and shouted that she was fine. She got up and walked unsteadily to the toilet door.

She saw a man in a black suit walking out slowly. His body exuded an inviolable domineering aura, but the lines of his thin face were extremely gentle. His eyes were red and he seemed to have something on his mind. His appearance immediately attracted the attention of all the female customers in the shop.

Not only that, but even the assistant who followed closely behind him was dull and lightless under his powerful aura.

Muh Qing supported herself against the wall and stumbled all the way and accidentally bumped into this man. He touched the man's chest and squinted his eyes as he patted the man. "Are you blind? A good dog doesn't block the way..."

The man lowered his head. His eyes emitted a cold and charming lustre but he also reeked of alcohol. "Little girl, say it again?"

"Wu... a good dog doesn't block the way..."

When the man's assistant saw this, his brows almost stood up. Just as he was about to wave his hand, the man quietly extended his hand to indicate that they were not allowed to act rashly. Only then did the assistant slowly step back.

He looked at Muh Qing. Her fair face did not have any makeup, but she was also outstanding and moving.

"Big brother, make way. I'm not in a good mood right now. Be careful, I'll beat you up!" Muh Qing burped and said to the man.

The man hugged Muh Qing's slim waist and whispered into his ear, "You, this guy, do you need to be punished?"

Heh, a lesson. In an instant, Muh Qing replied in her mind.

"Little guy, watch how I deal with you."

"Don't. What if that woman Muh Qing comes back and sees you?"

"No, she has already gone on a business trip."

After listening to Loo Xiaodi, she looked at the surveillance camera and felt as if her heart was being torn apart. She watched the scene of her boyfriend Gu Ming and her half-sister Shi Xue being separated from each other as if they had been separated for a long time.

Today, she and Gu Ming finally broke up. She and Gu Ming had been together for a year. Let alone any excessive actions, she had not even signed a contract once.

"Qing! Qing!" Loo Xiaodi shouted at her but was pulled out of the hotel by the two handsome men she called over.

Seeing Muh Qing deep in thought, he frowned," What a coincidence. My mood is also not very good."

"Since you're a fellow Daoist, why don't you drink with me and I'll give you a tip? How about it?"

The man closed his eyes and waved his hand. Loong Hua, his assistant, walked into the room with her, but he quickly disappeared from the bar.

The room above the second floor of the hotel was quiet and quiet.

"Wu... let go of me... let go of me, I haven't finished my wine yet..." Muh Qing muttered softly over and over again. Loong Hua ignored her and threw her into the luxurious suite on the top floor. Loong Hua shook his head helplessly. "This guy is finally a man."

In the room, Muh Qing narrowed her eyes and looked around the luxurious suite. "Why is it so bright?"

"Gu Ming, Muh Zetian, you two are kings and queens. Eggs... Muh Qing scolded as she drank.

Girl, are you done scolding? "

Muh Qing staggered up to take a look. "Ha... handsome guy, you're back... You're so tall, how tall are you? Why, you drank too." She first compared her height with the man, then she fiercely poked the man's chest and asked.

"How can I not drink when I come to the bar?" Facing this, the man only smiled coldly, "Girl, why did you come here to drink?"

"Your man ran away with his sister, but he was rejected at home. Do you want to drink or not?" Muh Qing suddenly laid on the man's body and kept patting his chest with her hands.

He was not moved but his eyelashes trembled. This girl's experience was similar to his.

The man threw her to the bed and frowned. He turned around and walked out of the door. He instructed the assistant outside and then returned to her side. He kept staring at her.

He straightened her face and looked at her sleeping soundly. His expression was calm. ...

For some reason, when he saw her face, he felt a flash of light in the world...

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