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The Demon God and Demon Lord, who were under Chi You and Chi You in the valley, would normally be here. However, the Demon King and the Demon Lord only had a part of them here, and the others would usually leave, so those people from the God Realm wouldn't care about them, so they were safe and sound.

Behind these people were the few core members of the one hundred and eight generals of Liang Mountain that Wen Zhengzhi had met in Liang Shan. When they heard Wen Zheng had returned, they had all rushed over.

"Greetings, Devil Ancestor!" When the demons saw Wen Zheng sitting on the seat of honor, their eyes filled with tears of excitement. Song Jiang and the others didn't kneel because they were human, so towards Wen Zheng, they just clasped their fists and bowed. Wen Zheng nodded and let the demons stand up. Then he looked at Song Jiang and the others and said, "Leader Song, are you used to not returning to the valley?"

However, this was already enough. In the past, Song Jiang and the others only wanted to be left behind by the heavens, but they felt oppressed after going to hell. That was why they had always been floating in the human world, like wraiths. Fortunately, Wen Zheng had given them a second life. Not only did he give them bodies, he gave them a place to recover and have enough time to cultivate.

"Thanks to the Devil Ancestor for not giving up on us, Song Jiang is already very grateful for taking us in. If I were to continue being picky, I would no longer be a human!" Just as Wen was about to continue speaking, an excited female voice came from outside the door, "Devil Ancestor!" Wen Zheng had never heard this voice before. He thought to himself, in the Valley of No Return, there should only be two women who are familiar with this voice. Who else could it be? Turning his head to look at Ruo Yu, Ruo Yu only glared at him and didn't say anything. Wen Zheng could only smile bitterly and sigh in his heart, "Your father is the devil ancestor. Of everyone here, Ruo Yu is probably the only one who dares to make faces at me!" Just as he was thinking, a person flew in from outside and stood there staring at Wen Zheng without saying a word, sobbing.

From his appearance, he should be around Wen Zheng's age, but Wen Zheng couldn't think like this because the devil ancestor was different from a human. The devil ancestor had a cultivation method that only demon beasts could use. The lifespan of a demon beast was usually very long. Dressed in purple, her hair tied up in a bun, she had the appearance of a moving little girl.

After flipping through all of his memories, he couldn't recall who the lady before him was. Confused, he asked, "Who are you?"

"Devil Ancestor, I'm Purple Robe!" The woman said excitedly.

"What?" Purple Robe! What was going on? degenerated? " Back then, the purple-clothed fox king had also said that he was a female fox. It was just that the cultivation technique he cultivated was a bit abnormal, and he had to find a body to rest in. Last time, he had only been forced to enter the body of a male with yin attribute. Wen Zheng had asked her to come here without returning to the valley so he could get Da Peng and Madam Ye to help him find a permanent body for her. Unexpectedly, the body he found was so perfect.

"Hahaha, Ziyi, I've finally seen your true appearance!" As Wen Zheng spoke, he walked down the platform and stood in front of the crowd. Looking at the people he had groomed, Wen Zheng felt gratified and sighed: "I just came back today to pick up some stuff, I'll be leaving soon. Alright, you guys can leave, I'll be back soon anyway."

Everyone originally did not want to leave, but after hearing Wen Zheng's words, they left reluctantly. Song Jiang and the others had a big situation, so they knew that Wen Zheng must have come because of something important, so they did not stay any longer. They clasped their fists at Wen Zheng, turned around and left as well, leaving behind the core members of the demon race, Ruo Yu, Bing Jing, and Zi Yi.

"I'm going to the Artifact Storage Pavilion. Don't follow me!" Wen Zheng spoke slowly, and then he walked out. The few of them heard him and did not follow him, but Ruo Yu shouted that she had something to discuss with him, so they walked out.

"What's the matter?" Wen Zheng asked on the way.

"Hey, it's been a long time since I last saw you. Can't I see you? It's fine if you are pretending in the Demonic Soul Palace, but it's just the two of us, what are you pretending for? " Ruyu did not give him any face, so much so that Wen Zheng could only shake his head.

"Ha ha!" Wen Zheng laughed dryly.

"Hey, can you take me with you when you leave? I feel so bored while I'm not in the valley! " Ruyu pleaded.

Hearing Ruo Yu ask Wen Zheng to bring her away, Wen Zheng stopped in his tracks. Seeing Ruo Yu being stared at like that by Wen Zheng, Ruo Yu felt a little uncomfortable and her face turned slightly red.

"If you come with me, Ice Crystal and Zi Yi will definitely follow. I don't want so many people following me all day! " Wen Zhengzheng said.

"I know, you are afraid that Miss Zhu will be hurt, so you can take me along. Don't forget, we are close friends!" Ruyu said.

"Sigh, how about this, you can go out, but you have to go to Luoyang City and wait for me there. Now that I have promised him something, I have to help him finish it. Wen Zheng pondered for a moment and said.

"Haha, I knew you were the best!" Ruyu was so happy that she could dance.

"Sigh!" Wen Zheng sighed and walked straight to the Artifact Storage Pavilion without a second thought. Any of the weapons in the Artifact Storage Pavilion would cause quite a commotion if they were placed in the Mortal Realm. Most of the weapons here were crafted by at least an Immortal Artifact level artificer.

Arriving at the Artifact Storage Pavilion, Wen Zheng didn't even look at the immortal treasures. He just walked straight in. When he reached the end of the hall, he saw a metal rake hanging there, emitting a faint cold light. This was the Ninetooth Nail Raker. The full name is the gold palladium! This Nine-Toothed Rake was refined by Wen Zheng and contained his blood essence. Therefore, even though Wen Zheng's strength had greatly declined, there was still a connection with this Nine-Toothed Rake.

With a wave of his hand, the Nail Rake flew towards Wen Zheng. Wen Zheng could feel the cheerful sound emitted by the Nail Rake. With the rake in hand, Wen Zheng turned around and walked away without the slightest hesitation.

When he arrived at the Demonic Soul Hall, the few of them were still there. Wen Zheng smiled and said, "Bing Jing, Zi Yi, you and Ruo Yu can come together, I still have some matters to attend to. After I finish, I will also return. I know you're suffering here. "Old Peng, Sky Cat, quickly send me over. I promised that person that I will give him the Ninetooth Nail this afternoon!"

"Big brother! Why are you in such a hurry? This is your home! "Since you've returned, your brother didn't even say anything before you left. I ?" Xing Tian choked on his words. What he said was right. Wen Zheng hadn't returned in a thousand years. Now that he had returned, he didn't have much time to gather and was about to return. Naturally, these people were a bit reluctant.

Okay, I know. Don't I want to talk to my brothers and drink wine and eat meat?" However, once I leave for a long time, people there will worry! Besides, although the God Realm has created a Heaven's Person Barrier, who can guarantee that they didn't spy on us? I've already taken a great risk by coming back! Old Peng, bring me the Demon Soul Armor, let's go now! " Wen Zheng's words caused everyone to lower their heads. Looking at the few of them, Wen Zheng suppressed his agitation and turned to leave.

"Next time, when I return to the valley, I will definitely be able to sit in the great hall in broad daylight!" Wen Zheng gritted his teeth and said in his heart.

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