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"Quick, call the chief over!" He quickly turned around and said to the young man, who then turned around and ran towards the village as soon as he heard the young man. Old Zhu carried General Wen on his back and also ran with him.

Just as they arrived at the village entrance, the young man led a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was probably older than Old Zhu and was about fifty years old.

Seeing Wen Zheng behind Old Zhu, the village chief quickly signaled him to place Wen Zheng on the ground, and extended his hand to signal his pulse. He then said to Old Zhu, "Go home quickly, your mother is still waiting for you, hand him over to me!" Without waiting for Old Zhu's reaction, he picked up Wen Zheng from the ground and walked in the direction of his house.

Arriving at a simple and crude door, the chief hurriedly entered the courtyard and called out, "Old granny, old granny, come back for a while and help!"

"Aiya, who is this!?" It's so injured! " A woman came out from the house. When she saw Wen Zheng standing behind the chief, her face showed concern as she hurriedly said this.

"Don't say anymore, clean up Little Wu's room and let him stay there!"

"Ai ai, alright!" The woman replied and entered the room. Not long later, she came out again, indicating that she could carry Wen Zheng in.

"I just saw the injuries in his body. It's very serious. His meridians are all broken, and his heartbeat is very weak. Sigh, whether or not he can hold on will depend on him!" After the chief finished speaking, he turned around and walked away to deal with his matters, leaving his eldest daughter to take care of Wen Zheng.

Originally, his eldest daughter had led his four younger sisters to play in the disaster relief yard, but his mother had called him here to take care of a stranger, causing him to feel very unhappy. However, when he saw Wen Zheng's closed eyes, although they were closed, he could still see his delicate and pretty appearance.

At this moment, within Wen Zheng's body, when Xiao Jin sensed that Wen Zheng was no longer in danger, he also concentrated on recovering Wen Zheng's injuries. The five kinds of mutated true energy also gradually showed signs of recovery. Wen Zheng didn't eat or drink, neither did he take a piss. After a whole three months, he remained in that state without moving or opening his eyes. However, the meridians in his body are already almost fully recovered and he has regained consciousness. He should be able to awaken in a month's time. For the past month, Wen Zheng had been deeply moved by the care and care of the eldest daughter of the tribe's chief. During this month, Wen Zheng learned that the girl's name was Red Cloth.

"Hey, what kind of person are you exactly? Wake up, don't disappoint me! " A month later, when Wen Cheng was about to open her eyes, she heard red-clothed words.

"Miss Red Cloaked, are you talking about me!?" Wen Zheng smiled as he opened his eyes.

Hearing Wen Zheng's sudden voice, Zhang Hongyi jumped in fright. He froze in place, and when he regained his senses, he saw Wen Zheng's smiling face. For a moment, he froze. It turned out that this man's smile was very charming.

Ah!" You're finally awake, I'll go get father! " Red Robe's face turned red. He turned around and ran away as well.

Not long later, the chief, the chief's wife, Old Zhu, and a middle-aged man came running over.

"Little brother, you're awake! Aiya, you've been unconscious for four whole months! I thought you were going to stay like this forever. You've finally woken up today! " The chief said happily.

"Uncle, where is this?" And you are? " Wen Zheng knew that the person before him had saved him, but he didn't know where he was.

My surname is Zhang, so this village is called Zhang Jiawan. I am a friend of the stronghold, and because I used to be a good person when I was outside, it was not good for me to make a fuss about it, so some people also called me Zhang Baili. This is my wife, you can just call him Aunt Wang, and this is Zhu Ganglie who fished you out of the river, this is my housekeeper and bodyguard from when I was outside before, because he was honest, they always called him Master Chou, and you can just call him Big Brother Chou, and this is my eldest daughter, Zhang Hongyi, who has been taking care of you for the past four months! " "Brother Zhang introduced them to Wen Zheng with a smile on his face.

"May I know who you are?" Master Zhang asked again.

"Oh, this kid, Cao Zhenzhou's Wen Zheng, fought with someone else and was sent flying into the river by his mistake. His tendons and veins were cut apart and he drifted here. Luckily, Uncle saved him!" Wen Zheng didn't conceal his identity. He felt that the person in front of him wouldn't alienate or frame him just because of his identity.

"Oh!" You are Wen Zheng! " Zhang Hongyi pointed at Wen Zheng in surprise.

"Hong'er, pay attention to etiquette!" Master Zhang reprimanded him and then asked, "What is the relationship between Wen Zheng from Cao Zhou and Wen Tong?"

"That's my father!"

"Oh, no wonder. Haha, Wen Tong, you and I did not see the higher ups. I actually saw the heroic son of yours!" Master Zhang said.

Wen Zheng was about to say something when he suddenly recalled that ten years ago, there was a saying from the martial arts world about the North and the South. It seemed that the Good Samaritan was called Brother Zhang! However, one day ten years ago, Sage Zhang suddenly disappeared without a trace.

"Could it be that you are called the Good Samaritan, Brother Zhang?" Wen Zheng probed.

"A good person can't be said to be kind. He's just doing what he can!" Old Master Zhang didn't directly admit it, but within his words, he also admitted it.

"This is someone of my father's generation! Senior, this junior pays his respects! " As Wen Zheng spoke, he got up to bow, but as he moved, the wounds on his body began to open up. It was so painful that he grimaced, then sat back down. Although Wen Zheng was calling him senior, he felt that this person was very similar to his third brother, the Celestial Emperor.

After exchanging a few more words with the crowd, the group left, leaving behind only the red-clothed man to take care of Wen Zheng.

"Sigh, you are so young. You are the same age as me, yet you are already an emperor at such a young age! There must be many close female friends behind you! " The man in red patted Wen Zheng's arm and asked casually. Although this valley appeared to be isolated from the world, the red clothed man could not endure the loneliness. He often sneaked out from a mountain pass at the back of the village to play.

"The lady in red knows!" "Hehe, I relied on my own brothers to beat me up. I just became a cheap emperor!" Wen Zheng scratched his head and laughed.

When he saw Wen Zheng's simple and honest appearance, the favorable impression he had of Wen Zheng deepened.

"Miss Hongyi, look, why don't you go out for a while?" I would like to cultivate for a moment! " Wen Zheng said.

"Alright, I'll go out, but you must give it to me when you recover!"

"Mm, definitely!"

When he saw that the red robe had disappeared, Wen Zheng sat cross-legged and examined inside. He was not only shocked, but his meridians had also been repaired by Zhen Qi and turned into Zhen Qi meridians. However, there was only Sky Fire Zhen Qi slowly flowing inside his Dantian.

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