Youths' Stars And World/C1 Win a Brother Lose a Future
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Youths' Stars And World/C1 Win a Brother Lose a Future
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C1 Win a Brother Lose a Future


The starry sky was a place where youths looked up to based on the vicissitudes of time.

In Golden Age, talents were considered the best. In troubled times, heroes were made heroes because of their pride.

The starry sky was resplendent, and the horizon was vast and boundless …

herbaceous teenager

weathered frost

yearning for dawn

Every hundred million years, the Earth witness the rise and fall of civilization. The vicissitudes of life had greatly changed. It was unknown just how many civilizations he had encountered in the past. A world that was composed of humans, Beast Clan, Dragon Race, spirits, and other such beings continued to write a new chapter on the competition between living beings, evolving together with nature.

Midfield, the central plateau of the Northern Continent. In the past, the Beast Clan s lost the war, but they still occupied the Midfield s. In the end, Beast Clan took the initiative to give up on this place, and would rather all return to the bitter and cold North Corner. The reason was that although the Midfield occupied the largest area of the Northern Continent, the deserts, deserts, swamps, glaciers, saline-alkali lands, and other special type of environment, it caused the people who lived here to suffer greatly.

Under the starry sky, on the icy river, a group of ragged young soldiers carrying swords ran forward. Suddenly, a young man lost his balance and fell onto the ice, causing the rest of the group to look back. Don't stop, if you can't complete the mission, just go ahead and do it. " A burly youth in the lead shouted loudly. A thin but robust youth rushed forward to help his companion.

"Loong Yu, what are you doing?" Don't forget, I'm the captain today. Do you still want to violate the military order? " The burly teenager said as he walked up to Loong Yu and pushed him away, but he was held back by Loong Yu. Loong Yu, you want to rebel? "Let me go." "The captain's arm was twisted in pain, but his momentum did not diminish." What are you looking at? "Hurry up and leave." After the captain was let go, he glared at Loong Yu in hatred and vented his dissatisfaction at the stunned team.

"Captain, don't worry about me. Hurry up and go! "I can't take it anymore." The person on the ground was helped to sit by Loong Yu and said weakly. All soldiers. He ate well and drank well, and enjoyed himself in the camp. "We need to eat and drink less, but we still have to come out and fight." He was a regular mercenary. We're still trainers. The treatment will definitely be different. " The people that passed by them whispered.

"Tsk." Thirteen is normal. "I'm already fourteen." His Goza's Castle had been surrounded for a year, unable to come down. "We've been veterans for a long time." What are you complaining about? Captain Loong Yu wanted us to have a full stomach when we go on a mission. "Look at what's happening now." Look at the guy in front of you. Is it the appearance of a team leader? "

"I heard that his team has the highest death rate." What could he do? "Who asked him to be a veteran or a regular soldier?" Those behind you, hurry up and catch up. If the mission cannot be completed, the entire team will be beheaded. " The captain's voice came through the cold air. "Loong Yu!" A teenager shouted, and was immediately touched by someone else's arm. Oh! Captain. He couldn't do it anymore. Let's go. "

When Loong Yu stood up, the only people that surrounded him were his back. He took another look at the slightly wide-eyed youth beside him and chased after him.

"Stars... Stars... Shattered. Mother... Mother's tears..." Before Loong Yu could run a few steps, the intermittent sound of singing came from behind him. The voice was small and distorted, as if it came from hell, but more like it came from the heart. This is a nursery rhyme from Eastern Frontier.

Loong Yu was a child soldier who trained at the bottom level of the mercenaries. Orphans from war or other causes. In this world, aside from himself and the blade in his hand, the only other thing that mattered was to pray for the next life. Who are the parents? Who were their relatives? They really didn't know.

"Live... and live..." These were the last four words Loong Yu heard. "Captain." "Another teammate, who was lying on the ground in front of Loong Yu, shouted at the top of his lungs just as Loong Yu was about to pass by." Live for me. Live for me. Home... must... "Loong Yu ran over and didn't dare to stop, afraid that he would be the next them." Not far away, he saw another teammate lying on the ground.

Loong Yu's heart suddenly rose to his throat, making him feel suffocated. Physical and mental exhaustion had reached an extreme point. Loong Yu felt that his body was becoming more and more non-existent. There was only his own breathing, his heartbeat, and no other sounds in the whole world. In front of him was the flashing backs of his teammates. Loong Yu chased after them non-stop.

