A Mistaken Marriage with Mr. CEO/C1 Ma'am, you broke my shirt.
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A Mistaken Marriage with Mr. CEO/C1 Ma'am, you broke my shirt.
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C1 Ma'am, you broke my shirt.

Ma'am, you broke my shirt.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't do it on purpose." Because of her mistake, the hair spray sprayed onto the man's collar.

This was the second mistake she made today.

Shen Qi felt that she was going to die today.

As a top personal stylist, she had made a mistake that even apprentices wouldn't make. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to continue to work in this industry.

The man who was in the middle of styling was naturally born with a pair of phoenix eyes. The corners of his eyes were lowered, the ends of his eyes were raised, and his gaze was slightly cold.

It was said that such a man was ruthless and heartless.

He Yining's gaze once again landed on Shen Qi's collarbone.

There was a fingernail-sized birthmark there, like a flame.

The fiery-red birthmark was in the middle of her delicate collarbone, beautiful and warm.

"This is the second one you destroyed." He Yining glanced at his destroyed clothes and raised his head to look at Shen Qi. His eyes narrowed slightly.

Shen Qi felt an overwhelming pressure pouring down from her back.

Shen Qi's fingers trembled. "I'm sorry."

While Shen Qi was anxiously waiting for her fate to be announced, He Yining suddenly moved closer to Shen Qi's ear and gave her a wicked smile. "Are you trying to keep me?"

His breathing suddenly reached Shen Qi's ears, and the hormonal aura he released instantly seeped into her ears.

Shen Qi's pupils instantly shrank.

Her body immediately reacted and she reached out to push He Yining away.

Her fingers touched He Yining's chest, feeling warm. Shen Qi quickly retracted her fingers as if she was being burned.

Shen Qi took a step back, but she forgot that there was a makeup table behind her. She stuck her entire body to it.

She was just about to get up when He Yining leaned over. The two of them were almost touching each other's noses.

Shen Qi didn't even dare to breathe. Her lips trembled slightly, and her heart beat faster. Her mind instantly went blank.

Seeing Shen Qi's ears gradually turn red, He Yining smiled gently.

"This is the last time." A pleasant voice sounded above Shen Qi's head, making her almost unable to believe that she had really escaped this disaster.

A world-shaking business emperor.

A ruthless workplace tyrant.

The legendary CEO of He Family Financial Group.

A single man that tens of thousands of women would wish for.

He had too many titles. Shen Qi could only remember one thing: If someone made a mistake in front of him, this person will leave this industry for the rest of his life!

Today, she made two mistakes in a row, but he did not let her disappear?

His tall figure suddenly left. Shen Qi, who was only 165 centimeters tall, instantly felt the pressure lighten. Only then did she stand up straight.

"Madam, I only have 15 minutes left." He Yining kindly reminded Shen Qi.

Only then did Shen Qi come back to her senses and quickly finish the rest of the work.

After finishing the work, Shen Qi asked with unease: "How much do I need to pay for those two clothes?"

He Yining looked at her with interest. "Since you took the initiative to admit your mistake, I only charge the cost price, 500,000 yuan per piece."

What? One million yuan for two pieces of clothing?

Shen Qi's face instantly turned pale.

"What? Can't you afford it? Otherwise, why don't you use something else to repay the debt?" He Yining looked at his new appearance and gave Shen Qi a meaningful glance through the mirror.

After saying this, He Yining stood up and left.

Shen Qi was so angry that she couldn't say anything.

As the head of the He Family, he actually...

The phone rang. Shen Qi looked at the number and felt pain in her heart. She quickly picked up the phone, "Hello, Aunty, is there any news from Zhan Bo?"

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. After a full minute, a tired reply came. "The police said that it has been 48 hours. They said that there is not much hope for him to survive."

Shen Qi felt her mind go blank.

Her body went soft and she immediately sat on the carpet.

Was Zhan Bo dead?

Why did he die just like that?

Didn't they say that they would be happily together for the rest of their lives?

Didn't he say that they would be engaged when he returned this time?

Liar, Zhan Bo, you big liar!

Shen Qi didn't know how she walked out of the door.

When she came back to her senses, she found that her entire body was already drenched.

She reached out and wiped her face. It was unknown whether it was rain or tears on her face, but she could not see clearly.

Shen Qi wanted to cry out and vent her sorrow.

But at this moment, she finally understood that when the pain reached its peak, she wouldn't be able to cry at all.

Shen Qi staggered forward in the pouring rain. In this world, only the sound of despair could be heard.

He Yining saw the staggering figure by the road and instantly recognized her. His heart inexplicably tightened. Just as he was about to pass by her, he suddenly said, "Stop the car."

The pure white Rolls-Royce steadily stopped. The window was lowered, and his handsome face looked like an otherworldly god on this rainy day.

He Yining noticed that the woman in the rain did not notice him at all. His eyes could not help but narrow.

No one had ever neglected him like this.

"Get in the car." He spoke with a faint anger. Was this woman an idiot? She didn't know how to use an umbrella in such a heavy rain?

Hearing the sound behind her, Shen Qi automatically stopped and turned around.

When she saw He Yining's cold and beautiful face, for some reason, the tears that she had just suppressed suddenly gushed out again.

Shen Qi's lips trembled, and tears rolled down her face.

Even though she knew that he was just a stranger to her.

However, Shen Qi really wanted to find someone to talk to. Because in this world, she didn't even have a single person to talk to.

Even if he was just a stranger, she couldn't help it: "He's dead, he can't come back, he can't come back anymore."

Before she could finish her sentence, she was already sobbing uncontrollably.

He Yining looked at Shen Qi, who had suddenly become as fragile as a piece of paper. A gust of wind might be able to break her apart.

He didn't know why, but his little bit of anger had disappeared in an instant.

He Yining personally opened the car door for Shen Qi, and his tone suddenly softened. "Get in the car."

Shen Qi was like a drowning person, suddenly grabbing onto the last straw. Without hesitation, she got in the car.

Shen Qi curled up on the seat, crying like a child.

She was so afraid of being alone, so afraid of being alone in the darkness.

He Yining's eyes narrowed as he said to the driver, "To Jinghua Manor."

The driver was stunned for a moment before he immediately regained his composure. He drove quickly towards Jinghua Manor.

By the time Shen Qi regained her senses, she was already in a villa in a huge manor.

Looking at the exquisite western style rooms around her, Shen Qi recalled that she had actually sat in a strange man's car and gone to his house while feeling extremely sad.

Shen Qi subconsciously stood up, grabbed her bag, and was about to run away.

"What are you doing? You owe me money, and you want to run away in such a hurry?" The distant and indifferent voice said such words.

Shen Qi abruptly turned around and saw He Yining walking towards her while wiping his hair in his white pajamas.

His short black hair, which had just been washed, was a little messy, which made He Yining even more wild and unrestrained. He looked very noble.

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