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His Pampered Darling/C16 Being Bullied
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C16 Being Bullied

Muh Qing reluctantly walked into the elevator with the money. She swore that she would "stir-fry" Qilian Yun when she got back!

When she walked into the elevator, she stomped her foot hard. "Qilian Yun! You bitch!" Before she could finish her scolding, Mo Xuerou twisted her snake waist and walked into the elevator step by step.

"Huh? You still know how to come to work?" Mo Xue Rou's disdainful expression was very annoying. "Muh Qing, I already told you on your first day at work. Don't think that just because you have some looks, you can get the attention of the higher ups. " You are not qualified. "Do you understand?" Fortunately, there was no one else in the elevator. Otherwise, everyone would really think that Muh Qing was that kind of good sex woman.

"Mo Xue Rou, I don't understand why you say that." Being scolded as soon as she entered the company, she definitely felt uncomfortable. In her heart, she felt that she was making a fire.

"You don't understand, do you? Then I'll tell you to understand more." Slap! A folder fell on her body. "You haven't come to work for the past few days. Why haven't you applied for leave?! I'll take responsibility for all the documents for you! " You f * cking came here, don't you know how high your status is?! "Do you understand now?"

"But the problem is, if she was scolded because she didn't apply for leave, that would be normal. But what does this have to do with my appearance?

"Heh, I've seen many women like you who want to fly to the top and become a phoenix. However, this is Qilian International Club, not a nightclub. You've chosen the wrong place to hook up with a man. If you don't want to fuck me, get the hell out of here right now!" Mo Xue-Rou stamped her high heels and cursed" Sanba "in her heart. Then, she shook her head and left arrogantly.

This Mo Xue-Rou was simply unreasonable. Whenever she met a woman prettier than her, she would think of a way to force her to leave. However, the more she wanted to force her to leave, the more Muh Qing would do a good job for her. She was not a woman who wanted to fly on a branch and become a phoenix. She was the eldest daughter of the Muh family - Zhong Qikui's daughter!

Muh Qing suppressed the grievance in her heart and returned to her job.

In the monitoring room on the other side, Loong Hua squinted his eyes and leaned on his head to look at the scene in the elevator. He took a sip of coffee and sneered. He did not come to the monitoring room to take a look and did not expect to see such an interesting scene.

"Aiyo, Director Qii is here." When he turned around, Qilian Yun walked into the monitoring room with big strides.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to show you something." As he spoke, Loong Hua played the surveillance video in the elevator. The high-definition video and the sound of cleaning revealed Mo Xuerou's unruly nature. Especially when Mo Xuerou threw the documents onto Muh Qing, Qilian Yun's face turned black all of a sudden.

"This woman...?"

"She's a sales department member, Mo Xue Rou."

The entire room was filled with anger, causing the other department members to not dare to say anything. The entire room instantly quieted down.

"You should know what to do." Qilian Yun looked at Loong Hua with a wicked smile.

Loong Hua rolled his eyes. Why did he have to do such a small thing? But he still smiled. "Of course."

"But... don't you need to receive people from the Gu's Group today? There are many companies that are actively investing in your development."

"Don't say that it's useless. If you don't handle it well, let's end this by ourselves!" Qilian Yun glanced at Loong Hua and left the room.

In the office, Muh Qing was worried about the unfinished work these few days. It was all Qilian Yun's fault! That's right! It was all his fault! What illness did he have?

"Wow... Whose car is that long Lincoln that was parked downstairs just now?! It's so cool!" A group of women were chatting in the drinking area.

"It's the eldest son of the Gu's Group! He's so handsome! " However, he's slightly inferior to our Boss Qilian Yun. Just what kind of big shot is he? He actually needs our department head to personally welcome him? "

"He is the one who inherits the position of the next CEO."

"Wow, he is tall, rich, and handsome?"

"Of course, he is a tall, rich, and handsome person from a famous family. However, you should not think about him."

Being splashed with cold water by her colleague, the other woman was immediately unhappy. "Why?"

"I don't lack women. Recently, I've been flirting with the Second Miss of the Muh's Group."

After hearing that, he immediately lost his fighting spirit. "Forget it... Handsome men and beautiful women."

Was it... Gu Ming? Muh Qing's tightly locked brows gradually relaxed. Although it was all in the past, when she heard about Gu Ming, her heart still trembled.

"Is... is he here..."

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