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C4 Running away from Home

Muh Qing looked at Shi Xue. In the past, she was her younger sister. Although she was not her biological daughter, Muh Qing had never mistreated her. She had hooked up with the eldest young master of the Gu family, who was also her boyfriend, Gu Ming.

But now... she was already her ex-boyfriend. In the end, she still had to thank Shi Xue. After all, she had used her own experience to tell herself the true colors of her boyfriend.

Dog couple!

"Enough, Shi Xue. The matter of her breaking up with Gu Ming was all her fault. What kind of f * cking sin did I commit to raise such a degenerate person? A vulgar daughter! "She really embarrassed the Muh family!"

"It's your fault that your son doesn't teach your father. You're a hypocrite, just like your father, and like your son, you're a hypocrite!"

Heh, a lowlife? Insulting the customs?

She had only spent a night with someone, yet she had been crowned with such a vile reputation. What about Muh Zetian? He had left his wife in the cold night and watched her get killed by a roadside car. He even wanted to use his foster daughter, the elder daughter, to marry the rich second generation and protect the business world! Why was he still watching his own daughter, Shi Xue, fight for a man with her? Wouldn't he be executed?

"It's the opposite. You still dare to talk back. Let's see if I don't whip you to death today, you lowly servant."

As he spoke, Muh Zetian took out a whip from under the sofa and whipped Muh Qing without saying a word.

The whip landed on Muh Qing's body. Her white shirt was covered in blood, but Muh Zetian was not moved. He whipped her as if it was not his daughter but a wooden stake.

"You slut! Usually, Zhong Qikui was too used to you. Now she even dared to talk back! Hubby! Beat her to death! "

Dad! Stop hitting her! " Shi Xue pretended to stop Muh Zetian.

Muh Qing looked at Shi Xue. To her, it was just a fake love. When she was with Gu Ming behind her back, did she ever think about her? Did Shi Xue look for her when she was sad and wanted to go missing?

"Stupid girl! Apologize to Mom!"

"You are all killing demons! All of you will die a horrible death! " Muh Qing screamed at the top of her lungs. She was already prepared to be beaten to death.

Muh Zetian was so angry that his eyes turned red. He held the whip and hit her neck with the back of his hand. He did not care about Muh Qing's body and knocked her to the ground.

"Damn girl! You are the b * tch that was picked up from the side of the road! What right do you have to talk to me here!"

That's right! B * tch, get the hell out of here, don't get tainted. "Filthy Muh family, this precious land!"

Muh Qing was breathing heavily as she lay quietly on the ground. The pain from her wound was incomparable to the pain in her heart. Her heart felt like it was being torn apart. It was as if she had never felt the feeling of home before.

"Okay... I'll go..." Muh Qing endured the pain and stood up. She held the wall and walked step by step towards the door.

"Sister!" Shi Xue went forward and grabbed Muh Qing's wound. Muh Qing bit her teeth and tears almost fell, "Sister, you must protect yourself."

Heh, at this time you don't want to keep her and start to chase her away.

Muh Qing coldly turned her head and looked at Shi Xue and that hypocritical expression. She endured the pain and smiled seductively, "Take care of yourselves. Dog couple, both of you will not die a good death." After saying that, she turned around and left.

"Tsk, you don't even want your identity. Why are you being so arrogant? Trash." Shi Xue could not help but curse. The corner of her mouth could not help but raise.

The dark sky finally started to rain. The wind blew and the lightning seemed to be sad for Muh Qing.

"Ha, I don't have a home anymore..." Muh Qing was wearing a thin dress that had been whipped and her soul was taken away. She quietly walked on the deserted street. The rain mercilessly hit her wound and mixed with blood on the ground.

Muh Qing walked into a garage. Compared to outside, this was the best place to stay. She leaned against the wall. The autumn wind blew into the garage and onto her petite body. Muh Qing hugged herself tightly and buried her head in her knees. She started to sob softly.


"Xue Er! Hurry up and wash your hands, don't let that bitch dirty your hands!" Hui Jimei saw that Muh Qing, this big trouble, had left and smiled lightly. She sat on the sofa.

