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"Brother Wen, what are you doing?" Old Zhu was surprised at Wen Zheng's ability to descend from such a high place.

"Oh, I flew down myself. Haha, didn't Brother Zhu say he wanted to learn martial arts from me? Are you willing to learn? " Wen Zheng asked.

"Ah?" You really taught me. That's great, that's great! How about this, I'll send the firewood home and wait for my return! " Old Zhu was overjoyed to hear Wen Zhengzheng say that she was going to teach him martial arts, so he ran back to his house like a wisp of smoke.

Since he had nothing better to do, Wen Zheng thought for a moment and decided to practice his martial arts. Although the power of his zhen qi had decreased, Wen Zheng was still able to maintain his strength. Therefore, with a thought, the dimensional space would automatically open up, allowing Wen Zheng to take out what he wanted.

He raised the dark green sword that he had created and remembered that he had forged this sword for quite some time now. However, he had not been able to think of what it would be called. Thinking of a name, Wen Zheng felt a headache. The thing he didn't want to sit on the most in his life was to name something. It was such a waste of his brain cells.

"Hand in the Lunar Chasing Sword first, and wait for me to go back and find a advisor before I give you a new name, okay?" Wen Zheng asked softly. The Moon Chasing Sword emitted a draconic roar, as if it was opposed to Wen Zheng giving him a name so casually.

"Ha ha!" When he first accepted Xiao Jin, he was also extremely dissatisfied with his name, but he was still shamelessly fawned over it. Now, Xiao Jin did not ask to change his name.

When he thought of Xiao Jin, Wen Zheng's heart sank. He called out in his heart, but there was no response, and he sighed, knowing that Xiao Jin had already done his best when he was injured and unconscious, and he also grew more and more fond of Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin not only had human thoughts, but he also had human feelings, and to Wen Zheng, who valued emotions, he was indeed a very good helper.

As he thought about this, he brandished the Lunar Chasing Sword in his hands. Although there was not a single strand of true energy or inner force leaking out, every move of Wen Zheng's was so natural and free, giving people a feeling that they were spotless.

"Brother, I'm here!" In fact, he didn't like it. Seeing Old Zhu still holding the iron rake in his hand, Wen Zheng wondered if Old Zhu regarded the iron rake as a part of his body.

"Big Brother Zhu, most people who practice martial arts have some weapons. Look at my sword, it's a high grade immortal equipment. Since you want to practice martial arts, do you also want to get a weapon?" Wen Zheng asked.

"Oh, about this, brother, you don't need to worry. I, Old Zhu, will only use a nail rake. So, even if I choose a weapon, Old Zhu will still choose a nail rake!"

Sure enough!" When he thought of the iron rake, it was as if he thought of something else. Back then, when he was still in his first life, before Pangu woke up, he was still in charge of the Three Realms, and one day, he suddenly wanted to experience the life of a farmer, so he went down to the mortal world. However, no matter how he held onto the tools used for farming, he felt that there was nothing in his hands, so he could not find the energy to work hard, so he decided to just go back and make himself a tool to make himself the iron rake.

The iron rake that Wen Zheng forged had nine teeth, and was personally forged by him with the power of the Divine Ice Iron. In the middle, it was forged with the power of the Five Directions Five Emperors and the Six Ding Six Armor. Because the iron rake has nine teeth, so it is called nine teeth nail rake, but it also has a name, "Shang Bao Qin Jin Palladium."

Thinking of this, Wen Zheng looked to the side at the sincere Old Zhu and smiled, "Big Brother Zhu, this rake of yours, in truth, is a good thing for farming, but once they start to fight, it's useless. I have a nail rake, weighing five thousand and forty-eight pounds, in the future, when you have reached a certain level of cultivation, I will give it to you. Do you want it?"

"Ah, it's that heavy? "How can I pick it up!?" Wen was looking at him, holding out his hand and smiling. "Take this and see!"

Looking at Wen Zheng's smiling face, Old Zhu did not doubt that he had him. He thought to himself, Isn't it just a sword, what is there to hold on to? Thus, without hesitation, he grabbed the Lunar Chasing Sword in his hands. Seeing that his right hand was already holding on to the Moon Chasing Sword, he smiled and suddenly handed it over. The moment Wen Zheng let go of it, Old Zhu suddenly felt a strong force attack him and his arm fell off. He quickly let go and the Moon Chasing Sword dropped to the ground.

Wen Zheng motioned for Old Zhu to pick it up and when he saw Wen Zheng's sign, Old Zhu also bent down and raised the Lunar Chasing Sword up. However, no matter what, the Lunar Chasing Sword showed no signs of moving.

"Big Brother Zhu, although the sword itself is not heavy, I infused spiritual energy into it. Therefore, this sword should be at least 3000 jin or so, and this is not only because my skill has not recovered yet. Once I recover, the weight of the sword will not be limited to just that. I won't take the sword, you can pull it out here. When you pull it out, take it out and find me. Wen Zheng said.

"Hm!" "Let's go, let's go!" Old Zhu didn't even raise his head. Ever since he was young, his strength had been astonishing, and there had never been anything that he could not move. Today, this tiny little sword was actually able to hold him back? Thinking of this, Old Zhu's stubborn temper flared up. He swore to himself that if he didn't bring it out, he wouldn't be able to sense this forest!

When Wen Zheng came out, he saw a person running towards him. It was none other than the man in red.

"Brother Wen, I was just about to go look for you. Daddy asked me to call you. Go back and eat!" The red clothed man said.

"Alright, let's go!" Wen Zheng smiled and nodded.

Wen Zhengzheng was truly respectful and respectful towards this Master Zhang. His own life was saved by him, not to mention the fact that he had stayed at his home for several months already. He had never complained at all. He made a decision in his heart. Since there was less spiritual energy in the world in the morning, he would help the villagers farm after eating so that he could rest in peace.

Just as he was eating, the old man suddenly ran over and shouted anxiously, "Chief, Auntie Zhu rushed over and said that Old Zhu had disappeared. We haven't even cooked this yet! "

Every time it seemed like Old Zhu was going to cook, he would always go home. Old Zhu had no father since he was young, and he was only raised by his mother, so Old Zhu had never let his eighty year old mother do anything.

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