Almighty Conceited God

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Almighty Conceited God
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Oct 31st, 15:32
Chapter 452 - New journey Zhao Fan looked at the Sovereign King who was about to reach the end of his life, and saw deep repentance in the other party's eyes. At some point in time, the Sovereign King's hand that was holding onto Zhao Fan's arm fell to the ground, he closed his eyes slowly. Zhao Fan's heart was in a mess, he was thinking about the Sovereign King's words of confession. When huma
Fifteen years ago, his achievements shook the world, and he was a godly general. His family was exterminated, and his wife and children were unable to live. Fifteen years later, Zhao Fan was determined to train in martial arts. He was short on resources, but he cultivated hard every day. He was the last to enter the sect. What he got in return was the abandonment of the childhood sweethearts and the mockery of the children from influential families! The strong were respected, while the weak were ants! Nine dragons and blood descendants, how could they be willing to become bugs? If he doesn't wake up, he will soar to the heavens! Blood... 