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豪门弃妇的春天(Deserted Woman)
Short story. Betrayal, escaping love, cute child.
sakivramcompleted at Jun 19th, 17:22
City Lady Killer The One with the Heavenly Hands
sebax2345completed at Jun 19th, 11:31
Flower Master in the City
The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus, my beautiful ceo
kanturaliyabgucompleted at Jun 3rd, 04:16
Empire uncle overbearing pet 帝国大叔霸道宠
springladycompleted at Jun 3rd, 04:16
灵武弑九天 Bright Martial Murdering Nine Heavens
By the same author as Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Have a good plot.
EvilSparkcompleted at Jun 2nd, 20:34
Sword god
Because it’s on comrade mao but the translation sucks
djfiest7completed at May 29th, 22:43
The novel by the same author of Emperor's Domination.
Night completed at May 29th, 23:48
The Girl Who Cured the Crazy BOSS is Majestic and Mighty 治愈蛇精病BOSS的妹子你雄壮威武
Action, comedy, romance, historical, male yandere
uwuanancompleted at May 26th, 23:50
A great urban romance, enjoy reading!
Night completed at May 23rd, 18:13
萌师在上:逆徒别乱来 The Distinguished Cute Master
The story similar with our binding love my gentle tyrant with many chapters ♡
uwuanancompleted at May 23rd, 01:32
My Cold and Beautiful Wife, 我的冰山美女老婆
Interesting romantic plot similar to 'my wife is a beautiful CEO'.
llllllllllcompleted at May 13th, 01:49
The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend
Qiao Moyu found herself in a novel world and became the villainess...
vinniezhocompleted at May 6th, 00:14
Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant/强制欢宠:我的温柔暴君
Comedy Historical Josei Psychological Romance
meiviverecompleted at May 5th, 06:44
老婆粉了解一下[娱乐圈], Get to know The Shy Wife [Entertainment Circle]
An interesting novel in entertainment circle. About a male god and his shy wife.
Lazycatcompleted at Apr 27th, 05:26
Poison Genius Consort2 《天才小毒妃第二部》 帝王燕:王妃有药
Sequel to Poison Genius Consort by Jie Mo.
orenjinekocompleted at Apr 23rd, 23:47
Magic Love Ring, 桃运神戒
Song Yan found mythtical ring, which chanched his life.
ivanveruskin86completed at Apr 9th, 06:33
心尖上的你, You on the apex of the heart
A jjwxc's novel, it's a short one only consist of 66 chapters. But it's awesome.
Lazycatcompleted at Apr 9th, 04:43
Cultivation World
The immortal hero in my heart!
kimicompleted at Apr 8th, 01:35