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C7 Protect Her

The night was heavy, and the stars filled the sky, adding to the chill.

When Muh Qing returned to the apartment, it was already ten o'clock in the night. She dragged her heavy steps and sat on the sofa with a tired face. Not only was she physically exhausted, but she was also mentally sad. The current situation was not only the financial crisis of the Muh's Group, but also how to deal with the relationship between her and Qilian Yun.

He was waiting for her right now. However, she could not give a rough answer.

"Why didn't you greet me when you came back?" A gentle female voice entered her ears.

Loo Xiaodi leaned against the door. She had a delicate face and a slim figure. She wore the princess's white veil nightgown and looked very cute.

"I just don't want to disturb you." Muh Qing picked up the dog on the ground and looked at Loo Xiaodi with a smile, "I don't dare to offend someone like you who is angry after waking up."

Loo Xiaodi kept rolling her eyes, "I am kind enough to take you in. A wolf's heart and a dog's lungs... When do you plan to marry Qilian Yun?"

"I haven't thought about it yet." Muh Qing replied indifferently.

"It's better to get married as soon as possible. Besides, it's too exciting to be able to help you take back the position of the eldest daughter."

Muh Qing did not say anything. She still lowered her head and touched the puppy in deep thought. She looked at Loo Xiaodi and smiled slightly. Because of this, she did not sleep for the entire night. Indeed, she had to consider this matter carefully.

"Muh Qing, get up!" The head of the sales department, Lee Chang Feng, said.

Muh Qing had never woken up since she started work in the morning. She had been sleeping soundly on the table. Even Mo Xue Rou, who had been torturing her all this time, could not wake her up.

"Oh... Hello, Minister. Muh Qing rubbed her eyes and said to Lee Chang Feng in a daze.

"Let's get off work early today. Don't tire yourself out too much." Lee Chang Feng said with a smile and patted her back from time to time.

"Er... thank you, Minister." Muh Qing stood up straight. The Minister's actions made her feel uncomfortable all over.

"Muh Qing, is it hard to be a member of the department?"

"It's okay, it's okay." She smiled. Looking at the person in front of her, she really did not have the mood to work.

"Muh Qing, you look so young and so beautiful. Actually, there is no need to call yourself so hard. Girls, as long as they learn how to sweet-mouth and know how to coax men, they can easily count money at home."

Muh Qing felt that something was not right. Why did Lee Chang Feng's words sound so awkward? She kept feeling that something was not right, but she could only force a smile back at him.

"Come, Muh Qing, come with me." Without waiting for Muh Qing to agree, Lee Chang Feng pulled her into a nearby department store.

"Department Head Li, why did you drag me here?"

"I came to buy you a job gift." Lee Chang Feng walked straight into the LV store. Muh Qing braced herself and followed him inside.

"Waiter, how much is this bag?"

"Sir, 5800."

[Only 5800?] After hearing the price, Lee Chang Feng made an exaggerated expression and pursed his lips: "Tsk tsk, why are the clothes so cheap now? Forget it, wrap it up and give it to this young lady."

"Minister Li, you...?" Muh Qing looked at him blankly.

"It's okay. This bag is so cheap. I have wronged you. Quickly give it a try."

"Ah? No... This is not a problem of money. ... but...

Muh Qing, I see that your family background is rather tight. You don't need to worry. This is just a small matter. Quickly accept it. "

Why did this Minister Li keep sending her high-end goods? Muh Qing's background was unknown how many luxury goods she had seen. "Wait... wait, Minister Li. Thank you for your kind intentions. I have a bag. I don't need to buy it."

"Aiya, Muh Qing, how can your street goods compare to LV's? It's better to throw it away. Girls only need to know how to coax people and enjoy themselves. It doesn't need to be too hard."

Muh Qing looked at this Minister Li. Ah, she finally understood now that the Minister who looks like a person is actually this kind of guy.

