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His Pampered Darling/C20 Give Me a Prince Charming!
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C20 Give Me a Prince Charming!

"Haha, I finally got my favorite fried chicken!" Loo Xiaodi carried the fried chicken and walked on the streets in extreme satisfaction. To her, there was nothing more satisfying than watching a television drama and eating fried chicken at night.

"Muh Qing that fellow, after getting married, he doesn't look for me to eat anymore. He values sex more than friends." Loo Xiaodi, who had fried chicken in her mouth, was not famous at all. When she and Muh Qing were in university, they were also known as the news department's flowers. But now that Muh Qing got married, she was still alone.

"Humph! I really hope that my real son of heaven will come out soon!" Loo Xiaodi wailed.

"Really. He asked me to deliver rice at night. He just gave it to me. He doesn't want me to eat it." Loong Hua patted his sleeves and muttered unwillingly.

"Ah! FUCK! I'm starving!" Loong Hua also started to wail loudly, but his head hit Loo Xiaodi's body. The chicken pieces in Loo Xiaodi's hand also fell to the ground.

"Are you blind?! Can't you see that I'm eating?!" Loo Xiaodi scolded loudly. This fried chicken was snatched by her at the last moment. But now, it was overturned on the ground and her head was immediately on fire.

Loong Hua frowned. He looked at Loo Xiaodi who was dressed in a black lace dress and smacked his lips. "Tsk tsk, Miss, it's quite cool and sexy."

"Cut the crap! Pay for my chicken!"

Loong Hua was most afraid that women would get into trouble, so he never looked for a girlfriend. But when he saw Loo Xiaodi not giving up, his stomach kept beating, so he compromised.

"What do you want to eat?" Loong Hua said coldly.


Loong Hua said. ... ""

Helplessly, Loong Hua compromised and Loo Xiaodi came to the fast food restaurant. Hehe, there are a lot of chicken pieces here... However, Loo Xiaodi did not hold back at all. She ordered all the things she usually did not want to eat. This time, she got the person who paid the bill. She had to slaughter them properly!

Loong Hua looked at the various types of chicken pieces, chicken ribs, and hamburgers on the table. He instantly had no desire to live. As the assistant of Qilian International Club's CEO, Qilian Yun, he was after all a person above tens of thousands of people. He actually came to eat this kind of low-level food.

"Eat!" Loo Xiaodi said carelessly with meat in her mouth.

Loong Hua rolled his eyes at her. It was not like she was spending money.

Loong Hua picked up a chicken leg and sniffed it. He then looked at Loo Xiaodi. It was too dark just now. When he looked carefully, Loo Xiaodi was also very beautiful.

"What's your name?" Loong Hua asked.

"Loo Xiaodi, what about you?"

"Loong Hua."

Loo Xiaodi finally raised her head and looked at Loong Hua carefully. For a moment, she was lost in thought. Although Loong Hua was not as handsome as the main character in the TV series, he was still pretty and handsome.

"Hey, uncle, he's quite handsome!" Loo Xiaodi said with a smile.

Loong Hua bit the chicken leg and paused. He swallowed his anger. "I am 25."

"Heh! I'm only 24. I'm younger than you. As compensation, you have to send me home!" Loo Xiaodi's temper had always been like this. She was a beauty and a child's temper.

Loong Hua rolled his eyes and could not help comparing Loo Xiaodi and Muh Qing. They were both 24 years old and they were both girls. Why was the difference so big?

At the same time, Muh Qing also thought of the same viewpoint as Loong Hua.

"They are both brothers and men. Why is the difference between Qilian Yun and Loong Hua so big?" Muh Qing looked at the porridge in front of her and couldn't help but sigh.

Who asked Qilian Yun to kiss her again? Furthermore, he asked her to stay away from other men. When did she ever talk to others? Crazy.

"Here, the porridge is ready." Muh Qing carried a pot of steaming porridge and placed it in front of Qilian Yun. She really did not understand what was going on. She had prepared a good dish for him but did not move at all. She insisted on drinking some porridge.

She saw Qilian Yun looking at the financial report with big round glasses. He did not look like the boss of a clubhouse at all. He looked more like a refined and refined person.

But in Muh Qing's eyes, he was not a gentleman.

"Yes." Qilian Yun said in a low voice. He slowly took off his glasses and drank the porridge.

"Hey! You will die if you try some food." Muh Qing saw that he did not even move a mouthful of the carefully cooked food and was somewhat annoyed.

But Qilian Yun only slowly raised his head. He rolled his eyes and then glared at Muh Qing fiercely.

"What did you say?"

Muh Qing immediately wilted, "Ha... Hubby, please have a taste of the dishes cooked by the baby. Is it suitable for you?" Only when Muh Qing lowered her head and bowed like an obedient kitten did Qilian Yun was willing to put the porridge into his mouth. He looked at Muh Qing's expectant expression and helplessly picked up the dish that Muh Qing was so proud of.

"Is it delicious?" Muh Qing asked with a face full of expectation.

Qilian Yun's eyes became erratic. He only nodded slightly. "Yes, it's good."

He could not be more perfunctory...

"Ding!" Qilian Yun's phone suddenly rang. He looked at it and frowned.

"Who is it?" Muh Qing looked at it subconsciously.

"Nothing." Qilian Yun smiled at Muh Qing. "I'm not going to the company tomorrow. Take good care of yourself." After finishing the bowl of porridge, he turned around and went back to his room.

"Nervous. Muh Qing looked at Qilian Yun, who was not right, and slightly glanced at his mouth. She really could not understand whether this kind of person was tired or alive. She glanced at the dishes in front of her and picked them up to taste. She could not help but frown.

"F * ck! Why is it so bitter?"


Miss Lu, I've already sent you home. I can go now. " Loo Xiaodi not only killed Loong Hua, but also asked Loong Hua to take a taxi to take him home. Loong Hua was not short of money, but he was also very helpless.

"En... I can barely make it. You can go back now." Loo Xiaodi said with satisfaction. Just when Loong Hua turned around to leave, Loo Xiaodi called him back.

"Uncle, what are you doing?" Loo Xiaodi asked with infatuation. Loong Hua could be said to be a good-looking man she had seen so far.

When Loong Hua heard the word "uncle," the nameless fire instantly surged into his heart, but he had no choice but to suppress it with all his strength, "I'm just a little assistant."

"Oh, which company is it from? How much is the monthly salary? "How is your salary? Is everyone as handsome as you? "

... ""

[Well, I'm a reporter from Fashion Weekly. You can come and have dinner with me if you have nothing to do!]

Did he ask him to pay for her dinner again? Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn't go!

"Yes, I will." He turned around and was pulled back by Loo Xiaodi.

"Hey!" Loo Xiaodi did not know what to say. She just did not want Loong Hua to leave.

Loong Hua was not Qilian Yun. Otherwise, Loo Xiaodi would have become the second Muh Qing.

"It's getting late. Miss Lu, please go back." Loong Hua turned away from Loo Xiaodi and walked in the opposite direction.

"What? It's rare to see a handsome young man and he is still in such a hurry to leave." Loo Xiaodi made a face at Loong Hua's back and turned around to walk towards the apartment.

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