Young Miss Is So Awesome/C16 School Celebration Ball
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Young Miss Is So Awesome/C16 School Celebration Ball
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C16 School Celebration Ball

"My husband's money is really mine. If you don't believe me, I can call Madam Lee and ask her to confront me."

Cheung Jiahui looked at Bai Chengen in front of her in fear.

"Hubby, Ruowei is your daughter. How can I not treat her well? You still don't know what these children are like after all these years?"

Cheung Jiahui's tears and a few words had successfully dispelled Bai Chengen's doubts. Anyway, Bai Ruowei had already returned to the Bai Family, so Bai Chengen did not pursue the matter any further.

"I remember that the Dora still has three evening dresses that are not on display yet!"

After dinner, Bai Ruowei directly called her partner, Xier, on the phone.

"That's right. What's the matter? Do you want to use it?"

"There's no need to put a label on it. Send it directly to me! I might need to use it in a few days."

Bai Ruowei did not hide it and said straightforwardly.

Dora was currently a female clothing brand that monopolized the world. It was a high-end dress under the brand. It was even liked by the royal families of various countries. However, what the people did not know was... The founder of the brand was a teenage girl. And a boy in his twenties.

"By the way, when will you be able to return to Country F?! You've already stayed in that countryside for two years, and you haven't had enough!"

Xier looked at Bai Ruowei on the other end of the phone and asked.

"I am going back to Tong City."

He really did not know what Bai Ruowei was thinking. She did not want to live in the thousands of square meters mansion in Country F and insisted on going back to the tiger and wolf den in Bai Family.

"Then what should we do here?"

Xier was the executive CEO of Ge Yuan, but very few people knew that Bai Ruowei was the big boss behind the scenes of Ge Yuan Corporation.

"Don't you have you over there?"

"Little ancestor, I also need to be in love, get married, and have children, okay?"

"I don't think I stopped you at all!"

Bai Ruowei shrugged and said.

"I am exhausted from handling these matters in the company every day. I don't have time for romance!"

"I previously heard that your arch-enemy has already resigned from the opposing group. Since that's the case, go home and accept your arranged marriage. I'll let him come and take over your shift!"

Bai Ruowei fiddled with the computer in her hand as she casually said.

"Don't, little ancestor, I was wrong."

The sound of begging came from the other end of the phone.

"Alright, I'm hanging up. I forgive you."

Bai Ruowei hung up the phone after saying that.

The next day, she directly sent Huo Yunxi and Yao Annie's evening dresses over via express delivery.

Huo Yunxi looked at the evening dress on her bed and took a deep breath. Was Bai Ruowei really not lying to her? There was actually such a beautiful defective product?

Very soon, it was the day of the school's celebration.

"Wow, look..."

At this moment, everyone cried out in surprise. Then, they saw Bai Jingru, who was carrying Lin Zhe. The two of them were like princes and princesses in fairy tales, accompanying the piano music pouring out of the hall. Slowly, they entered everyone's line of sight.

"Didn't they say that Lin Family is going bankrupt? Why..."

"What do you know? It's precisely because the Lin Family is going bankrupt that this kind of occasion is even more important."

Actually, although it was said to be a school anniversary event, it was actually a school enterprise alliance. Many listed companies would send people to participate in it. Naturally, the purpose was not for the school anniversary. Instead, it was for the school enterprise alliance. If he was lucky, he might be able to meet people from the Geyser Group.

"Furthermore, Bai Jingru keeps calling him her fiancé. The Bai Family has some status after all. We can't just leave them to die!"

Just as everyone was discussing animatedly, the door opened once again.

Then, what entered everyone's eyes was Bai Ruowei, who wore a white one-word evening gown and had a head full of black hair.

"That... Is that Bai Ruowei?"

Not only the men, but all the ladies present also looked at the dazzling and unreachable woman like the sun.

As the person involved, Bai Ruowei did not seem to know how much shock her appearance had brought to the crowd.

Koo Ziyi and Lu Sibo, who were standing aside, were also stunned when they saw Bai Ruowei, who had suddenly appeared in the scene like a fairy descending to the mortal world.

This girl was really not an ordinary beauty.

Her white evening gown wrapped around her tall and slender body. Her slim waist was held tight, and her skin was as white as snow.


Bai Ruowei turned around and saw Koo Ziyi and Lu Sibo in a tuxedo.

"Ruowei, you look so good today!"

Lu Sibo praised her generously.

"Thank you. Your clothes are also very suitable for you today."

At this moment, Bai Ruowei had a proper conversation with her. In addition to her original height, she was delicate and charming, but at the same time, she also had a bit of dominance.


Very quickly, Huo Yunxi and Yao Annie's voices could be heard from the door.

Yao Annie was wearing a pink princess dress while Huo Yunxi was wearing a green gown. She was as weird as Huo Yunxi.

"Ruowei, the clothes you chose are really too beautiful."

"Yes, I really like Ruowei's gown!"

Yao Annie also looked at Bai Ruowei very gratefully and said.

"It is just some unpopular brands that are worth being so excited about."

At this time, Ye Xinling and Lee Xuantong looked at Bai Ruowei and the others and mocked.

Sure enough, they were country bumpkins who had never seen the world. But seeing how happy they were with just one evening dress.

"Even if a pheasant wears a good looking dress, it will not turn into a phoenix."

"The pheasant can even fly! It's also better than raising it. It can only squeal and squeal."

Bai Ruowei looked at Ye Xinling and said sarcastically.

" Didn't I teach you a lesson for what happened last time? "

"Why can't it be that what Xinling said is wrong? Your clothes must have been bought from some stall! I really don't understand. Nowadays, everyone can come to D University. In my opinion, trash should stay in the garbage heap. "

Lee Xuantong covered her nose with her hands and said with a pretentious look.

"Xuantong, is your cousin coming back? I heard that your uncle also has shares in Ge Yuan. In my opinion, let them pack their things and scram!"

Bai Ruowei looked at Koo Ziyi at this time.

"I am not her cousin. Don't accuse me!"

Koo Ziyi's face showed his dislike. It was as if Lee Xuantong was a plague.

"If Koo Ziyi really has such a cousin, I think he should kill himself as soon as possible."

"You... You guys wait and see. I want to see if you guys can still be so arrogant when my cousin comes back."

Lee Xuantong looked at Bai Ruowei's face with a trace of hatred.

Before long, her cousin will come. Bai Ruowei wants to see how long you can be so arrogant.

"One day I wish I could grow my eyes to the sky and be like a rooster."


"Ruowei, what are you laughing at? Ruowei asked. Did I say something wrong?"

Huo Yunxi did not understand.

" No, I just feel that it is very appropriate. "

Very soon, the banquet began. Following the start of the banquet, that legendary cousin also appeared.

"Have you heard? Koo Heng is coming back."

"Ah! Return it? Isn't he a student of the same batch as six years ago? "

" I heard that this time, he was expelled from a foreign school because he caused trouble. You also know that the Gu family also has shares in Gyuan, so of course he has to return to our school. "

Bai Ruowei listened to the discussions over there. Ge Yuan had shares in the Gu family, so how could she not know?

Following the discussions of the crowd, Koo Heng, who was dressed in a silver suit and had dark skin and a beer belly, walked in.

"Six years in university and still in his third year. I really admire him."

"Shh, don't speak nonsense. Who doesn't know that Third Master of the Gu family only has this son after much difficulty? Be careful of what comes out of his mouth."

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