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The first life that appeared on the continent was actually the first two, because they were born at the same time. Pangu and the magic soldiers, Pangu created the god race, the magic soldiers created the devil race, while Pangu and the magic soldiers created the first God Emperor, creating the immortal race and the human race. At that time, the humans, immortals, gods, and demons all lived together on this continent. After an unknown number of years, the energy of the world suddenly became unstable. Waves of powerful energy descended from the sky onto this continent, and the world also gradually closed up.

Pan Gu didn't think too much about it when he saw this. With his feet on the ground and his head on the ground, he was able to support the whole world. After the world had stabilized completely, Pan Gu fell into a deep sleep due to overexertion.

Pangu had been in a deep slumber for five thousand years. In those five thousand years, the magic warriors had managed this continent in a neat and orderly manner. He had created the mortal world, the divine world, and the demon world. The gods and immortals lived in the God Realm, the mortal world lived in humans, and the devil world naturally lived in devils as well.

Five thousand years later, Pangu woke up with a drastic change in temperament. He had slaughtered a large number of demon soldiers, and the wife of a Demon Soldier had also died in his hands.

Not returning to the mountain, the Demon Soldier held his ice-cold wife in his arms as he coldly looked at Pan Gu. Behind Pan Gu, the Celestial Emperor was already in tears. The last thing he wanted to see was his brother's slaughter.

"Pan Gu, my brother and I will break off all ties today. I promised you that no matter what happens, I will make you live for a thousand years. A thousand years from now, I will definitely demand your return." After the Demon Soldier finished his sentence, he slashed at his own throat with the greatsword in his hand.

Seeing the Demon Soldier's cold body, there was no trace of emotion in Pan Gu's cold eyes. He turned around and walked away. He did not kill his soul because he still had other plans.

Two days after Pangu's departure, a figure quickly flew up the mountain. Tears welled up in his eyes when he saw the corpse of the magic soldier. Behind him, two illusory figures appeared. They were the souls of the dead magic soldier and his lover. A flash appeared on the mage's forehead, and the body was instantly set ablaze. As the corpse burned, a green and red bead appeared in front of his eyes.

"This is the Demon Soul Pearl and it contains my power. If you go to the mortal world to hide your name, after a thousand years, I will go and get it." The mage handed the pearl to the man and said lightly.

"Yes sir!" After that person finished speaking, he wiped the tears from his eyes and quickly left the world, disappearing not long after. As for the magicians, they didn't go to reincarnate. This was because he knew Pangu's intention was to kill him for ten lifetimes. When the time came, even the most powerful of people would die a horrible death. Demon Soldiers had stayed on the mountain for 870 years, and Qian Hun had accompanied them for 870 years as well. Pan Gu had never come looking for trouble, even though he knew Demon Soldiers were still on the mountain.

900 years later.

The three most powerful sects in the mortal world joined forces with their own affiliated gangs to attack the demonic world's demonic sects. Outside the Heavenly Demon Palace, after battling for seven days and seven nights against the demonic sect's head, after killing more than two hundred thousand people from the cultivation sects, his body was finally exhausted. He stood outside the Heavenly Demon Palace and coldly looked at the group of people that were eyeing him covetously.

"Brother Ren, brother also has no other choice. I also want to think for my sect. I don't want to see you miserably die, so, kill yourself." Daoist Master ethereal of the Wudang Mountain said to Ren Xing, his voice lacerating his heart and lung.

In this mortal world, Ren Xing's only good friend was the Void Spirit Child. Now, he appeared on the side of his enemy, but Ren Xing didn't blame him. After all, a sect head, Dao Sect, was responsible for its own sect. Ren Xingyan saw the Buddhist sect leader's closed eyes and sneered in his heart. He had already made up his mind.

"Kong Xiang, back then you came to my demon realm to learn about my devil sect. Who was it that persuaded my father to teach you? During your studies, you had a secret relationship with the maid Xiao Cui, who helped you keep it a secret? You were knocked off the cliff by my brother, who saved you? Yet today you actually dared to kill me! You are truly ungrateful! " Ren Xingchen pointed at the empty space as he shouted in anger, causing the crowd to burst into an uproar. This empty space, with its status, would definitely have a secret relationship with a servant of the Devil Realm. As for Kong Xiang, he had an angry look on his face. However, he could not utter a single word due to the anger of Ren Xingxing.

