Ancestor of Myriad Devils

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Ancestor of Myriad Devils
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Aug 29th, 00:00
In just a short period of time, the Fire Pincer Crab had been pulled seven or eight times, but it still remained in the air and did not fall to the ground. This cat playing with mice made the six of them feel a chill in their hearts. They couldn't help but sympathize with that fire pincer crab. This turtle was indeed not a good person. Finally, after the Firepaw Crab had been whipped countless ti
On this land of gods and devils, conflicts swirled unceasingly. Everything was just beginning to keep their promise, even at the cost of a thousand years of reincarnation. To subvert gods and devils. Here, the supreme deity had become the number one villain. Wen Zheng, the reincarnation of the Myriad Demons Ancestor, with a thousand years of hatred, had gone against the heavens to find what he should have. The newbie's new book, your collection, your tickets, are all the motivation for Little Mo's writing. Your comments are the key to Little Mo's good writing!] Close]
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