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Seeing Wen Zheng turn to leave, the crowd wanted to hold him back, but they knew that if they could hold Wen Zheng back and leave him behind, that would only harm him and the entire demon race. As such, they could only helplessly watch as Wen Zheng left.

Wen Zheng walked for a while and suddenly heard a sound. Since he was in the demon race, shouldn't he get some zhenqi, internal force techniques, and battle skills? Besides, he promised Old Zhu that he would teach him spells. However, with the secret manuals he had on him right now, it was really difficult to take them out to meet people. As he was thinking, he turned around and walked towards the library. Over there, he saw the best secret manuals of the demon race. Heart Meridian.

Seeing Wen Zheng walk over, the two Protectors, who shared a mutual understanding with him, naturally knew what Wen Zheng was thinking. They got up and followed behind him.

Arriving at the Compendium Pavilion, he pushed the door open and a rotten smell assaulted his nose. Wen Zheng frowned.

"Right now, in the valley, the most suitable people are at least the Demon King and the Demon Lord." Right now, in the valley, the most suitable people are at least the Demon King and the Demon Lord. When the great roc saw Wen Zheng frowning, it immediately explained.

Nodding his head, Wen Chong walked into the classroom and browsed through the books as he walked.

"Da Peng, even though this Compendium Pavilion was created by me, you should know that it has been a long time since I last returned. I wonder if there are any manuals that are not demonic techniques here?" After all, I am in the Mortal Realm, so I need to use as little devil arts as possible. " Wen Zhengzheng said.

"Over there!" The great roc pointed at Wen Zheng. Wen Zheng walked over and saw that the bookshelves were covered in dust, including the books. He estimated that no one had seen the books for a long time.

Just as he was about to turn around, he saw a piece of paper floating down and a sharp crescent-shaped weapon drawn on top. On the piece of paper, there was a sharp crescent-shaped weapon, and at the bottom, it was also sharp like a shovel, and this weapon was made by Wen Zheng as he was preparing to make it, but after drawing the map, something happened that did not belong to the mountain, and he did not have time to refine it, but because Wen Zheng had drawn it himself, Xing Tian and Chi You both used a little bit of magic to prevent the piece of paper from rotting, otherwise the piece of paper would not be completely intact after thousands of years of experience.

Putting the piece of paper away, Wen Zheng intended to refine it once he got out and gift it to anyone who was suitable. However, he found that there were two secret manuals.

"This is?" Wen Zheng asked in puzzlement when he saw that the two secret manuals had the '36 forms of Heavenly Dipper' and the '18 forms' written on them.

As you know, he was Tathagata's junior brother, and his magic power was on par with Tathagata's, but he liked peace and quiet, so he lived in seclusion on Mount Innerheart. When he was researching Buddhism, he also studied Tao techniques, so he was also a strange person who wrote all of these. Tmall said.

"Sigh!" This little punishment! " Wen Zheng shook his head and laughed. He put the two books into the dimensional space and browsed through again. He found out that the two magic techniques, 'Sky Cracking Finger' and 'Space Splitting Finger', were both kept as well. However, he did not see a suitable battle skill.

Clapping his hands, Wen Zheng said, "Alright, let's go!"

"Brother, what are you doing with so many secret manuals?" The great roc asked.

"Give it to someone!" Wen Zheng only said two words, making the two people behind him click their tongues in surprise. No matter what, which one of these secret manuals that could enter this library was not of the highest grade? In the mortal world, even the three great sects would fight over them, but Wen Zheng's one sentence was enough to send these secret manuals away. But, in this valley, who could say anything about him? The demon technique manuals in the Compendium Pavilion were most likely created by Wen Zheng. To put it bluntly, everything in the valley was his. If he wanted to give two books to someone, why wouldn't he be able to do so?

However, when Wen Zheng was creating his demonic arts, he would have never thought that one day, he would be able to train in them. It was just that it was not the time yet, before he left, Wen Zheng took a secret manual called 'Demonic Arts' and thought to practice it if he had the chance in the future. After all, he did not know when he would be able to come to Wu Gui Valley next time.

After leaving the library, Wen Zheng turned to Tmall and said, "Back then, the Divine Ice Stone that I used to refine the Nine-Toothed Iron Rake still exists, right? You go and get it for me, I'll be useful! "

"That's great!" Not long later, she came over with a black stone. This kind of stone could not be more ordinary, but Wen Zheng knew that this Divine Ice Stone was rare in the Three Realms.

"Let's go!" Taking another look at the valley, Wen Zheng gritted his teeth and forced himself not to look again as he spoke to the duo.

When the two of them started cultivating, Wen Zheng suddenly entered a corridor that was filled with light. There were many specks of light in the tunnel; it was truly beautiful.

"Big brother, your loss of power might be a good thing!" Tmall broke the silence.

"What do you mean? Wen Zheng asked.

"You might not even be able to break through demonic energy and enter demon energy. At that time, once you enter demon energy, you will be able to practice those demon technique battle skills without any fear." The great roc said.

Wen Zheng nodded and did not say anything else. In the transmission channel, Wen Zheng and the others fell into silence again.

Not long later, Wen Zheng saw a bright light in the distance. He knew that this was Zhang Jiawan's lair, but he did not know why there were so many villagers holding torches. When he arrived in the sky above the forest where he had left earlier, it was almost dark. Everyone was there, calling him Young Master Wen. On the side, Master Zhang was also anxiously shouting with a head full of sweat, while Old Zhu was anxiously shouting with a weeping voice, "Brother Wen, come out! It's all my fault, I shouldn't have gotten any kind of weapon from you! "

In the sky, Wen Zheng stood at the entrance of the teleportation passageway, feeling touched. He was not familiar with this person, yet they had all come out to look for him. Wen Zheng felt a slight warmth in his heart. Just as he was about to go down, he was stopped by a nearby roc.

Puzzled, he looked at the great roc. The great roc explained, "Master Zhang, do you know who he is?"

"I know him!" Wen Zheng said.

"Hehe, I'm talking about his true identity." The great roc said.

Seeing Wen Zheng frown, Da Peng did not beat around the bush and continued, "He is the son of your Heavenly Emperor's second brother. He has gone down to the mortal world to gain experience, I suggest that you do a good job with him. I heard that the Heavenly Emperor intentionally raised him to become the next steward of the Heaven Realm, so no matter how good your relationship with the Heavenly Emperor is, he is still someone from Pan Gu.

No wonder when he first saw Master Zhang, he felt that he looked somewhat similar to the Celestial Emperor. So it turned out that Master Zhang was actually his son. Wen Zheng nodded, then left after saying that he understood.

Red clothed person squatted there hugging his legs. From far away, Wen Zheng could hear him crying.

"It's all my fault. If I were here, you wouldn't have just lost it!" While crying, Red Cloth spoke.

"Is the lady in red talking about me?" Wen Zheng said with a smile that was very sincere. He suddenly thought of Wen Zheng's words and his body froze. He turned around abruptly and saw Wen Zheng smiling at him, so he threw himself into his arms.

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