From the east, the group of Boy Scouts dragged their heavy bodies to the top of the last mountain. At the foot of the mountain, he saw a campsite. There were a dozen large carriages and over seventy camels and horses.

"Great." The burly captain panted excitedly and said, "We really got a big bargain this time." As he spoke, he drew his knife. "Hold on." "Loong Yu was cut off when he gave the order." "What do you want?" There were at least sixty to seventy people on the other side. "We also have a hundred people, but …" Loong Yu said as he looked at his teammates who were still breathing heavily.

"Fuck you." The fighter jet is fleeting, follow me. " The captain called out and saw that everyone was hesitating. Kicking one of his teammates down with a kick, he shouted, "Retreat before the battle begins and kill him without mercy. "Loong Yu, let me do it." said the captain, poking him with the point of his knife. Loong Yu glanced at his teammates and told them with his eyes that they should take care of themselves. Then, he took his spear and rushed down the mountain first.

Halfway up the mountain, the weary group woke up the camp at the foot of the mountain. Although they were in a hurry to fight, they were just waiting. Relying on their tall stature and shiny armor, they smiled at each other as they watched a group of children die. But as soon as the two sides engaged in battle, the other side immediately realized the severity of their mistakes.

After the slaughter, more than ten children were killed. The first thing they did after they won was to find food and drink from each other's corpses. After that, he plopped down on the ground and started eating and drinking. It was as if they were trying their best to eat it just for this one bite. Those ten odd carts of goods had nothing to do with them at all.

When they were all eating until they were full, they realized that the wounds they had just received were already frozen into a single piece. Just a slight movement was enough to cause a heart-wrenching pain. They could not help but strip the corpses of their clothes. It was only when he stripped naked in public and put on new, incomplete clothes that he was finished.

"Captain Loong Yu." Now you're leading us again. " A teammate who had just changed into a new set of clothes said. Loong Yu found that this guy's luck was pretty good. There were no holes in his clothes, not even a trace of blood. That guy saw something in Loong Yu's eyes and became even more spirited.

"We'll set up camp today." Loong Yu's one sentence caused everyone else to jump up and down in joy. Only one of the youths hurried in front of him and whispered, "Captain." If they did not report back to the camp in time, all of them would be executed. " New. "He really doesn't know anything?" Do you know how old your captain is? "Newcomer." The captain came in at the age of five. "If you follow the captain, you can put your heart into your stomach." "But …"

"Hehe, everyone's full. Wear some warm clothes. Get up and go to work. Otherwise, if you get frozen, you won't have anything left? " Loong Yu reminded. Everyone lazily stood up, sweeping through the battlefield once again. Leave the bodies aside, the horses and all the other dead and useful things on the wagon. Finally, they formed a circle around the carriage.

As night fell, the feast and the revelry continued until everyone couldn't jump anymore.

"Why aren't you resting?" Loong Yu, who was in charge of guarding, saw the newcomer leaning on the wheel as he stared blankly at the starry sky. He couldn't help but come over and ask. "Captain." The newcomer wanted to get up, but was stopped by Loong Yu, so he sat beside him. Don't worry. Coming out to do a mission is a special treatment for us. "Let's have a meal first." How many more days? "Will going back really be okay?" "With me here." The newcomer glanced at Loong Yu. Sleep early. It's cold at night, so if I don't sleep early, I won't be able to sleep at all. " With that, Loong Yu got up and left.

A group of children were guarding a pile of supplies. Just like that, a day passed, and two days passed …

"Captain, captain" Loong Yu was woken up by someone from his dream. He stood up and picked up his spear. "Newcomer, run." "This fellow really doesn't know what's good for him." "If you knew earlier, you would have killed him." Don't say it's useless. "Let's hear what the captain has to say." "Captain, he must have run back to report." "Let's run as well." Why didn't you decide earlier? "We're all going to die.

After Loong Yu heard all of them talking at once, he understood the gist of the matter. He also knew the seriousness of the situation. "Go, leave fifteen camels behind, kill all the other horses." After Loong Yu finished his sentence, everyone else was stunned. "Captain, if we kill the horse, what kind of carriage do we use?" What are you talking about? Do whatever the captain says. "

"Cart with camels." Loong Yu's words made everyone even more confused. After putting on the cart, everyone bandaged their wounds. "Get on the cart and hurry." Loong Yu urged and the others started to move as if they had just awoken from a dream.

Four hours later, more than ten large carriages with camels in them were slowly returning to their own campsite, along with dozens of young men who were lying on them.

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