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C1 Zhao Fan

In a barren mountain outside the Qingzhou City of the HSBC County. Under the blazing sun, Zhao Fan was perspiring profusely and practising a fist art. It was as if he had been cultivating in this environment for a long time, and his skin was completely tanned from the sun.

However, Zhao Fan's eyes still showed unquestionable perseverance, as though nothing could interrupt him. He withdrew his fist and threw out a punch. Every movement he made was precise and powerful.

Zhao Fan had been practicing this move for eight hours already. His posture had never changed, and his body was still as straight as a mountain.

In these seven years, Zhao Fan spent most of his time cultivating. Wind and rain, thunder and lightning, never a day of interruption, and the hardships in it cannot be expressed in simple words.

"Xiaofan, why are you still practicing your fist art?" "Come and eat something."

A middle-aged woman wearing coarse clothes and carrying a bamboo basket walked over from afar. Although this woman's face was ancient, it didn't seem to be able to cover up her outstanding appearance. Seeing Zhao Fan working hard in his cultivation, the woman had a pleased smile on her face. The woman was Zhao Fan's mother, Su Yingxue.

Zhao Fan's father had died young, so he was raised by Su Yingxue alone. The mother and son had been living a miserable life. Su Yingxue had to make money from weaving to barely maintain her family.

The Hong Teng Nation's martial arts were revered, the real expert not only had a heavenly profound ability, it could even shake the majesty of the imperial family.

Zhao Fan had longed for the peak of the martial path since he was young, and his heart of martial arts was firm and resolute. In the selection of the outer sect disciples, Zhao Fan had relied on his strong will that exceeded that of an ordinary person and his solid foundation to enter the list of the outer sect disciples with great difficulty. He had fulfilled one of his wishes for many years. Even though the results of the exam were the worst among all the participants, but no matter what, joining the Tian Ren Martial Hall was the first step in his martial arts career.

"Mother, why have you come?"

Zhao Fan retracted his fist and walked in front of Su Yingxue and said. In a few days, it would be the outer sect disciple test of the Tianren Martial Hall. The disciples with outstanding results would have the opportunity to enter the inner sect.

In these few days, Zhao Fan madly cultivated, preparing for the upcoming assessment, hoping to obtain good results in this assessment.

"If I don't come, won't you starve again?"

Su Yingxue used a simple method to wipe the sweat off Zhao Fan's forehead, and endless concern surfaced in his eyes. Opening the lid, a few grains and a plate of light side dishes appeared in the bamboo basket.

"Mother understands me best!"

Seeing that his mother had personally cooked his food, Zhao Fan really felt that there was nothing in his stomach, and started to eat. It was just plain food, but Zhao Fan was enjoying it more than fish and meat.

Seeing Zhao Fan wolfing down his food, Su Yingxue's smile became especially brilliant. It was just that there was still a trace of sadness on her face that could not be wiped away.

"Xiaofan, have you decided to participate in the outer court disciple test of the Ren Wu Hall in a few days?"

The faint smile on Su Yingxue's face gradually faded, and her face that was full of the vicissitudes of life started to turn even more serious.

Su Yingxue had always felt that she had let her son down. She had never been able to give Zhao Fan rich living conditions, which made him unable to be compared with those noble sons in all aspects. This resulted in Zhao Fan obtaining the worst result in the selection of the outer sect disciples in the Heaven's Path Martial Hall.

"Yes!" I have decided! "

Zhao Fan's face was full of determination. The journey of martial arts must be full of ups and downs, Zhao Fan would not be depressed because of his poor results.

"Xiaofan, if mother could give you a rich environment to cultivate in, you would probably be no worse than that Li Yifei."

As he thought about the suffering and humiliation his son had endured since he was young because of her incompetence, Su Yingxue's expression gradually grew lonely. That gentle and beautiful face was slightly old, and her beautiful eyes faintly glimmered with tears.

"Mother, you don't have to say it. You have given your child enough, and your child has grown up, so everything should be done on his own. "

How could Zhao Fan not understand his mother's painstaking efforts? He did not want to see his mother be hurt because of this.

"Mother is happy for you to have such ambition. But because of Mother's incompetence, Yu Linglan will not leave you. Mother ? "

Su Yingxue caressed Zhao Fan's face with her jade hands, her eyes filled with sorrow and love. By the end, Su Yingxue could no longer speak, and tears finally flowed from his eyes.

and Zhao Fan's childhood sweetheart, the two of them grew up together, and secretly developed feelings for each other. Perhaps it was because of the poverty of Zhao Fan's family, but a month ago, Yu Linglan had left Zhao Fan and fixed his relationship with the young master of the Li Family, "Li Yifei", who was one of the Four Great Families of Qingzhou City.

