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C12 Jealousy

Muh Qing walked out of the banquet hall and saw Muh Zetian and the others standing at the door. The four of them looked at each other awkwardly. In the end, Muh Zetian broke the silence. "Muh Qing, are you really married?"

Muh Qing only gave a soft "En" sound and walked straight past him towards the main road.

"Stop!" Hui Jimei, the stepmother, shouted angrily. "It's different when you fly to a branch. You can't even be bothered to give charity to me. You really are ungrateful ingrates!"

Muh Qing smiled faintly and said, "That's right. I still need to thank aunt. You have fulfilled my wish without you. How can it compare to my Muh Qing's glory today?"

Hui Jimei's face stiffened and she secretly cried out in her heart, "Not good. Could it be that this girl's motive of chasing her out herself? Impossible! How did she get together with Qilian Yun?

"Mom, it seems like we have an ingrate in our family. How can our small temple accommodate a Buddha like her?" Shi Xue's sarcasm was all in it.

"It's okay. It's okay to be glorious occasionally." Muh Qing admitted that it was very hard to pretend to be fat like this, but it was not bad to be addicted to talking.

Shi Xue gritted her teeth and only then did she know what Muh Qing said. She immediately became furious.

"Muh Qing, don't be complacent for me! Who knows what kind of foxy means you used to seduce Qilian Yun to marry you. Maybe Qilian Yun will disgust you in two days. At that time, you will cry! "

Muh Zetian frowned and showed some displeasure. Even Hui Jimei felt Shi Xue's words were too much. She quickly pulled Shi Xue's wrist and stopped her from saying anything else. After all, Muh Qing's current identity was Mrs. Qii.

"Mom, what's there to be afraid of? Maybe she went there for money. Otherwise, why would she go home alone now? She is clearly showing off in front of us."

Muh Qing felt weak in her heart. She was indeed with Qilian Yun for the money. Wasn't she doing this for the Muh's Group's financial loopholes?

"That's right. Qilian Yun is richer than Gu Ming. Of course, I don't like that bastard Gu Ming." After saying that, he turned around and left. Muh Zetian and the other two gritted their teeth and stomped their feet.

In order to vent their anger, Muh Qing ran back to her small apartment to sleep. Her phone had been ringing nonstop since last night. She did not pick it up, but Qilian Yun kept calling until she picked it up.

"I'll take you to romantic Turkey. I still have to go to see Tokyo and Paris."

She didn't want to talk to him, but she was annoyed by the ringtone of her phone. She rolled around on the bed and picked up the phone. "Why are you looking for me?"

Qilian Yun's gloomy voice came from the other end of the phone. "You have two hours to show up in front of me. Otherwise, Muh's Group will be finished."

"What did you say..."

The sound of the phone being hung up was so violent that it seemed like it would break her eardrums.

Muh Qing held the phone and was stunned on the bed. Qilian Yun's voice sounded a hundred times colder than usual. It seemed like he was really angry. If she did not go, she did not know that the Muh's Group would really be disfunded. Then her mother's painstaking efforts... She thought about it for a while and hurriedly put on her clothes and jumped off the bed.

Half an hour later, she knocked on the door of Qii family. When the door opened, she saw Qilian Yun's face turn black. He grabbed her into the door and stared at her with his beautiful eyes, as if he would eat her in the next second.

"Muh Qing, explain to me where you went last night!"

He finally pushed Lyi Meiting out and went downstairs to look for her last night. He did not expect that she had already run away. She had gone missing the whole night and did not even pick up her phone. He was very angry, very angry!

Muh Qing used all her strength to pull his hand away, "What, delayed you from having an affair with another woman?"

He stared at her closely and his face was full of coldness, "What adultery!"

"Selfish! Domineering! Different expressions! One set, one set! No principles! " She did not want to be outdone and scolded," What wife? It's just that you want to improve your image! I've delayed your meeting with Lyi Meiting, right? "

Qilian Yun sneered, "What makes you come to a conclusion? Nothing happened between me and her. Why do you say I'm having an affair?"

Muh Qing was so angry that she gritted her teeth, "You are trying to be unreasonable. Do you dare to say that you did not have a good conversation with Lyi Meiting and then went into the room to do business? Didn't you leave me alone outside waiting for you!"

Qilian Yun's face turned cold. He reached out and pinched her chin to let her look directly at him, "Do you dare to say that you did not randomly guess the truth? "Did you see it clearly? I was just talking to her normally."

She choked for a moment and was unable to retort, so she could only press her lips tightly while her face flushed red from anger.

He continued to approach her and forced her into his limits at a distance that was close to the kiss.

"I have nothing to do with her. If you feel indignant, then you might as well just curse at me a few times. Why do you need to be so unjustly jealous like you are now?! What a joke."

Muh Qing bit her lips and pushed him away. "You're talking nonsense! I don't care about you. So what if you are powerful and rich? Being with someone like you. I feel nauseous even if I stay for a minute! "

After saying that, she wanted to leave in anger. Qilian Yun grabbed her and pushed her heavily against the door, "It hurts..."

He pursed his thin lips, and the corner of his slightly cold lips trembled slightly.

"Don't you know that I'm worried about you? What if something happens to you?" Qilian Yun suddenly hugged Muh Qing and grabbed her dress. The image of a month ago kept appearing in his mind.

His eyes were tightly shut and his temples were throbbing. That terrifying voice resounded in his mind over and over again, as if it wanted to tear every nerve in his body apart.

You've killed someone while driving!

You've killed someone by car!

You've killed people with your car!


Muh Qing felt Qilian Yun's grip getting tighter and tighter. From time to time, it was accompanied by a heavy nasal sound and breathing sound.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Hey?!" Without waiting for Muh Qing to call him, Qilian Yun fell to the ground.

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