Reunion Of Lovers,Modern Romance

Codéla is a book about child machines used as weapons of war by the IRS, chosen from every race and country,experimenting and training children for this purposes from the womb .The IRS is a secret organization that seems to erupt from the bowels of hell, no one can tell their beginning and their end never seems to be in sight. Experimenting and testing the limits of human capabilities,to use them as weapons to wreak havoc. From the young age of 7 this weapons of war are sent out to kill , destroy ,torture , gain information and simply achieve the impossible in classified missions but one of their missions go awry and the IRS is forced to wipe out any trace of the existence of this children. But one survives Adelani ,popularly known as codéla; in the world of computers. Being adopted by a christain couple ( for who else would take the risk of loving a weapon of war) délani carries on a normal life under a christain family.With the suddeness that comes with loss, codéla loses both of her parents and slowly starts sidestepping towards the world she was saved from as a child,in to the world of computers ,fast money and almost breaking the law.Doing business with and for the wrong people delani is kidnapped in to an unexpected marriage miles away from what she calls home,this seems to turn the light on for codéla and brings her back to reality , the reality of God ,of love and of forgiveness. There she meets general Wilson the husband she marries with a gun to her head and an unexpected ally. To earn back her freedom delani has to help a nation earn back it's sanity. The IRS is hot on her tail also,ready to capture the last of it's creation.