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When Wen Zheng saw Master Zhang's excited expression, he chuckled and said: "It's fine, Old Zhu was training in the forest over there and probably forgot the time!"

After everyone heard this, they all let out a sigh of relief. Old Master Zhang's expression also gradually relaxed, he called for Old Madam Zhu to come over obediently, since there was no one to cook, he would let her eat at his house.

After the meal, Wen Zheng was about to go help Old Zhu's field, but he was stopped by Master Zhang. Let Wen Zheng take him to see Zhu.

Arriving at the back of the forest, Wen Zheng and Wen Zheng saw Old Zhu still drawing his sword in the dark, bare-chested. That Chasing Moon Sword had already begun to loosen a bit. Wen Zheng was also shocked by Old Zhu's strength and endurance.

"Zhang Lie, why are you working so hard? I don't even care about my food! " Master Zhang asked reproachfully.

Hearing Old Master Zhang's words, Old Zhu also put down the Lunar Chasing Sword in his hands with a look of anxiety on his face. "Aiya, how could I have forgotten about this? Brother Wen, don't touch this sword. I'll wait for this old lady at home before pulling it out." He started to run away. Old Master Zhang grabbed him. "There's no need!" After that, he recounted the matter of Old Zhu finding his son. Hearing it from Old Zhu's face, Old Zhu felt guilty. If it wasn't for his boastful attitude, Old Zhu wouldn't have made him so anxious.

As he thought about this, he stretched out his hand towards the Lunar Chasing Sword again, but this time, it was out of his grasp.

Old Zhu looked at the sword in his hand, incredulous, how could he pull it out so easily?

Wen Zheng was also amazed, because he did not remove the soul force from the sword.

"Brother Wen, look, I've also been pulled out, aren't you?" "Give me what you promised me?" Old Zhu rubbed his hands and asked with a smile.

"Alright!" Why don't you come back this afternoon and I'll give it to you this afternoon. "I'm not leaving. I still have some matters to attend to here!" Wen Zheng had not expected Old Zhu to pick up Chasing Moon Sword so quickly. Although Wen Zheng was not a manly man, he had always thought this way: If other people didn't promise him anything, then he himself could as well. But if other people treated him sincerely, then he would definitely treat them sincerely too. Old Zhu was a simple and honest man who worked in the countryside. He did not have any distracting thoughts in his heart. Since he had promised that person, he would definitely fulfill his promise!

"Okay, okay. Master Zhang, let's go first. I've been hungry all morning, do you have anything to eat? " Feeling relieved, Old Zhu suddenly felt hungry and asked Old Master Zhang with a chuckle as he rubbed his belly.

"Yes, let's go!" Old Master Zhang rolled his eyes at him before turning around to leave.

After the two had left, Wen Zheng sat down and calmed his mind, summoning the person he wanted to summon.

Not long later, the space distorted, revealing two faces. They were the two Protectors that saved Wen Zheng and Hua Yanfeng that day. Venerable Lord Golden Roc, Venerable Tiger King who had overturned the earth!

"Big brother, why did you call us here so urgently? I haven't seen you in any danger either! " Elvis said lazily.

"Kid, your skin is itchy? How long has it been since I've been by your side, and I've already started to think about it? " Wen Zheng jokingly scolded.

"Brother, why have you called us here? It can't be that you want to go back just to scold each other, right? " The great roc asked.

"It's like this. You guys take me back to the valley. I'm going to retrieve some items. Only I can retrieve them myself!" Wen Zheng said.

When the two people heard this, they shook their heads. Wen Zheng and the other two were originally one, so they could do whatever Wen Zheng could. There were two reasons why he said this. One was because he really needed to go back and get his stuff, and two was because Wen Zheng really missed home. Over a thousand years, Wen Zheng had never returned to the Demon Soul Palace, not even in his second life. In order for the whole family to have a place to rest, he had bet everything on himself, Wen Zheng. After everything was done, he would let them come out and enjoy this ready-made blessing, and this was their big brother, the bastard who would shoulder all the responsibilities and not share it with his brothers!

"Good!" "Let's go!" Elvis said without the laziness from before, her eyes slightly red.

The two of them made a hand gesture and placed Wen Zheng in the middle. Wen Zheng chanted the incantation and felt the world turning upside down. When he opened his eyes, he was already in a tunnel filled with light.

Maybe after a while, maybe after ten days, maybe longer, maybe shorter, when Wen Zheng opened his eyes again, he was already at the foot of the mountain. The familiar place made Wen Zheng's breathing quicken.

"After you left your first life, the two of them gave the order to not touch anything in the Valley of No Return. Sigh, their feelings for you far surpasses ours!" Upon seeing Wen Zheng's understanding, the great roc explained.

"You can drop it right now, but you're still f * cking in love. It's not like I'm gay!" Wen Zheng scolded with a smile, but his eyes were misty.

After walking a short distance, Wen Zheng heard the sound of a zither. He hated the beauty of it. He looked over and saw two beautiful figures in the distance. One was sitting on the ground, stroking a guzheng while the other was dancing.

"Hey, beautiful lady, come over here and see your handsome brother!" When Wen Zheng saw the two people, it was Ruyu and Bing Jing, he shouted loudly.

The two of them were playing happily when they suddenly heard the voice that went through their minds. They couldn't help but be stunned as they looked at Wen Zheng. When they saw Wen Zheng's brilliant smile, an incredulous expression finally appeared on their faces. He flew towards Wen Zheng.

"Young Master, why are you here?" Ruyu asked.

"What is it? "This won't do, this is my house!" Wen Zheng smiled and nodded at the ice crystal.

As soon as Wen Zheng finished speaking, a strong gust of wind blew and another two people appeared in front of him.

The person on the left had a head of red hair, steel arms, and a bronze head. The person on the right had the same build as a normal person, except that he was missing a head. These two were the two great demon gods Wen Zheng spoke of, Chi You and Xing Tian!

"Big brother, you're here!" Chi You said with a choked voice.

"F * ck off, you even f * cking demon god! What are you crying for!?" Brother, I missed you so much! " Xing Tian threw a contemptuous look at Chi You, but suddenly burst into tears as he spoke.

"You two! How many years have it been? Can't you both stop?" Wen Zheng shook his head. He couldn't do anything about these two demon gods that he had first created.

"Aiya, the two of us are doing well! "If that day comes and someone kills Chi You, I will be the first one to avenge him!" Xing Tian jokingly said.

"What did you say?" "Damn it, Xing Tian has pissed me off. I'll chop off your only remaining head as well. Damn it!" Chi You cursed loudly. Beside her, Ruo Yu had a puzzled face. She asked, "Didn't Big Brother Xing Tian already lose his head? "Then where is his little head?"

"Hahaha!" Wen Zheng and the others laughed out loud. From the side, Xing Tian angrily roared, "Don't laugh!"

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