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In the morning, just as the sky was starting to brighten up, Wen Zheng got up and walked towards the place mentioned by the red clothed person yesterday, onto the lawn, where there was a huge lawn surrounded by tall trees, surrounding the place was a great place to cultivate, but before he reached the ideal place, he looked around and saw the largest tree, a white poplar, standing between the trees. He had an idea, he used Wind Controlling Technique, and was about to fly upwards, when he suddenly remembered that his true emotions were not so different from before he could fly, even before he reached the top of the white poplar, he himself would fall down. Sighing helplessly, Wen Zheng sat cross-legged on the lawn, calming his heart and absorbing the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Unknowingly, the sky had brightened up. Wen Zheng was still sitting there and did not notice it. At this moment, a person rushed over from the distance with an iron rake on his shoulder. In the entire Zhang Jia Wan, who else could it be but Old Zhu?

"Hey, Brother Wen, what are you doing?" Old Zhu didn't know Wen Zheng was cultivating, but seeing him sitting there with beads of sweat dripping onto the ground, he thought something had happened to Wen Zheng. He put down the iron rake and ran over hurriedly. However, when Wen Cheng was in the middle of cultivating, he would release a protection barrier along with his cultivation. This protection barrier did not look at how strong his true qi was. Instead, it was made up of the recovery of Wen Zheng's soul force. Old Zhu thought that something had happened to Wen Zheng, so he hurriedly ran towards him.

"Bam!" Old Zhu's head crashed into the defensive wall and he was sent flying far away. Raising his head, he looked at Wen Zheng in shock.

Wen Zheng was startled by the vibration of his own defense. Opening his eyes, he saw Old Zhu staring at him with wide eyes, smiling slightly, Wen Zheng stood up and said to Old Zhu: "Sorry, Big Brother Zhu, I was training, was the protection I released not able to hurt you?"

"Practice, practice, practice, practice?" "Brother, you're too awesome. In this entire Zhang Jia Wan, I haven't met anyone who can defeat me. Today, I was sent flying far away by your defense. Brother, since I've brought you here from the river, can you promise me one thing?" Old Zhu heard that Wen Zheng was cultivating and looked at his current sorry state. Suddenly, a plan formed in his mind, which was to let Wen Zongxun practice by himself!

"Brother Zhu, you want me to teach you cultivation right? Haha, no problem, it's just that my injuries are serious and I haven't even recovered 10% of my power. How about this, I'll teach you once I recover some power! "Can you?" Wen Zheng chuckled. He naturally knew what Old Zhu was thinking.

"Good, good!" Brother, hurry up and recover, I'm leaving! " Zhu stood up and picked up the rake.

"Brother Zhu, why did you come here so early in the morning?" Wen Zheng asked in confusion.

"Oh, let me chop some firewood."

"Chopping firewood? Was it an iron rake? "

"Oh, hur hur. In my hands, it is not convenient to use anything other than an iron rake!" Old Zhu smiled and was about to leave when Wen Zheng called out to him. "Big Brother Zhu, I heard you have a lot of strength?"

"That's right!" In any case, I can't find anyone in the entire village who can compare to me. Old Zhu said.

"Then, how tall can brother still be for an item weighing over 130 jins?" Wen Zheng asked again.

Old Zhu lowered his head and thought for a moment, then pointed at the tallest tree and said, "I think it should be that tall!"

"Alright, Big Brother, I need your help to throw me up there!" Wen Zheng said with a smile.

Ah!" Brother, have you gone silly? Why don't you throw it up? If you don't, you'll be dead if you throw it down! " Old Zhu shook his head repeatedly, refusing to throw it away.

"Relax, just throw it away. Don't forget, I know magic!" Wen Zheng said.

Old Zhu lowered his head and thought that Wen Zheng's words made sense. Recalling how he had been sent flying, he clenched his teeth and warned his brother to be careful. Then, he used his strength and threw Wen Zheng out.

"F * ck!" I'm not ready yet! " When Wen Zheng saw Old Zhu deep in thought, he did not disturb him. Who would have thought that Old Zhu would throw him over without hesitation?

However, Wen Zheng's heart was not at rest. With a thought, the Heaven Flame True Qi appeared, and because of the veins in his body, the flow of the Heaven Flame True Qi was also very slow. Therefore, this time, there was only a tiny bit, a faint, transparent Heaven Flame True Qi appeared and swiftly surrounded Wen Zheng's entire body.

Old Zhu had still underestimated his own strength. He had actually made Wen Zheng fly four to five meters higher than the tree before he landed. Ignoring the recently recovered veins, Wen Zheng sat cross-legged on the highest level of the poplar tree and urged on his Heaven Flame zhen Qi as if his life depended on it. The moment he did so, his mind immediately entered a meditative state.

Old Zhu's heart skipped a beat when he saw Wen Zheng walk up to the tree and then rapidly descend. However, when he saw Wen Zheng sitting on top of the poplar tree like a leaf, his jaw dropped in surprise. This was the first time he saw someone who truly knew magic.

Ever since Wen Zheng went over to this side, he immediately felt a huge amount of spiritual Qi flowing through his meridians into his body. Then, with a thought, it turned into demonic energy, which then turned into tendons in his body.

Waves of spiritual qi were also rejected outside of his body. Wen Zheng knew that the meridian was not completely restored, but there was still a limit to everything, and today, his own cultivation had already reached its maximum level. If he continued to sit here, it would be useless. He stopped thinking about it, and his mind gradually returned to its original state as he slowly opened his eyes and let out a mouthful of impure air.

In the field, the villagers of Zhang Jia Wan were working hard. In the village, the old people were sitting in the courtyard, watching the children hip-hop and play, and their happy smiles were brimming on their faces that had experienced many vicissitudes of life. This was truly a peaceful scene in this world! Wen Zheng sighed in his heart.

When he saw this scene, Wen Zheng's heart was filled with emotion. His plan to fight for supremacy also came up with a different idea. In the past, his goal was only to unify the Divine Continent and then become qualified to fight against the God Race. But now, he was thinking to make sure that everyone on the Divine Continent could live a life like Zhang Jiawan!

Taking a deep breath, Wen Zheng looked down at the White Poplar Tree and summoned his Heaven Flame zhen Qi. Because his meridians had been strengthened, the circulation of his Heaven Flame zhen Qi was much faster than before. Therefore, the color of his Heaven Flame zhen Qi was clearly much stronger than last time.

Slowly descending to the ground, just in time to see Old Zhu carrying a bundle of firewood out from the forest.

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