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C6 I'm New Here

For the next few days, Qilian Yun's housekeeper was very polite to her. She even helped her wash her clothes and cook. It was just that Qilian Yun had been dealing with his matters and had never paid attention to her.

However, the maids were not very willing to take care of her. "We haven't even married yet. We can just enjoy it like this. Maybe when Director Qii changes his mind, she will just wait for her money to be spent."

Muh Qing only smiled at these words. It was not hard to understand the sour grapes' mentality. After all, if she could not get it, how could she let others have a good life?

Under the care of Muh Qing, her injuries gradually improved.

"Loong Hua, take her to buy some pretty clothes and bring her to the company to report." Qilian Yun looked at the newspaper and did not even raise his head to look at her.

Nice clothes? Report? Muh Qing stood there blankly and blinked her eyes. Qilian Yun had never told her about this.

"Future Mrs. Qii, please." Loong Hua pulled her out of the villa and respectfully invited Mrs. Qii into the car. He drove all the way to the most high-end clothing store in L City.

As expected of the most high-end clothing store. The clothes designed by the most famous designer in the world were all here. There were bits and pieces of floral dresses and high-end evening dresses. Muh Qing was instantly dazzled by them. She looked at the gorgeous dresses and sighed with emotion. "It's so touching!"

She flipped through the price tag and the price was indeed more touching. She once did not care about money at all. But now, she couldn't even afford instant noodles, let alone clothes.

"Mrs. Qii, we are here to help you choose a professional outfit." Loong Hua smiled and patted Muh Qing, who was still "moved" because of the price.

"Professional outfit?"

"Of course I'll choose the clothes that the sales department should wear."

Loong Hua took out a black professional suit and handed it to Muh Qing. Muh Qing looked at the price "125,000" and instantly broke out in cold sweat. She quickly pushed it to Loong Hua. She chose an old suit that was more than 4,000 yuan from the discount area.

"This is good! This is good!"

Loong Hua looked at Muh Qing in confusion. There were many girls who begged the heavens to have a piece of high-end clothing. Why would she rather have this kind of low-quality clothing than the high-end goods in his hands? Moreover, she was the woman that Director Qii had taken a fancy to. She was once the eldest daughter of the Muh family.

Loong Hua shook his head helplessly. He was getting more and more confused about Qilian Yun's taste.

Muh Qing walked out of the changing room. After she had changed her clothes, she stood in front of the mirror. The woman in the mirror had fair skin. Her face was delicate and without makeup, but she was still beautiful and moving. The traditional professional suit did not look old-fashioned. Instead, it accentuated her beautiful figure. Her long hair that reached her waist showed her strong aura to the fullest.

Loong Hua looked at Muh Qing who was wearing a professional suit. His eyes immediately widened. He could not help but sigh with emotion. Qilian Yun's eyes were indeed extraordinary.

"When I have money, I will definitely return it to you!" Muh Qing shouted with her clothes in hand.

Loong Hua said,... "No need. I can still afford this little bit of money."

The Qilian International Club was indeed extraordinary. It was decorated like an international luxury palace. It was dazzling and sacred. Everyone here was a man and a woman. It was better to see them than to see them in a hundred years.

"I have already informed the Human Resources Department. I will go fill out the form first and then report to the sales department."

Muh Qing nodded. She thought to herself, "We are both management level people. Why is there such a big difference in our personalities?

Muh Qing who got the form hesitated for a moment. She calculated that if she could become the minister, she could enter and exit the Muh's Group as an investor. If she went deep inside, she would be able to take back her mother's heart and blood. She could also chase Hui Jimei and those few bitches out of the Muh family.

Muh Qing was placed in the best position by the minister. When she saw Muh Qing's appearance, the former assistant Mo Xuerou narrowed her eyes and twisted her serpentine waist. She arrogantly came to her side. "I have long heard that there will be a great beauty in the department. Are you the new one?"

Muh Qing frowned and looked at Mo Xuerou. She was very disgusted by the strong perfume smell on her body, but she did not say anything. She nodded. "Yes, I am Muh Qing. Please advise me." She reached out her hand, but Mo Xue Rou did not pay attention to it.

Mo Xuerou looked at her delicate facial features but it was a pity that she was wearing cheap professional clothing. She said, "Very good. I am Mo Xuerou and I am an old man here. I have the final say here. You must be clear and do your job well. Otherwise, you will have a good time!"

Only when Muh Qing was a little unhappy did she start to size Mo Xue Rou up. She looked very seductive. Her skin was very white. I don't know how much powder she has applied. Her eyes were extremely fake, her nose was tall and straight, and her lips were small and cherry. Her standard oval face was slandered by Muh Qing. As expected of the people of Qilian International Club, the people here all relied on their faces to eat.

She suppressed her anger and nodded. "Got it, Miss Mo."

Mo Xue Rou rolled her eyes and threw a stack of documents to Muh Qing, "I saw that you just came today and brought these documents to the photocopy company to make 20 copies."

Muh Qing looked at those documents that were taller than mountains and instantly lost all will to live. It was really like a tiger being bullied by a dog.

She took the documents and walked to the photocopy company. As Muh Qing entered, the male employees in the office's eyes lit up, "Hello. Hey, look! Look, it's so beautiful."

Wow. She looks so energetic. Is she wearing the clothes from the sales department? "Why haven't I noticed that our company has such a beautiful sales department lady?"

"Miss, what's the matter?" At this moment, a male employee sitting closest to the door asked curiously.

She pursed her lips and gave a dry smile. "I want a photocopy. Can I borrow your photocopy machine?"

"Of course..." The male employee looked Muh Qing up and down, "Miss, you're new, right?"

She nodded awkwardly and smiled. "Business department, Muh Qing."

The male employee smiled and tried to tease Muh Qing's chin with his hand. However, she shook her head and dodged it. "Sir, please maintain your respect."

"Aiyo, you are still a little chili. Do you know the women here? ..." "

Before the man could finish, he heard a low voice from hell, "What's wrong with the women here?" Loong Hua turned around and walked over with big strides.

"Assistant Long, this lady is lost. I'm helping her lead the way. Haha."

Loong Hua was a little impatient. He pointed to the door. "Get lost when I can still control my temper!" The male employee quickly ran away when he saw Loong Hua was angry.

Muh Qing watched from the side as the male employee ran away. She could not help but laugh. "I thought you were a good person. I did not expect you to be like Qilian Yun. You are simply a nest of snakes and mice."

"Sigh, don't say things so badly. What snake and mouse nest? It is really unpleasant to hear. " At most, we're just protecting you. " Loong Hua smiled coldly. He walked slowly to her and whispered, "Right. I'm telling you, if anyone bullies you, Find Qilian Yun, he will help you." As soon as the words left his mouth, He turned to Muh Qing and waved his hand. "Next is your working time. I am going to retire successfully."

Looking at Loong Hua who was gradually leaving, she felt a gust of cold wind blow past. She subconsciously shivered.

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