"A slut picked up by the roadside is not worthy to stay in Muh family. The only person worthy... is my daughter Shi Xue." Hui Jimei took out the mask and finally let go of the burden in her heart. She relaxed and applied the mask.

Just as everyone was relaxing, he suddenly slammed the door. The door was opened and a group of people in suits ran in.

"Who are you!" Muh Zetian shouted at the group of uninvited guests.

Loong Hua looked around with his hands in his pockets. He looked around and asked, "Director Mu, how have you been?"

"Long... Loong Hua! Aren't you...?"

The handsome man walked into the room. He looked at the blood on the ground and then at the bloody whip beside Muh Zetian. He frowned and clenched his fists.

"Boss... Boss Qilian Yun... why did you suddenly visit..." Muh Zetian quickly went forward to welcome him.

The man coldly swept his gaze over everyone around him. A trace of ruthlessness flashed across his cold eyes.

In City L, you don't know who the mayor is. But you must not know Qilian Yun, the CEO of Qilian International Club, the number one business world in City L. Not only is he young and promising, but he is also handsome and charming. His name shook the entire city, and not long ago, he had won the title of overlord of the business world. No one dared to mess with him, even the mayor had to give him a 30% discount. He was afraid that if he stamped his foot, the whole of L City would have an earthquake, although he rarely showed himself. But everyone was still talking about him.

Qilian Yun took a deep breath and strode towards Muh Zetian. His fierce voice sounded like it came from hell, "Where is she?"

"Who... who is she?" Muh Zetian asked, trembling.

"Your daughter, of course." Loong Hua pulled out a sharp blade from his sleeve and held it like he was watching a show.

Shi Xue walked up with a smile and revealed a seductive smile. "Boss Qi Lian, are you looking for me?"

Qilian Yun gave Shi Xue a fierce look and looked her up and down. He curled his lips in disgust. "Where is Muh Qing?"

"She, she just left. She is in a sorry state." Shi Xue touched her clothes and said without care, but she was slapped to the ground by Loong Hua.

"Do you think you can look down on us, Qilian Yun, and Director Qii's woman?"

Qilian Yun's woman...? Muh Zetian and Hui Jimei felt weak when they heard that. They went down and did not know what to do.

"Where did she go?" Qilian Yun stared at Muh Zetian. A sharp light flashed across the corner of his eye and almost scared Muh Zetian to death.

Muh Zetian shook his head. "Director Qii," he said. ... I don't know either. She left voluntarily. We didn't force her."

"Loong Hua! You'll have to find her even if you turn the whole city upside down!"

Muh Zetian had been sitting on the ground, sweating and shivering.

Muh Zetian, if she's gone, you have to worry about the lives of all of you!" Qilian Yun clenched his fists and stared at Muh Zetian, who was kowtowing.

"Yes... yes..."

"Also, prepare all the documents and identity certificates of Muh Qing for me." Qilian Yun stamped his feet and said.

Muh Zetian panicked. "Sure, but what are you going to do?"

Shi Xue's pupils dilated when she heard that. She immediately understood. "Director Qii, this woman cannot be with you. She is not clean! She did not return last night and went to bed with another man as soon as she broke up. She cannot let this kind of slut have sex with her. I've sullied you! " Shi Xue ran to Qilian Yun's side and said.

His face was as cold as ice, and his eyes were even deeper. "Do I need your permission to be with my future woman?"

The entire family looked at Qilian Yun in shock. So the person Muh Qing had a relationship with last night was actually Qilian Yun!

Muh Zetian clenched his fists and stared at Qilian Yun fiercely. The anger in his eyes was no less than Qilian Yun's.

"All of you, remember, Muh Qing's accident, all of you cannot escape responsibility!" After saying that, Qilian Yun quickly turned around and left.

Muh Zetian looked at Qilian Yun's back and saw that the person who was dozens of years younger than him was riding on him. Anger and jealousy urged him to clench his fists. "Qilian Yun! "Remember this for me! I will make you cry and beg me in the future!"

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