Indeed, she couldn't afford luxury goods when she ran away from home, but at the very least, she knew what it meant to struggle with both hands, and she wouldn't curry favor with anyone just for the sake of material goods. This Changfeng was really too shallow!

"I'm sorry, Minister Li, I still have matters to attend to."

"The LV bag is indeed very suitable for this young lady." Not far away, a male voice interrupted their conversation.

The man was slowly walking over with the bag in his hand. Muh Qing narrowed her eyes and looked at the man's figure. She felt a little familiar.

"Sir, you really have a good eye. This is our new package this year."

Her face gradually entered her line of sight. Hehe, it really is Qilian Yun. Why did he appear here? Loong Hua also followed.

"Tsk." Qilian Yun smiled. He walked slowly to her with the new bag in his hand. "I think this lady's temperament is more suitable for the latest model than the counterfeit goods that cost only a few thousand yuan." He changed the topic, "Minister Li, what do you think?"

Lee Chang Feng's brows furrowed, "Who are you!"

This Lee Chang Feng did not know Qilian Yun! Could it be that Qilian Yun rarely showed up and everyone knew nothing about him?

"Waiter, help me wrap up the latest model and give it to this beautiful lady!"

"Yes, sir."

Facing Qilian Yun's blatant provocation, Lee Chang Feng had to endure it no matter how much he did not want to lose face. "You stinking brat, waiter, how much is this dress?"

"Sir, 20,000."

Take a dress suitable for this young lady, you need the latest one! Wrap it up for me!" After saying that, Lee Chang Feng looked at Qilian Yun provocatively.


Muh Qing saw that the matter was getting bigger and bigger, and wanted to stop it.

"With your salary, can you really afford these things?"

"Kid, you don't need to worry about this. Didn't you want to compete with me in terms of money? You should know that I am the head of Qilian International Club. I can get as much money as I want. Do you have anything that I want?! "

"Oh?" Qilian Yun shook his head.

"How is it? Are you scared?"

"Afraid? I just think that you might have made a mistake."

"What? A mistake?" Lee Chang Feng asked in confusion.

You are indeed the head of the department, right? His deep eyes turned cold, "Loong Hua, call the Human Resources Department immediately and fire Lee Chang Feng!"

Yes, Director Qii. "

Lee Chang Feng was stunned." Director Qii? Could it be that you... you are..."

"Qilian Yun, your boss." Loong Hua held the phone and smiled darkly." What, you, Lee Chang Feng, have never heard of Qi Lian's name after working for such a long time? "

In City L, who would dare to challenge Qilian Yun? Even if he, Lee Chang Feng, trained for a thousand years, he would not be able to match up to a zero in his assets. "Director Qii, I was just joking... I just wanted to buy her some inaugural gifts..."

Qilian Yun raised his eyebrows and looked at him wickedly. "Do you think my woman needs your promotion gift?"

"Your woman?!" This time, Lee Chang Feng was completely dumbfounded. He had always thought that Muh Qing was a girl who had never seen the world, but he did not expect her to be Qilian Yun's woman.

"Director Qii! ... "I..."

"Don't explain. Go back and pack your things." Loong Hua smiled and patted his shoulder. "But if you dare to flirt with Miss Boss... then you have to pay the price!"

As he spoke, Loong Hua walked towards Lee Chang Feng step by step, preparing to give him a vicious shoulder throw!

"Stop!" Muh Qing suddenly shouted.

Qilian Yun and Loong Hua looked at Muh Qing who was shouting.

Qilian Yun sniffed and took a deep breath. "Get lost. Don't appear in front of me." Lee Chang Feng took his life and left.

"Thank you." Muh Qing raised her head and looked at Qilian Yun, then turned around and left.

"Huh, I didn't expect you to be ignored." Loong Hua gave Qilian Yun a charming smile.

This was the first time he had ever seen Qilian Yun look like he was being bullied.

"What do you know?" Qilian Yun glared at him, scaring Loong Hua so much that he couldn't say anything.

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