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C17 Conspiracy

The few of them looked at Koo Ziyi who was standing at the side with a calm expression on his face.

Although Koo Heng was the son of Third Uncle Koo Ziyi, there was still a gap between the two of them!

Koo Ziyi's grandfather only had three sons. One was Koo Ziyi's father, and the other was the patriarch of the Gu family, Koo Yuanze. The youngest son was Koo Heng's father.

Koo Ziyi rarely interacted with his illegitimate uncle, let alone Koo Heng.

After the school leader spoke, Wu Zhen, who was the president of the student union, walked onto the stage. When he saw Koo Heng and Wu Zhen standing below him, he immediately felt cold.

Wu Zhen was a special student who had entered D University. He was also Koo Heng's junior. Back then, Koo Heng had bullied many people in the school because he was a member of the Gu family. One of these people was Wu Zhen.

"It's been a long time since we last met. Aren't you going to introduce me?"

Koo Heng's thick voice suddenly sounded in the hall. Everyone looked at Koo Heng, who seemed out of place at the banquet, but none of them dared to make a sound.

After all, even the school's leaders did not dare to offend someone. They naturally would not choose to bump into him.

"You have been abroad for so many years, but you still did not change that arrogant character of yours!"

Koo Ziyi, who was 186 centimeters tall, stood beside Koo Heng. He actually had an inexplicable sense of oppression.

"Oh, Cousin Ziyi, I didn't expect that you would have grown so tall after not seeing you for so long."

"Yeah, it has been six years, but you are still in D University, and you are still in the same class. I also didn't expect that."

"Koo Ziyi, don't flatter yourself. Let me tell you, I call you cousin because I think highly of you. Don't let them call you school grass every day and call you ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth."

"I want you to introduce me."

Then, he shouted at Wu Zhen who was standing on the stage.

Although he said that, Koo Ziyi's uncle was the head of the Gu family after all. Koo Heng didn't dare to go too far.

"This is our senior, Koo Heng."

"I heard from Wu Zhen that in the future, if anyone has any problems with their studies, they can come and disturb senior."

"Studying. A person who has been squatting for six years and was expelled by a foreign school. What's there to show off about? I don't have any other intentions. If you want to lose face, just lose it. Don't lose face for the Gu family."

If it wasn't because they were afraid of Koo Heng, at this moment, everyone really wanted to applaud and cheer for Koo Ziyi.

"Cousin, you're back!"

Lee Xuantong saw this and quickly went up to greet him. She looked at Koo Heng with a smile and said.

Seeing Lee Xuantong, Koo Heng's eyes immediately revealed a wretched smile. This cousin of hers had been pretty since she was young. She took the opportunity to hug Lee Xuantong's shoulder.

"Xuantong has also become more and more beautiful recently."

"Which one are you talking about?"

Koo Heng whispered to Lee Xuantong.

"The one in the white shirt. How is it? Not bad, right?"

Lee Xuantong looked at the lecherous Koo Heng with a vicious look on her face.

"Okay, that's great."

At this time, Koo Heng's eyes were staring undisguised at Bai Ruowei who was standing beside Koo Ziyi. Greed was revealed in his eyes.

"Everything has been arranged. Next, it will be up to you."

"My cousin is still thinking about my cousin."

As he spoke, he took the opportunity to touch Lee Xuantong's smooth face.

Lee Xuantong endured the disgust. Bai Ruowei, tonight I will make you lose your reputation.

Halfway through the banquet, Huo Yunxi was dancing on the dance floor with her male partner while Bai Ruowei was sitting on the sofa with champagne. ...

"Beautiful lady, I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to dance?"

Bai Ruowei looked at Koo Ziyi, who had a hand behind his back like a gentleman in a foreign movie, and said, "I don't know how to dance. I'm sorry!"

Bai Ruowei had a trace of apology on her face. She remembered what had happened earlier. Koo Ziyi did not want Bai Ruowei to be too embarrassed, so he did not insist.

At this time, Yao Annie looked at Bai Ruowei and said with a troubled look, "Ruowei, my one is here. Can you go to the rest room and get me a sanitary cotton?"


Yao Annie's words could be said to be saving Bai Ruowei's "water and fire." She immediately agreed to pick up her handbag and prepared to leave.

"Leave the bag here! I will watch over it for you."

Thinking that it was indeed a little inconvenient for her to hold the bag in one hand and the skirt in the other, Bai Ruowei agreed.

When Bai Ruowei came to the rest room, the rest room was pitch black. Just as Bai Ruowei was about to turn on the light and walk in, the door was suddenly closed.

As the lights in the room lit up, Bai Ruowei also saw Koo Heng's flushed face in the room.

She skipped over Koo Heng and walked to the drawer at the side and took out the sanitary cotton.

"Little beauty, I don't think you need that."

As he spoke, he pounced towards Bai Ruowei like a bear.

Bai Ruowei directly kicked Koo Heng away in her high heels.

Although Koo Heng was also kicked to the ground, Bai Ruowei quickly discovered that something was wrong. At this time, her entire body was soft and unable to use any strength.

Bai Ruowei aimed her gaze at the air purifier above and her eyes immediately turned cold.

At this time, the door was probably locked.

"Beauty, the night is short. Let's not waste our time on other places."

Bai Ruowei bit the tip of her tongue hard to keep herself awake, but Bai Ruowei who was drugged was not a match for Koo Heng.

She saw the pair of pig hands grabbing towards her.

Bai Ruowei immediately picked up the vase on the table and used all her strength to smash it towards Koo Heng's head.

"You little slut, how dare you hit me? But it doesn't matter. I just like a wild woman like you."

Bai Ruowei quickly picked up the broken porcelain pieces on the ground and held them tightly in her hands.

Instantly, blood flowed out from her white hands. This sudden pain instantly woke Bai Ruowei up.

Picking up the things on the table, whether it was the tissue box or the hairdryer, she kept smashing them towards Koo Heng.

In her panic, Bai Ruowei touched the powder used for makeup, opened the box, and headed towards Gu Zeyang.

The fine powder instantly entered Koo Heng's eyes, nose, and mouth.

Bai Ruowei seized the time and directly opened the window, grabbed the curtains and jumped down from the third floor.

Now that she was poisoned, she definitely could not return to the venue. For the sake of today's plan, she could only leave this place as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Bai Ruowei clenched her right hand again and used the last bit of strength to jump into the garden.

She took off her high heels and held them in her hands. When necessary, high heels were a large killing weapon.

At this moment, Yao Annie looked a little uneasy as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

But looking at Lee Xuantong's warning eyes in the distance, she still stopped in her tracks.

"Xuantong, you said that there will be a good show to show me. What kind of good show is this!"

Ye Xinling curiously asked Lee Xuantong by the side.

Lee Xuantong's eyes looked at the lounge on the third floor that was tightly shut. It would not be long before she let everyone know how lowly Bai Ruowei was in her bones.

"Annie, what's wrong with you? Why are you sweating so much?"

Huo Yunxi looked at Yao Annie with a face full of worry.

"It's nothing. I just drank a little too much."


Huo Yunxi said with a smile.

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