"Ren Xingchen, don't try any tricks to turn right and wrong around. You're slandering my senior apprentice brother!" Beside him, when he saw that his senior brother was so angry that he could not speak, he shouted loudly.

"That's right. Everyone, don't be fooled by him. We will surround him together and kill him for sure!" Nearby, Grandmaster Qing Yin from the Five Stage Mountain's Dao Sect also shouted.

"Pui!" You guys have the nerve to speak, but you only heard the rumors. Back then, I had a good relationship with the Clear Sound Master and you insisted on interfering, causing the Master to view me with hostility. If I didn't lose my true qi today, I would have definitely killed you! " As Ren Xing was still boasting, the crowd turned pale with fright. Great Master Qing Yin and Great Master Kong Wen ? Seeing the expressions of those people, Windy was enraged as well. "I'll f * cking kill you!" He and the Quiet And Steadfast had been secretly working together for decades, but today, they had been exposed by any of the stars. How could he not be angry?

At the side, Kong Xiang, whose anger had disappeared, quickly pulled his junior brother back and said, "Calm down ? Calm down!"

"Humph!" "Hmph!" Sniff glanced at the sky and coldly snorted. He thought to himself, why weren't you calm just now? If it wasn't for me holding you back, you would have already gone to kill him.

"Did I get a sore spot? "Hahaha..." Ren Xing was laughing maniacally towards the sky. He was really laughing right now, because his true qi had already recovered to nearly fifty percent. Although he couldn't beat the encirclement of so many people, he could still escape.

"You're courting death!" Seeing the proud smile on Ren Xing's face, all the rumors in the air became unbearable. The Demonic Subduing Dagger in his hand turned into a streak of golden light and flew towards Ren Xing.

"Pfft!" A sound rang out. The Level 3 Demonic Lord did not pierce Ren Xing's body, but instead the body of a woman that was dashing towards him.

"No ?" "Ren Xingxing shouted loudly." Ah Rou, didn't I tell you to leave first? What are you doing back here? "You're so stupid."

"Brother Chen, I'm the first to leave in two lifetimes. I'm sorry, but I can't keep my promise and live or die with you ?" A-Rou said intermittently.

"Good, good. Listen up, I, Ren Xing, am not afraid. We will resume today's battle a hundred years from now!" When that time comes, I will make you pay double! " After Ren Xingchen finished speaking, he swung the Demon Soul Sword in his hand, slashing it towards his own neck. Scenes from his past life appeared one after another, just like the time when he was not back on the mountain. In the end, he still died under his own sword. With the death of Ren Xingchen, the people in the mortal world gradually let go of their worries and began to sweep through the treasures of the Devil Sect. However, they did not see the two beams of light fly off into the distance, and only the hollow spirit noticed them.

Everyone cleaned up the Devil Sect and burned down Ren Xing and Ah Rou's bodies along with the fire, walking away. As they left, a young man appeared in front of the dusty corpse of Ren Xingchen. He picked up a blood-red pearl and flew towards the Mortal Realm.

Nether Realm, River of Forgetfulness, Bridge of Helplessness.

The two people off to the side had been talking amongst themselves for the past two days, and during those two days, who knew how many batches of people had been queuing up to be reincarnated. Now, there was no one left, and the two of them had no intention of leaving. Even though he was only a soul now, it was still quite easy for him to kill that most outstanding representative of the younger generation of the Devil Realm.

"Eh? There's no one left, so why aren't you going back, Grandma Meng? " Ren Xing asked.

"Aren't we waiting for you two?" Grandma Meng had actually told the two that they were going on their way. Who knew that when Ren Xing heard this, he only made an 'oh' before continuing to speak to Ah Rou. "Then, let's take a look at the scenery of the Nether Realm."

"Plop!" Grandma Meng finally couldn't hold on any longer and fell to the ground.

Ah Rou understood what he meant. She didn't say anything, but stood up and walked over to Grandma Meng's soup that had been prepared long ago. She gulped down the soup in one gulp and then jumped towards the bottom of the River of Forgetfulness. Grandma Meng's Elixir, forget everything. No matter how powerful your mana is, after drinking Grandma Meng's Elixir, you won't remember anything.

Seeing A-Rou jump down, Ren Xing followed suit.

Grandma Meng looked in the direction that Ren Xingchen had gone. She suddenly shouted, "Crap! You're a good star! You've been here for two days now, and it turns out that it's not because you're disgracing me, but because you don't want to drink my Grandma Meng's soup!"

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