His Pampered Darling/C11 I Know You Haven't Forgotten Me
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His Pampered Darling/C11 I Know You Haven't Forgotten Me
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C11 I Know You Haven't Forgotten Me

Muh Qing snickered, "Since you and I are already married, he can also be considered your father-in-law. Are you treating him this way?"

Qilian Yun found it funny. "You were chased out by him, and you still want me to recognize him?"

Muh Qing smiled secretly. Muh Zetian was indeed Muh Qing's father according to the law, but he had been whipping Muh Qing ever since. At that moment, he was not. But she did not expect Qilian Yun, the overlord of commerce in L City, to be so loyal to his wife.

Not far away, a beautiful woman in a white dress was savoring the cocktail alone. She kept looking around at the people around her. When she noticed Qilian Yun, she gently stretched out her hand and made a 'come over' gesture to Qilian Yun.

Qilian Yun looked at her and narrowed his eyes. His eyes instantly became serious. He turned to Muh Qing and said, "Wait here for a moment. I'll be right back."

"Eh? Okay..."

Before Muh Qing could react, she saw Qilian Yun walking towards her with champagne. When the beauty saw him, she immediately smiled brightly.

Muh Qing looked at the beauty. No matter how she looked at it, it looked familiar. Wasn't she the popular model recently - Lyi Meiting?

This wait lasted for more than half an hour. ...

Muh Qing sat alone at the banquet for a while and felt bored. She was surrounded by bright and beautiful celebrities. She hid in a corner and no one paid attention to her. She could only carry a glass of fruit juice and run to the balcony to cool down.

She looked around on the balcony and accidentally saw Lyi Meiting who was standing by the window next door. She did not know when she and Qilian Yun had walked from the banquet center to the floor-to-ceiling window. The two of them seemed to be having a great conversation. As they chatted, Lyi Meiting even hooked Qilian Yun's arm.

Muh Qing frowned and leaned over. Lyi Meiting's lovely voice was heard, "Lianyun, there are too many people here. Why don't we go to the room and have a good talk?"

Qilian Yun looked around the banquet and looked at Lyi Meiting. He hesitated for a moment and smiled politely, "If you have something to say, just say it."

Lyi Meiting smiled and gently pulled him to the guest room. Muh Qing was a little angry. Did he forget that she was still at the banquet? Furthermore, the words "go to the room" were too ambiguous! She was his wife!

She quickly came down from the balcony and secretly followed them, watching them enter the room.

"Qilian Yun is so shameless! I am your wife!" Muh Qing only remembered Loo Xiaodi's words at this moment. There would definitely be many girls around someone like Qilian Yun who would go crazy for him and must have a tolerant heart.

Mercy my ass!

She leaned on the door and listened carefully inside the house. There were sounds of glass colliding in the room. It was probably pouring wine. Lyi Meiting smiled and asked in a soft voice, "Lianyun, do you think I have changed a lot?"

Qilian Yun's voice sounded appropriate and distant. "Everyone is different."

"Lianyun is right." Lyi Meiting's tone became more intimate. "Actually, I know you still love me. Ever since I left, I don't know if you miss me."

Qilian Yun's voice stopped. When he opened his mouth again, his expression suddenly became dull,... "No."

"Of course. The reason I came back this time was to publicize the news about me and you. This way, with my influence, it will only benefit you and not harm you." Lyi Meiting became incomparably excited.

Qilian Yun hesitated for a moment before replying, "No need."

"Then... let's talk about the two of us. How about it? "Hmm?" Lyi Meiting lowered her voice. She knew how charming her expression was at this moment.

Muh Qing, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, was furious. She thought Qilian Yun should have his own principles. She did not expect him to be as snobbish as the other bosses.

His expression was different!

He was a beast in disguise!


Muh Qing was furious. She threw the glass and rushed out of the banquet hall. Qilian Yun, who was in the room, heard the sound of glass breaking. He immediately woke up and pushed away Lyi Meiting who was sticking to him.

"Miss Lyi, I am only interested in ordinary girls."

Lyi Meiting did not care about these words at all. She curled her lips and smiled. "The dignified boss of Qilian International Club is indeed the same as the other bosses. Didn't you come with a girl today? And I heard that you have a new lover recently. Seriously, how long have I been gone? You've already changed your love."

Qilian Yun's eyes flashed. He grabbed Lyi Meiting's neck and smiled evilly. "I really did not expect that you would have so much free time to study my personal life now."

Lyi Meiting grabbed Qilian Yun's hand and clenched her teeth. "And you drove a car and killed someone. I saw it clearly at the time."

When Qilian Yun heard that, he was so angry that the veins on his forehead bulged. His eyes were red. He pinched Lyi Meiting's neck and threw her onto the ground.

"Heh, I think you still have something you don't know. I'm already married!" Qilian Yun fiercely glared at Lyi Meiting who was lying on the ground and violently coughing. He turned around and left.

"Hehe. ... Qilian Yun. "Your excuse for rejecting me is as bad as ever."

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