Because of this matter, Su Yingxue's feelings towards Zhao Fan became even more obvious. If Zhao Fan didn't have an impotent mother like her, Zhao Fan wouldn't have tasted the humiliation and pain of being abandoned at such a young age. This deep sense of guilt never left Su Yingxue's heart.

As Zhao Fan looked at his mother's lonely and desolate figure, a myriad of feelings surfaced in his heart. Some were bitterness, some were heartache, and many were the feelings of filial piety.

"Mother, your son has been raised by you, and you have already suffered a lot just for your son's sake. It is already a great favor for your son to be born and raise me, and now that your son has grown up, it is time for your son to wander the world by himself and respect your mother for raising him!"

Zhao Fan grabbed his mother's hand, his gaze extremely sincere as he spoke.

Su Yingxue was the closest person to Zhao Fan in this world. Seeing his mother being grieved because of her own matters, Zhao Fan's heart began to undulate with emotions. He wanted to become strong, so that the people, who had once humiliated him and made his mother sad, could be stepped on under his feet!

Thinking about that, Zhao Fan's gaze became determined again, and he said: "Yu Linglan, since she chose to abandon me, let her be! I, Zhao Fan, am not willing to waste too much time on such a woman. There will be a day when I will let her know just how foolish her initial choice was. "

Zhao Fan's eyes were firm and determined, his fists clenched tightly as the desire to become stronger surged in his heart.

Hearing Zhao Fan's words, Su Yingxue seemed to be a lot more relieved than before. What could she say when her own son had such ambitions? In Su Yingxue's eyes, Zhao Fan had always been a filial child who had always been loyal to his parents. There was no difficulty in defeating Zhao Fan.

Even if Zhao Fan's former lover, Yu Linglan, left him, Zhao Fan would still choose to walk forward while facing the tribulation. To have such an outstanding child, Su Yingxue felt extremely gratified.

Su Yingxue wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and his face revealed a faint smile along with a hint of gratification, as if she had already buried her lost feelings from earlier. However, the vicissitudes of life remained on his face.

"Xiaofan, since you've decided to participate in the assessment, Mother will not say anything more. This Nine Dragons Jade Pendant is the only thing your father left to you, and Mother will pass it to you for your safekeeping."

With that, Su Yingxue handed over a jade pendant that was meticulously wrapped in a handkerchief to Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan was startled, he lowered his head and looked at his palm, the jade pendant was entirely a light yellow color, under the shine of the sunlight it shined with a dazzling luster, the exquisite carvings on the jade pendant seemed to be alive.

"On this jade pendant, there is your father's unrelenting and unyielding mental will. Mother believes that under the guidance of this will, you will walk the path of the expert."

Su Yingxue's expression was solemn, the heroic and powerful figure seemed to once again appear before her. Her husband was killed by a traitor fifteen years ago, which made her separation from him eternal.

Zhao Fan held the Nine Dragons Jade Pendant tightly in his palm. Even though he still did not know anything about his father, when he saw the piece of Nine Dragons Jade Pendant that his father had left behind, he felt as if he had felt the heroic aura left behind in the jade pendant. He knew that the aura belonged to his father. His father must have been a loyal hero.

"Thank you mother, your son will accept it!"

Zhao Fan bowed and said as he hung the Nine Dragons Jade Pendant on his chest.

"Remember, the Nine Dragons Jade Pendant is not an ordinary item. If possible, do not let others know that you possess this item, and even more so, do not show it off in front of others."

Su Yingxue instructed sternly.

Zhao Fan nodded in agreement.

After a while, Su Yingxue walked down the mountain, and as she turned to look at the figure that was still diligently practicing fist techniques, she muttered: "General! Xiaofan had grown up! Initially, I hoped that he would not follow in your footsteps and live a peaceful life. However, since Xiaofan is of the Zhao Family's bloodline, he might have already been determined to be extraordinary before he was born. The Nine Dragons Jade Pendant has the soul of a general, I hope that the general can protect our son and help him to become a hero like you, General. "

After saying that, Su Yingxue raised her head and looked towards the horizon, her gaze fixed there, as if she could see the general's valiant and extraordinary figure.

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