His Pampered Darling/C13 Qi Lian Yun Has a Fever
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His Pampered Darling/C13 Qi Lian Yun Has a Fever
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C13 Qi Lian Yun Has a Fever

"Qilian Yun! Qilian Yun, what's wrong? Hubby!"

Muh Qing carefully put Qilian Yun on the sofa. After a long time, Qilian Yun finally had a reaction. He barely raised his head to look at Muh Qing.

Muh Qing looked at his face and asked, "What's wrong? Why is your face so red?" She reached out and touched his forehead. It was so hot!

Qilian Yun had looked for her for a long time yesterday. In addition, her clothes were a little thin. The weather was cold and there was constant publicity work. Qilian Yun was exhausted.

"Qilian Yun, you have a high fever. Hurry up and go back to rest."

"It's okay. I'll be fine after I rest for a while."

"This is not a matter of rest. You have to go to the hospital quickly. Otherwise, it will only get worse. Forget it. " I'll take you to the hospital. " Muh Qing pulled Qilian Yun to open the car door. "Be good!"

He leaned to the side and fell in the front passenger seat. Muh Qing got into the car and skillfully operated the car's system. Soon, the car started up.

Through the mirror, she observed Qilian Yun's situation from time to time. She looked at the congested road in front of her and fiercely slammed the steering wheel. "How do you feel now?"


It's okay? Just by looking at his honest face, one could tell that he must be feeling very uncomfortable. He really wants his face to suffer. Were all men like this?

Helplessly, Muh Qing turned the car around and drove straight to the apartment she used to live in. Firstly, there was a small clinic nearby. Secondly, it was convenient to take care of Qilian Yun here.

"Come, get out of the car." Muh Qing helped him into the clinic. "Be good. We'll be fine with an injection."

"I am the president of an international clubhouse and I actually want an injection..." Qilian Yun looked up at the clinic. The renovation was shabby. It was a disgrace to be born with a gold spoon in his mouth.

"If you don't go in, you will die outside!" Muh Qing shouted at Qilian Yun. Qilian Yun was so proud and arrogant, but after he got married, he listened to Muh Qing and obediently let Muh Qing drag him into the clinic.

Muh Qing took out a towel soaked in cold water and placed it on his scalding forehead. She then fed him water and medicine. Only when his complexion looked better did she feel at ease and sit by the bed.

"Have you eaten breakfast?" She carefully covered him with the blanket and asked.

Qilian Yun's eyes moved. His cold hands unconsciously searched the blanket for a while until they touched a pair of soft hands. It was as if they had found floating wood.

Muh Qing let him hold it, her heart beating from slow to fast.


"How about this, you sleep for a while first. I will cook some porridge for you, then you obediently give injections and take medicine, understand?" She seemed to be concerned about a child as she exhorted him.

Qilian Yun opened his eyes slightly and stared straight at her. If it wasn't for Qilian Yun feeling really uncomfortable, he really wanted to let this woman know who was the adult between them and who was the child!

An hour later, Muh Qing carried a bowl of porridge back to Qilian Yun's ward. Qilian Yun had already gotten an IV drip and quietly looked out the window.

"Come, eat it. We'll be fine after eating it."

He turned around and coldly glanced at the porridge in front of him. "What rice is this made of?"

"White rice."

Qilian Yun frowned and looked at the porridge with disdain. He was a germaphobe and never ate rice products from other places.

"Uh, I'll feed you. Get up." Seeing that Qilian Yun did not react, she was obviously a little anxious. "Get up. I can't feed you while you lie down."

"I don't like to eat!"

Muh Qing's temper was explosive. She grabbed Qilian Yun's tie and forced the porridge into her mouth.

"Wu... Ahem!" Qilian Yun stared at Muh Qing. He wanted to scold her but was distracted by a sweet taste in his mouth.

"I added sugar in. Is it good?"

"Yes..." A low moan was emitted from his nose. It sounded like an invisible temptation.

Muh Qing pursed her lips and did not know what to say. She lowered her gaze and suddenly saw Qilian Yun's chest. There were some fine beads of sweat on his skinny collarbone that were sliding down from time to time. The sexy scene made her absentmindedly look at it, "This man is not only good looking but also has a perfect figure!" What a monster, a monster!

"Have you seen enough?" His cold voice came from above. Muh Qing was so scared that she immediately closed her eyes and her face turned red.

"I... actually went back to the apartment yesterday."

He raised his eyebrows. "Why?"

"It's... nothing." She did not understand why. Maybe it was because Qilian Yun was her husband, but he was flirting with other women. She was not happy.

Qilian Yun looked at her with a frown. "Has anyone ever said you were stupid?"

Muh Qing curled the corner of her mouth. She was smart enough not to refute.... "Then what did you say to Lyi Meiting yesterday?"

Qilian Yun's eyelashes trembled and suddenly did not answer. After taking a careful look, Muh Qing finally saw how pale his face had become. She probed and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I was just a former lover." He looked out the window and wanted to say something, but stopped.

Muh Qing looked at Qilian Yun and did not want to ask him anything.

"I'll go to the company in the afternoon. If I don't go, I'm afraid I'll be fired." Muh Qing said casually.

"Wife, come here for a while." Muh Qing sat beside Qilian Yun.

He closed his eyes and weakly fell to her side. His hands tightly wrapped around her waist and buried his head in her neck. He lowered his voice. "Don't go yet. Stay with me."

She was so nervous that she did not dare to move. Her heart beat rapidly. His warm breath lightly blew on her neck and beside her ears, causing her face to be so hot that it could cook hot pot. "You... what are you..."

"Don't make a noise." His voice came from behind him in a daze. The strength in his hands tightened again, tightly hugging her in his embrace, "Let me hug you for a while."

His voice was so weak that Muh Qing rolled her eyes and did not say anything in the end.

However, her heart was still beating very fast. He hugged her for an entire morning. His breathing slowly became stable. She was disturbed by his aura and could not concentrate at all. Accompanied by his breathing, The image of his lips against her ear kept flashing through her mind. His breath seemed to brush past her skin and only touched her lightly. Her fair skin immediately turned a sensitive shade of red.

They were clearly already husband and wife, yet they were still so restrained. Muh Qing's face was red as she bit her lips.

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