A Mistaken Marriage with Mr. CEO

Modern Romance
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Latest Release: C1210 Ai Di took the blame.
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Although Shen He handled matters at work, they were all in order. But she had never dealt with this kind of thing before. When she suddenly heard that Zhu Ge You You was pregnant with Ai Di, she was also a little confused and didn't know what to do. However, it was a good thing that Shen He was still very calm. She did not panic, but said in a low voice, "This matter is too big, I can't make a

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Marry to the CEO by a Mistake


In order to pay for her brother's medical expenses, she had to replace her own sister to marry the rich family's elder son . She always thought she was married to the elder one, but she did not know her husband was nominally the younger son He Yi Ning. He Yi Ning, the real heir of the rich family, the ruthless business emperor, the ruthless workplace tyrant, and her sister's dreaming husband. When she found out that the person who married her was He Yi Ning, she stunned and asked, "Shouldn't i be your sister-in-law?" He smiled charmingly: "Are you unhappy with your husband?" Knowing she married a wrong guy, what would she do to deal with the subsequent marriage lives? ☆About the Author☆ Fen Hua Fu Liu, a new online novelist, is good at writing urban romance novels. Her novels usually describe sweet love and complex interpersonal relationships, which has gained most readers' like.



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