Young Miss Is So Awesome/C9 National Prince Charming
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Young Miss Is So Awesome/C9 National Prince Charming
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C9 National Prince Charming

The next morning, a group of people gathered around Gate D.

"Bai Ruiyuan, I love you."

"Hubby, you're the most handsome."

"Prince Charming, I'll always support you."

From the looks of it, it was obvious which celebrity had come again.

Behind Big D was the Geyuan Group, and under it was the largest entertainment company in Tong City. Furthermore, Big D's courses were very extensive, including anime, photography, performance and so on.

"Why didn't you just recruit them openly? Why did you have to come here!"

Bai Ruiyuan looked at the dark crowd outside, and from time to time, screams could be heard.

"Director, you also want to bring some new people. It's a little new when you promote them like this."

"With this voice, even the aunties in the market won't be able to beat them in the market!"

Bai Ruiyuan, Bai Ruowei's fifth brother, the national prince charming, went to film a group of novels because he was hot-headed at that time and became popular on the Internet. His temper was hot, but it still did not affect his high popularity.

Bai Ruowei looked at Bai Ruiyuan's human-shaped card standing outside the RV and glanced over.

"Classmate, classmate."

Manager Xu Hui had just gotten out of the car when he saw Bai Ruowei carrying a backpack and her hair hanging loosely on her shoulders.

"Is something the matter?"

"It's like this. Our movie is recruiting female leads. Look..."

"Not interested."

Bai Ruowei waved her hand and turned around to leave.

But Xu Hui did not plan to give up just like that. "You really don't want to partner with the National Prince Charming Bai Ruiyuan?"


"Ruowei, what a coincidence."

Huo Yunxi, who was at the back, trotted all the way to Bai Ruowei's side, and then the two of them went to the teaching building.

Looking at the dejected Xu Hui, she asked, "What happened? Did someone beat you up?"

"No, I was rejected."

"I'm a gold manager, but I got rejected. " He was discouraged when he thought about what had just happened.

"Then it must be that you didn't mention my name."

Although sometimes Bai Ruiyuan didn't like his fans, he was still very confident in his charm.

"I mentioned it, but he still refused."

"Are you crazy? Why do you have to look for that stupid girl?"

Bai Ruiyuan was so angry that he jumped on his feet. He was really going to die.

"But she really fits the female lead of our new movie. She looks stunning, very fresh, and feels like a girl from a small town."

"Where is she? Where is she? Wake up! How can there be such a person in real life? It's just a fantasy created by a screenwriter."

" There really is. "

"[I don't believe it.]"

" If you don't believe me, then let's go take a look. "

Xu Hui suggested, unconvinced.

"If you want to go, then go."

However, as soon as Bai Ruiyuan got out of the car, all the fans outside swarmed over.

"All of you, stay away from me. Don't delay my business."

After Bai Ruiyuan shouted, those chasing boys and girls immediately opened up a green path.

In the entire entertainment industry, perhaps only this ancestor dared to treat his fans like this.

"Wow, my husband looks so handsome when he's angry!"

"That's right, he's too manly."

Just like that, Xu Hui brought Bai Ruiyuan to the Computer Department building.

He looked at the guards at the door and said, "Hello, let me ask you, is there a girl called Ruowei in your faculty?"

"There are thousands of people in our department. I'm afraid there are quite a number of people called Ruowei."

Hearing this name, Bai Ruiyuan could not help but fall into deep thought. He did not know how that girl was doing in the countryside.


The guard suddenly changed the topic. "I heard that a new person from Class C-2 came by the name of Ruowei."

As he spoke, he turned on his phone. " Oh. Yes, it's Bai Ruowei."

"What did you say?"

, "Her name is Bai Ruowei?"

"Yes, look. "

As he spoke, he passed the article on his phone to Bai Ruiyuan.

"Genius girl Bai Ruowei instantly killed the computing God."

The photo below was the scene of Bai Ruowei and Lin Zhe PK.

He returned the phone to the guard and went upstairs like the wind.

"Wow, isn't this Bai Ruiyuan?"


Because of Bai Ruiyuan's appearance, there was a commotion in the corridor very quickly.

"Fifth brother, are you here to find me?"

Bai Jingru's sharp eyes quickly spotted Bai Ruiyuan who was standing at the door gasping for air.

However, Bai Ruiyuan did not pay attention to him. He directly dialed Bai Jingru to the side and looked at Bai Ruowei who was playing with Koo Ziyi with earphones in the last row.


Bai Ruiyuan carefully walked to Bai Ruowei's side and looked at the girl who was staring at the screen attentively.

"Rui Rui, this is what I told you. How is it? Isn't it a girl who has the aura of a small town and village? And isn't she very pretty?"

Seeing Bai Ruiyuan in a daze, Xu Hui quickly took credit and said.

"You are the one who has the aura of a village. This is my younger sister, the eldest daughter of Bai Family."

Xu Hui froze on the spot. Didn't they say that the eldest daughter of the Bai Family was extremely ugly? Also, what was with the faded clothes?

Bai Ruowei quickly took off her headphones and looked at Bai Ruiyuan. "What's the matter?"

"Then... That Ruowei, I am your fifth brother... I am Bai Ruiyuan. "

Xu Hui looked at the bashful Bai Ruiyuan by the side. He had never been so nervous when he participated in the International Film Festival for the first time!

"I know."

Following Bai Ruowei's reply, Bai Ruiyuan also noticed Bai Ruowei's faded clothes.

"You... Why are you dressed like this?"

Bai Ruowei looked at Bai Ruiyuan with a little amusement. If you are not dressed like this, what are you wearing? Ten years ago, a little girl who did not have any money in her hands could not wear this.

"Come with me."

As she spoke, she directly pulled Bai Ruowei, who was sitting on the seat, and walked out without looking back.

Seeing this, Xu Hui took Bai Ruowei's things and followed her.

This pair of extremely beautiful siblings, if they were both in the entertainment industry, wouldn't he be rich?

Bai Ruiyuan directly pulled Bai Ruowei to the shopping mall.

"What size of clothes are you wearing?"

He turned his head and asked Bai Ruowei with the same indifferent expression.

"No need."

Bai Ruiyuan pushed Bai Ruowei directly to the front of the cabinet sister. "Wrap up all her size clothing, including her shoes."

"Excuse me, sir, the size of the shoe is..."

Looking at Bai Ruowei who was still silent, he knew that she would not say anything even if he asked her.


"I will wear 37 yards."

Although he knew that this guy was rich, even if he had money, he wouldn't spend it like this!

"Then wrap up all the shoes at 37 yards."

After saying that, he pulled Bai Ruowei to the jewelry counter. "Wrap up all the new ones for the season. I want all of them."

After buying the clothes, Bai Ruiyuan looked at Bai Ruowei's thin body and directly pulled her to a five-star restaurant.

"I'm not hungry."

"Fifth brother is hungry. Eat with Fifth brother."

Seeing Bai Ruowei eating like a hamster, Bai Ruiyuan smiled. This little girl was so cute even when she ate.

Just by looking at Bai Ruiyuan, he noticed the scar on Bai Ruowei's thumb and forefinger.

"How did you get the wound on your hand?"

Bai Ruiyuan's voice was very soft, afraid of scaring Bai Ruowei.

"I accidentally hurt my hand when I went up the hill to chop firewood," ___ said.

Going up the mountain to chop firewood? Bai Ruiyuan suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Did Fifth Brother not give enough money?"

Bai Ruowei's hand that was holding the food suddenly paused.

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